35 best medical resident gifts

35 Best Medical Resident Gifts (Gift Ideas In 2023)

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Been having a difficult time thinking of the perfect medical resident gifts? Gift-giving can be a challenging task since you need to consider your budget, the item’s quality, and most importantly—the recipient’s tastes and preferences. Thus, in this post, I would like to make things easier for you. Here are 35 gift ideas for medical residents of different areas.

35 Gift Ideas For A Medical Resident

Before heading to the list of 35 best medical resident gifts, perhaps you may want to check our article on the 10 most competitive residencies for you to get an idea on the different medical fields and an understanding of just how challenging it is for these residents so you can choose and weigh out a gift that they need the most.

Medical Resident Gifts


If there’s one thing that medical residents can’t go on duty without is their laptops. Quite pricy out of all my other recommendations, but this gadget essentially contains all necessary information to study a particular unfamiliar case and write research and reports.

Their ebooks, journals, and all helpful references are secured here so once residents need to unravel a challenging case, they just open their laptops and start investigating.

If you are thinking about which laptop to buy, you could check out my article on the best laptops.


Best tablets for medical school- Apple iPad Pro

Essentially similar to the purpose of laptops, the tablet serves as your portable library of medical books. It’s completely handy and you can bring it everywhere even if while on duty.

So if you need to check some information quickly to back up your knowledge for a medical,  your tablet is just right there holding all information you need.

You may check out my article on the best tablets in the market.


Dagacci Medical Uniform Woman and Man Scrub Set Unisex Medical Scrub Top and Pant, CEIL Blue, M

A scrub suit is a necessity for every medical resident. It’s like their superhero costume for every clinical case they need to knockdown. In buying scrubs, make sure to know the right size, color, or design that they prefer. Here’s a set of medical scrub top and pants you can get for your male and female resident

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best backpacks for medical school

Medical residents need a sturdy yet comfy bag to carry their essentials every day for duty. Backpacks are the best gifts especially for on-the-go residents who can’t leave home without carrying more than five items in their essentials list.

Found in this article is a list of the best backpacks you could consider and some tips on how to choose the best one.

Coffee subscriptions

Driftaway Coffee - World Explorer's Coffee Sampler Subscription: 1 LB

Coffee makes people awake. Give medical resident gifts that would stimulate their system. Caffeine is usually a lifesaver for medical residents who are on duty for more than 24 hours. A day isn’t really enough for them so they always need extra kicks in their system to keep going and fulfill their duties.

Sending coffee subscriptions to medical residents who are apparently coffee lovers as well will surely be thrilled!

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Tinwoo Smart Watch for Men, Support Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, 2020 Version Smartwatch for Android Phones Compatible with iPhone Samsung

For anyone who is constantly conscious of their health, they would surely love smartwatches. What makes this watch unique is that it goes beyond its traditional purpose of telling time. Through smartwatches, you can also read messages (or even take calls), check your meeting and schedules, and most of all tracks your health—your pulse rate, how many miles you’ve had, and how many you should take more.

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PILOT G2 Premium Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 5-Pack (31078)

One of the essential items for every doctor is a mighty pen. They need it for history taking, writing down prescriptions, or referring patients, or anything that requires taking of notes. Perhaps pens may appear simple, yet every doctor needs them in every process of their clinical duties.

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Coffee mugs

DOWAN 18 oz Large Coffee Mugs, Ceramic Mug Set with Word Blessed Grateful, Easy to Hold, Stylish Texture and Glaze, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, Thank You Gift, Christmas Gift for Family Friend, 2 PCS

If there are coffee subscriptions, I must say that sending a cute mug as a gift would also be thoughtful. Since doctors are no doubt, caffeine lovers, they would surely appreciate receiving coffee mugs as a gift. Every time they have a sip, they will be reminded of you.

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Gift cards to a local restaurant

Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery

Who doesn’t want good food—especially when it’s for free? Medical residents who have been working tirelessly deserve sumptuous meals at a prestigious local restaurant. Sending them gift cards to eat the finest meals in town would surely make them delightful and give them energy and a positive outlook for their next shifts.

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Pocket tool

KINGMAX Pocket Knife,Multitool Tactical Knife with Blade,Saw, Plier, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener,Folding Knife Built with Full Stainless Steel,Perfect Tool for Men,Camping,Emergency,Outdoor,Daily Use.

Pocket tools are the best gifts for medical residents who are also good not just in treating patients and handling medical instruments, but also skillful at repairing or working on mechanics, machines, and devices.

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Medical Resident Gifts For Pediatric Resident

Pediatrician Coffee Mug

Daycare Provider Gift I Speak Fluent Toddler The Cup With Handle Is Suitable For Coffee Cocoa Grain Tea Cups Funny mugs 11oz Christmas Eve Best Gift

Sending coffee mugs with endearing quotes or words of affirmation for pediatric residents is such a thoughtful gesture of encouragement and motivation for their jobs.

It’s just what everyone needs nowadays—a dose of appreciation and positivity. Since they have been working with children as clients, this sets a calm and positive reminder as they check on their patients.

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Pediatric Stethoscope

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Pediatric, Raspberry Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece, 28 inch, 2122

Pediatrics is a challenging field. They deal with kids who are naturally anxious around strangers, have playful imaginations, and tend to possess fear on some simple noninvasive clinical procedures. So, having a pediatric stethoscope that doesn’t appear threatening and made up of cute stuff will certainly calm the kid down. Assessment will be much easier when kids become cooperative and are less worried.

You may check out this list on some of the best stethoscopes you can further check out for more options!

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Pedia Pals Animal Plush Stethoscope Cover

Pedia Pals 100066 Stethoscope Cover, Dalmatian

Give your pediatric medical resident gifts that are useful. Since pediatrics is all about dealing with children, then it’s better to have a kiddie approach. An alternative to a pediatric stethoscope is a stethoscope cover instead. It’s relatively cheaper and the animal cover is guaranteed cute—great to attract and calm kids down during check-ups.

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Pediatric Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer for Adults,Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever, Babies, Children, Adults, Indoor and Outdoor Use

Kids tend to refuse any interaction with strangers (like the doctor). Checking axillary temperatures, though noninvasive, is threatening for children and makes them anxious. So using a cute pediatric thermometer would create a nonthreatening environment and provide a safe space for kids implying that a little temperature check won’t hurt.

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Amazon Gift Card

Amazon eGift Card

This is perhaps one of the best medical resident gifts that every doctor wishes to have. Everybody wants an Amazon Gift Card. It’s like giving you the power of buying anything you want to be limited to the amount given to you. There’s no expiry and any hidden fees so you don’t need to feel any pressure when to use it.

This is great if you are not so sure of what medical resident gifts to buy. At least with this one, the receiver could choose and buy what they want.

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Medical Resident Gifts For Neurology Residents

Dopamine serotonin necklace

Happiness Serotonin Molecule Dopamine Molecule Lariat Y Necklace Molecular Structure Pendant Necklace Science Geek Jewelry Chemistry Lovers Gift (Serotonin Dopamine Y N)

Why not give a cute necklace designed with a hormone responsible for pleasure, love, motivation, and learning? Dopamine-Serotonin necklace is a fancy gift for neurology female residents.

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Brain anatomical model

Akozon Disassembled Human Brain Model 4D Human Brain Structure Anatomy Medical Teaching Learning Tool

Perhaps one of the best medical resident gifts for those who practice neurology is that one main organ to which their expertise revolve—the brain! The brain anatomical model does not just serve as a symbol but also helpful for medical residents to have a concrete anatomical guide as they examine their patients.

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Neuron bracelet

MANZHEN Neuron Nerve Cell Science Bangle Bracelet Hook Opening Bracelet (Silver)

The basic unit of the nervous system is the neuron. Neurons are responsible for the entire functioning of our body through electric signals. So why not give a cute dainty neuron bracelet to a medical neurology resident?

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Wine subscription

1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Kit

After a long tiring day, medical residents love a taste of sophistication and a little detoxification. Giving a wine subscription is one of the most practical medical resident gifts. Give them a card, and let them choose the wine that they want.

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Brain 3D Night Light Table Desk Lamp

YILIUBA Brain 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light 7 Color Changing Touch Switch Table Desk Decoration Lamps with Acrylic Flat & ABS Base & USB Cable Toy for Brain Lover (Brain)

Medical residents, though already in-hospital training, still tend to work all night for some extra paperwork or research. So why not give them a conducive environment for work and learning by giving a fancy 3D brain night light table desk lamp.

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Medical Resident Gifts For Psychiatry Residents

Psychiatry Wall Art For Office

Flower Brain Dictionary Art Print - Vintage Upcycled Wall Art Poster - chic Modern Home Decor for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room - A Great Gift for Women and Steampunk Fans - 8x10 Photo - Unframed

Art could have a significant impact on a person’s outlook and mood. Having this gift in a psychiatrist’s office will not only serve as a decoration but also show how the brain works composed of logical and creative halves.

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Brain Hat

Dragon Honor Unisex Handmade Knitted Brain Beanie Cap Creative Novelty Halloween Hat Pink

The brain is the most essential organ for psychiatrists. But more than the anatomical structures, they are more fond of how it functions and how it impressively controls everything that we do. The brain hat is a symbol of the psychiatrist’s field of expertise. Wearing it outside especially during cold weather keeps the psychiatrist warm and cute.

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Psychiatrist Coffee Mug – Keep Talking I’m Diagnosing You

Stemless Wine Tumbler Coffee Travel Mug Glass with Lid Keep Talking I'm Diagnosing You Nurse Doctor (Rose Gold)

For professions that need to be alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic, coffee is the best friend to call. Most doctors are coffee lovers. Coffee helps them get through a tiring toxic day productively and effectively. On top of being one of the best medical resident gifts, this coffee mug comes with a funny statement that psychiatrists can absolutely relate to.

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Weighted Blanket For Better Sleep

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Twin Size (15 lbs 48

Mental stress has been a culprit for everyone especially doctors who have been on dynamic working shifts and toxic duties leading to sleep deprivation and abnormal sleeping patterns. In these stressful times, one of the best medical resident gifts is the one that eases stress by promoting sleep.

Reward your medical psychiatrist resident with a good night’s sleep by giving them a weighted blanket. It would make them feel comfortable and reduce the stress of a long tiring day.

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Brain Plush Toy

GIANTmicrobes Brain Organ Plush Toy

Since the brain is a symbolic item of the psychiatrist’s profession, why not give them this cute brain plush toy? They would surely love it especially those medical residents who are working with children. This will help in establishing trust and making the interaction with kids easier and more fun!

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Medical Resident Gifts For Surgery Residents

Anti-Burnout Card Deck

Anti-Burnout Card Deck (54 Mindfulness and Compassion Practices to Refresh Your Clinical Work)

There are high incidences of burnout in the medical profession. It has been one of the constant feeling that doctors encounter along the way. So, here’s a little reminder to relax and take some rest since they deserve it. The Anti-Burnout Card Deck has 54 cards that encourage rest, relaxation, enjoyment. Choose one and follow it for the day.

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16GB Doctor Surgeon Robot USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

Aneew Blue Color 16GB Doctor Surgeon Robot USB Flash Drive Memory Stick PendriveA flash drive memory stick is an essential and one of the best medical resident gifts to surgeons. For residents who need to store huge files may it be for personal, school, or work purposes, this is a great gift idea. Adding up its doctor surgeon robot design, it is a great backup for all files you got.

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Enamel Mug—Surgeon Because Badass Isn’t An Official Title

Andaz Press 11oz. Campfire Enamel Mug Gift, Surgeon Because Badass Isn't an Official Title, 1-Pack, Stainless Steel Metal Camp Cup Christmas Birthday Present Ideas, Includes Gift BoxOne of the best medical resident gifts for all seasons—a coffee mug. If your medical resident surgeon is also a camper or an outdoor lover on the side, this is a great gift for them. They can enjoy hot or cold beverages while on the trail. It’s absolutely durable, lightweight, and made of sturdy stainless steel. Your beverage is guaranteed safe while on travel.

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Metal Silver and Golden Scalpel Brooch Pins

2-Set of Metal Silver and Golden Scalpel Brooch Pins Gift for Doctors SurgeonIf the knight has swords, surgeons have a scalpel as a weapon to save lives.  Giving this silver and golden scalpel brooch pins serve as a symbolic gift for surgeons. It serves as a badge of their great work.

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Surgeon’s Prayer Wallet Card

TIIMG Surgeon's Prayer (Surgeon's Prayer)

Many lives depend on the surgeon’s hands. Might as well give them a gift with a short prayer for guidance and strength. It Is made up of stainless steel. It is guaranteed durable with non-plating, non-allergic, non-fade, environmental protection, and non-toxic material.

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Bonus: Medical Resident Gifts For Match Day

Hair Tie Bracelet

Hair Tie Bracelet - Flower Design by Maria Shireen - Steel Silver - Medium

Here comes the residency match day and everyone is expected to come clean. For your female resident friend, give her a hair tie bracelet. It’s the ultimate accessory that makes your hair look classy and professional. For less than $50, why not give a couple with different styles and colors?

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Collegiate Tie

Donegal Bay NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Repeating Primary Necktie, One Size, Crimson

This collegiate tie for your male medical resident friend would look good on him. Since he would surely match with his chosen field, why not give him a classy professional tie to suits his status of being a new medical resident doctor?

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Water Bottles

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 17 Fl Oz - White Marble - Triple-Layered Vacuum-Insulated Containers Keeps Drinks Cold for 36 Hours and Hot for 18 - BPA-Free - Perfect for the Go

Always hydrate—perhaps, one of the most basic self-care advice that people should never forget. Medical residents are busy and would even tend to skip meals or forget to drink just to fulfill their clinical duties. As much as they care for their patients, medical residents should also be taken care of. This water bottle is a perfect gift and a reminder that you care. This is for the girls.

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Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Standard Mouth Flex Lid - 24 oz, Pacific

The male counterpart of the water bottle mentioned above. It’s the hydro flask. They just differ with the design as this shows a masculine look. Nonetheless, both water bottles come in handy to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

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Tile Mate

Tile Mate (2020) 1-pack - Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags and More; Water Resistant with 1 Year Replaceable BatteryFor those who keep on misplacing keys, this gift will be a lifesaver especially that doctors are always expected to be snappy in every situation.

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Stop thinking too much. Here are the best medical resident gifts you could give to your friend on different occasions. They would surely love and appreciate your little surprise!

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