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Be Naturally Impressive: Tips for Medical Students (Part 3)

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Last week we began our email series on how to be naturally impressive on your medical journey.

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Today I’m going to share a simple mindset that has gotten me far on my medical journey.

“Happy To Help” Mentality

In medicine it’s normal to be busy. So it’s also normal to avoid extra work.

As a cardiology fellow, for example, I would love to avoid an unnecessary consult if I can. It takes time away from the other tasks and patients who really need my care.

In residency it felt like you won the lottery if you could “punt” or convince a consulting team that their request for help was not needed.

And in reality – this still happens even among attendings.

Is it the best for patients? Nope. Do I understand why a bunch of busy doctors don’t want more on their plates. Yes.

But you my friend want to be naturally impressive right?

So instead of griping, deflecting, arguing about why something may be an inappropriate request – try to ask “happy to help…”

As sad as it sounds – most care providers are used to fighting for assistance that this simple response comes as a shock.

And even more importantly – if someone is asking for your help then you have to assume that they believe there’s something you can do for that patient better than them.

So if you’re a med student asked to grab records and talk to family – “happy to help”

If you’re a resident asked to help with a “silly consult” – “happy to help”

If you’re a fellow like me and someone calls for reassurance on an EKG – “happy to help”

This simple approach allows you to also be in the mode of aid vs. defending off extra work.

Now don’t get me wrong – happy to help doesn’t mean that you need to do everything yourself.

For instance, as a cards fellow I’ve helped with the “silly” consults by still giving guidance, giving a plan of attack, and then offering my additional assistance with an official consult if they still have issues.

Bottom line – being happy to help allows you to:

  • Always be in a state of helping others
  • No longer having to focus on “blocking” consults and simple requests
  • Allow better care for the patients
  • Creates a natural reputation for yourself of being a team player.

And that my friend is another simple way to be naturally impressive. .

Hope this helps!

Hope you’re enjoying this series! If so let me know with a quick reply!

Now two quick announcements:

Hopefully we were a little help to you on your journey today. Thanks for being part of ours.

Until next time my friend…

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