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Be Naturally Impressive: Tips for Medical Students (Part 5)

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Today I’m continuing our email series on how to be naturally impressive on your medical journey!

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(Also if you’re about to start residency – this may be helpful for you!)

Today is a simple skill yet severely underutilized by trainees.

Be The Patient’s Go-To Doctor

When you’re taking care of patients, they will have way more care providers than you will have patients.

To many of them – you’re just another face they see each day.

But one of my favorite ways to look naturally impressive is to try to behave like that patient’s “core doctor”.

How do you do this?

Be the best communicating provider on their team.

Every morning you see them do the following:

  • Ask (truly) how they’re doing
  • Give them simple yet detailed explanations of the plan and what you’re thinking about in regards to their care
  • Ask – “what questions can I answer for you” vs. “do you have any questions”. The former creates permission for them to ask anything.
  • Repeatedly check-in throughout the day.

Even when I was the med student, resident, attending, and now fellow – many of patients would look at me like their main representative.

They trusted me because I took the time to given the short & long-term map of their hospitalization.

Even if I wasn’t the main decision maker – I was their go to person.

What’s the benefit of this for yourself?

Your attendings will begin to see that the patients resonate to you. They will begin to pick up on the fact that you’re well liked by your patients & team members.

And if you combine all of that with our past issues on how to be impressive – you’ll be golden.

Hope this helps!

Hope you’re enjoying this series! If so let me know with a quick reply!

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Hopefully we were a little help to you on your journey today. Thanks for being part of ours.

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