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The Preclinical Guide

Readers Say

“I spent the last few days researching how to actually study in medical school and I came across your stuff…I read The Preclinical Guide and Study Tools … what I felt while reading the text is nothing short of disbelief. How did I not know about these methods sooner? Not during my undergrad, graduate school and at least not yet in medical school has anyone ever attempted to teach students how to learn the material efficiently. So for your enlightenment, I say thank you.”
Marty Y (MS1)
"I am both grateful and surprised by The Preclinical Guide. It's truly a phenomenal book. I just wished I knew about it sooner. I could have used some of the study tips [earlier] because they are applicable to any subject. It would have saved me time and the stress I went through with before exam time. I especially liked that the book tackled burning questions I had on how to do well in particular preclinical classes. The book gave the confidence I needed as a first-year medical become an academically strong medical student."
Cidney (MS1)
"I Bought Your Preclinical Guide and It Is Amazing! I Can't Wait To Try [The Techniques] Out!"
Boyd G (MS1)

What Will I Teach you?

How to Study Effectively

how to study less than five hours a day

All the resources I wish I had used since day one

 Study strategies to retain information longer

Medical School

Time Management

How to have time for your hobbies everyday.

How to effectively plan your day for ultimate efficiency. 

Techniques to decrease the time spent studying while never pulling an all-nighter

Clinical Years in Medical School

Stress Management

How to remain relaxed during exam week. 

Tricks on how to become a confident medical student.

Strategies to help schedule medical school into your life and not your life into medical school.

Second Year of Medical School

Professional Development

How to decide what kind of doctor to be.

How to get involved in research projects.

What to do during your first and only summer in medical school. 

How to prepare yourself for clinical rotations. 

What Did I Accomplish My First Two Years?

•  Passed all my courses with mostly A’s and some B’s (School is Pass/Fail) 

•  Rarely studied past 6 PM on most days 

•  Took bimonthly weekend road trips to see family and loved ones 

•  Worked on 6+ research projects – with 4 publications

•  Spent a summer working at a pediatric Type 1 Diabetic camp 

•  Served as an officer in two organizations 

•  Began TheMDJourney my second year – published over 60 blog posts 

•  Went to the gym at least 4 days a week 

•  Never pulled in an all-nighter for school

•  Volunteered at free clinics at least once every other month 

•  Wrote The Preclinical Guide 

•  Honored my first few rotations after an 18-month pre-clinical curriculum 

•  Reached my step 1 goal with minimal stress and maximal sleep

Author spotlight

I’m currently a third year medical student who loves to write and  mentor. I created at the end of my first year and I’m blown away by how much it has grown. My goal is to help as many students as possible. You can get in contact with me at [email protected]

Lakshya Trivedi

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The Preclinical Guide