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Be Naturally Impressive: Tips for Medical Students (Part 6)

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Today I’m continuing our email series on how to be naturally impressive on your medical journey!

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Today is a principle that will separate you from the pack.

Increase Your Threshold Of Good Enough

One strange thing about medicine is that you start with countless ambitious individuals…

… but over time the drive goes away for many of your peers.

Sometimes the journey takes it toll and with it people begin to accept less from themselves and others.

And so you start to see shortcuts being taken and efforts to avoid work altogether.

The norm begins to be a lowered bar of what’s considered “good enough”.

Good enough in the classroom, rotation, bedside, exams, etc.

But this series is meant for those of you who want to take it to the next level.

To avoid this cycle of mediocrity – you have to always stay on yourself to increase what’s considered good enough.

Just because you see crumpy notes being written by other providers doesn’t mean it’s a green light for you to do the same.

Just because it may be “accepted” to not circle back and update family members of the care plan – doesn’t mean you should do the same.

Just because something requires less effort doesn’t mean it’s the best path for your growth and the care for your patients.

Constantly look around you for the examples of the best of the best.

For example – back in residency we had something called “morning report”.

This was a time where a co-resident would present a case piece by piece to the entire program.

The intent was to slowly work on coming up with a diagnosis together.

Most of us would show up, participate, learn the diagnosis, and then go about our days.

But one of my attendings who has been practicing for 40+ years would bring the same brand of notebook and write down the case, interesting pearls, etc.

He would do this every single time. That’s a heightened example of how to commit to lifelong learning.

And that’s just one example.

If you look carefully you’ll see elevated versions of how to talk to patients, how to think critically about clinical findings, how to write great notes, etc.

Make these the standards you try to reach.

This will force you to constantly be on a path of improvement and thus more naturally impressive!

Hope this helps!

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Hopefully we were a little help to you on your journey today. Thanks for being part of ours.

Until next time my friend…

Lakshya Trivedi, M.D.
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