16 Best Apps For Medical Students You Can’t Miss

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Are you curious to know the best apps for medical students? I have picked up some of the best apps that will accompany you in your med school journey.

In this post, let me give you 16 best apps for medical students which would be amazing for studying, organizing your stuff, managing stress and anxiety, and could serve as your medical references.

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16 Best Apps For Medical Students

Apps are software on mobile devices designed for special purposes. I have here handpicked 4 best categories that will be useful for you along the way:

Studying Apps


Because you just can’t run away with math, you would surely encounter it even in medical school. You’ll get tons of formula to memorize especially in pharmacology. 

Works in iOS devices, MedCalX is a free app you could use for your simple to most advanced medical calculations.

 The app contains a database of over 300 formulas, scores, classifications, and scales in different specializations such as anesthesiology, pediatrics, renal, fluid and electrolytes, pulmonology, cardiovascular, and many more. 

It’s an all-in-one app you could use for a quick study guide for medical calculation.

Prognosis (for iOS and Android users)

best apps for medical students

We expect doctors to possess keen clinical eye, quick and accurate analytical skills, and good integration of all data they observed during the assessment. 

These skills will help them come up with the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan for the patient.

Prognosis—a free app that works both for iOS and Android users—help reinforce your diagnosing and treating skills.

What’s also great about this app is it’s not only for learning, but you could also use it for entertainment. Prognosis is actually a game to test your clinical judgement.

It will provide you with actual clinical scenarios and patient data and ask how you will address such conditions. After this, results will compare your efforts versus the ideal or most recommended one.

The graphics are cool. It guarantees all information provided is accurate and reliable.

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D (for iOS, Android, and Windows users)

Anatomy is one of the basic yet most significant medical knowledge you must master. By just knowing how the human body is perfectly structured, you could instantly get a hunch of what’s going on with your patient.

One of the best apps for medical students, Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D provides a vivid and comprehensive look of the human body.

iOS, Android, and Windows users can download it for only $4.99. It’s an animated app that showcases a detailed 3D model of all muscle, bones, and joints in the body. More than just a model, the 145 muscles are accompanied with detailed information about its name, origin, insertion, nerve supply, and action. 

There are seven 3D models that you could manipulate according to what area you would like to study. You would see how the muscle contracts and how the bones move along with their corresponding joints. It also includes videos and photos as learning supplements.

If you also want some challenge, there is a built-in quiz you could use to test yourself and master anatomy. 

Bonus: If you also want to know more effective tips on how to study in med school, you may check out this bundle to guide you on every step of your MD journey.

Anki (for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS X users)

best apps for medical students

Anki is one of the one of the most popular apps for medical school as it is also available on all platformsiOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS X.

If you’re unfamiliar – imagine a flashcard system that questions you on topics you are weak at more than the topics you know very well.

This is the concept of spaced repetition and Anki is a great free tool  for med students.

In fact, if you want to learn how I used it to cut my studying in medical school by half then click here. 

Also check out a full review of Anki that we have here. 

As a bonus – check out my full tutorial with Anki in this video – I promise you it’s worth it!


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Productivity Apps

Todoist (for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and browser users)

A doctor’s tasks don’t get any lesser each day. In fact, their schedules are so jump packed that 24 hours a day does not suffice to squeeze their time for studying, clinic, self, and significant others. 

What they need is something that would help them organize and remind all the tasks they need to accomplish may it be for study, work, or recreation.

Todoist is the app – available for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and browser users – that medical students need to cross every task they plan out to. It is a simple to-do list that’s easy to use. It has a systematic and clean interface that allows you to manage your activities and accomplish tasks according to your set of daily goals. 

You could put all your assignments, reports, and all other deliverables per medical course in one place. It could also serve as a planner that reminds you of dates of your upcoming exams, quizzes, and assignments or reports deadlines 

Its daily planner setting makes your tasks more manageable and allows you to prioritize urgent and more essential stuff.

Ayoa  (for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and browser users)


Aside from organizing your tasks and activities to make your entire day more manageable and productive, why don’t you also use an app that would make your mind more organized for a more efficient way of studying?

Since med school has tons of concepts that are hard to digest, Ayoa helps in making things easier for you. One of the best apps for medical students, Ayoa will assist you to study smarter to decrease your studying time, focus more on high-yield learning, and prevent burnouts.

Whatever exam you are preparing for—USMLE Step 1, or a lecture quiz— Ayoa will help you remember key information by revising and putting notes on a reference material according to your understanding.

Here are other tips and tricks on how to study for USMLE Step 1

This enhances your recall ability and boosts your focus for the upcoming exam. It provides an overview of the revision plan. Through this app, you could arrange your revision plan according to your subjects, create a revision timetable, and track your performance. 

You can create your own mnemonics through combinations of images, colors, symbols, and other structures to boost your recall skills. The app helps you to perform well in your exams. 

Ayoa is available to download for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and browser users.

Forest (for iOS and Android users)

Admit it—nowadays, it’s so hard to stay focused. With all the distractions—social media, video games, TV series—they are all in the way to get your full attention from your lecture notes and reference books. 

Forest blocks out these distractions to help you concentrate on your tasks by growing a virtual tree. Every time you intend to do a task exclusively, you plant a tree. As your time spent solely on your task goes, the tree serving as your focused time continues to grow. Otherwise, when you get distracted, the tree dies. 

It blocks out social media and other websites that keep you from focusing. 

This is good for medical students who are working on a particular assignment that needs to stop procrastinating and start focusing undividedly especially when it’s already approaching in its due time. 

It’s available for iOS and Android users.

Want to know how to be more productive in med school? Check out this article and other efficient ways to study in med school.

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Medical Reference Apps

Epocrates (for iOS and Android users)

If you’re looking for an ultimate medical reference app, I highly recommend downloading Epocrates. Available for both iOS and Android users, this app has been useful for medical students as a quick reference for their clinical practice.

You may find comprehensive information about a drug—its indication, dosing, interactions, therapeutic and side effects, etc.

This helps you ace your pharmacology subject and would guide you well in creating an excellent treatment plan for your patient.

You could also do quick calculations of a person’s BMI for your nutrition and dietary-related recommendations.

You can download the app for free on your iOS and Android devices. But if you want to access some additional information such as interpretation of laboratory results, medication alternatives, and disease processes, you might be interested in availing the paid version (Epocrates Essentials) which costs around $174.99 a year. 

PEPID PEDS (for iOS and Android users)

best apps for medical students

One of the best apps for medical students, PEPID PEDS is a great medical reference that enhances your clinical decision-making skills. Though it targets physicians assigned in the emergency department, it could also be a useful guide for nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics. 

This is also a recommended app even when you already become a doctor. It allows you to earn continuous medical education credits while on clinical practice.

Though it’s not for free just like the other best apps for medical students, you may purchase the app at $299.99 per year. 

When it’s your time to be exposed to interactions with patients, PEPID has a symptom checker that could assist you to diagnose faster. Based on your cumulative assessment: physical exam findings, history, and laboratory and diagnostic exam results, the app suggests possible pathological conditions manifesting in your patients.

It also alerts you of possible adverse drug effects and multi-drug interactions through its checker. It offers other safer and more appropriate dosing suggestions. 

You could also get access to reference videos on various clinical procedures and proper ways of performing physical examinations. It also includes push-notifications for the latest medical research.

PEPID PEPS is available to download for iOS and Android users for $299.99 per year, but you could also avail of a free trial period without a credit card.

UpToDate (for iOS and Android users)

best apps for medical students

Available for iOS and Android users, UpToDate has been a popular app for physicians as it provides high-yield and jump packed medical knowledge that could answer essential clinical questions. 

All information this app contains is updated (just what its name implies), accurate, and evidence-based. It has a 24/7 support system that can become handy in case you need urgent information. 

You can download it for free. But if you need additional information that could only be accessible to the UpToDate database, pricing starts at $519 per year per physician

Keep in mind that most institutions give you free access as long as you use your school email or IP address.

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Stress Management Apps


best apps for medical students

You cannot dissociate from stress and anxiety from medical school. Each of us hurdles from one exam to another, depriving ourselves of some good night’s sleep, and pushing ourselves on the edge to get the tasks done.

We do all of this not just to survive med school but to become a skilled doctor in the future while keeping ourselves sane.

Despite all the stress, you also need to take care of your mental health and rest for a while. 

Absolutely free, AnxietyCoach is developed by the popular Mayo Clinic and can be downloaded by iOS users only. It helps in reducing fear and anxiety. 

It includes self-tests, to-do lists, anxiety ratings, and readings that could be useful to gain self-awareness of one’s emotions and mood and be able to manage anxiety appropriately.

MindShift (for iOS and Android users)

best apps for medical students

This app uses cognitive behavioral therapy approach to help you control stress and anxiety on your own. 

It is a free app – available for iOS and Android users – that helps you to be relaxed through its mindfulness practices. Its features include comfort zone challenges, journals, progress trackers, and quick relief tools. 

You would surely encounter a lot of stress in medical school, so make sure to take a look on these methods on how to deal with stress in medical school.

T2 Mood Tracker (for iOS and Android users)

best apps for medical students

As the name implies, T2 Mood Tracker, a free simple tool – available for iOS and Android users – that helps you track your mood. 

Through being aware of what you feel is the first step in how you will manage your stress and anxiety.

The app features 6 default different mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, etc. But you’re free to customize the scale based on your preference. 

Your tracker will be presented through graphs and charts for easy evaluation of how you’ve been lately. You could also export these so you could share them with your trusted mental health provider for reference. 

I hope that these best apps for medical students would help you in a way along your MD journey. They could always come in handy when the need arises.

If you want to learn more, here are some of the best resources that I used in med school!

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