Best Medical Podcast to Listen To

Best Medical Podcast To Listen To In 2024

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In this post, I will give you the trendiest best medical podcast you should listen to right now.

Nowadays, learning is not exclusive in the traditional reading style. People, especially those who don’t have the luxury of time to sit down and read, resort to other approaches. 

They prefer to listen to audible media as it could be done conveniently anytime and anywhere with their headphones on. 

I have here a list of podcasts helpful and relevant for doctors, nurses, medical students, and health administrators.

Do Doctors Listen To Podcasts?

best medical podcast

Yes, doctors listen to podcasts. 

Listening to podcasts redefines the way doctors absorb information. Since they are one of the busiest people on earth, they wanted a way in which they could learn new knowledge yet at the same time adopt their on-the-go culture.

Podcasts are steps to digital learning. A wide variety of medical topics – from basics to advanced and real-life scenarios⁠ – could be accessed online, even for free.

What Podcasts Do Doctors Listen To?

best medical podcast

Doctors are becoming fond of listening to podcasts. Given their multiple and varied tasks, it’s hard for them to have a break and slack-off around in one entire day.

They’re busy managing patients and their own clinics. They still have pending tasks in their continuing medical education, and of course, they have personal commitments to fulfill. 

If you are a medical student and curious about what doctors listen to, here is a list to try and choose which is the best medical podcast:

2 Docs Talk

2 Docs Talk is a 15-minute program hosted by Dr. Kendall Britt, an internist, and Dr. Amy Rogers, physician and medical writer.

They discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining doctor-patient relationships and controversial medical-related news such as vaccines, and medical marijuana. 

The #HCBiz Show!

Hosted by Don Lee and Shahid Shah, The #HCBiz Show focuses on healthcare innovations. They discuss dynamics on health technology, administrations, business and marketing, and psychology.

The Future of Healthcare

Nathan Dollinger started the podcast when he was only a college graduate and aspiring to be a medical doctor. The Future of Healthcare podcast focuses on his learnings from various health professionals and experts in different industries such as policies and technology.

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

The popular weekly medical journal upgraded its platform by publishing podcasts. One episode lasts for less than 30 minutes and tackles the latest medical research.

One podcast namely NEJM This Week is a podcast summary of the NEJM RSS feed that provides a quick review of newly published research studies.

NEJM Interviews is another podcast that features different doctors with varying opinions on a particular topic.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit

If you like listening to a podcast that incorporates humor to science, then This Won’t Hurt A Bit could lighten up your mood and give you relevant medical information. Each episode features the story of different doctors on how their personal experiences influence medical care. 

The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Aside from physicians, dentists also make time to listen to podcasts. The program is hosted by Dr. Mark Costes, a dentist, and an entrepreneur. He shares strategies on how dentists could make the most out of their profession by gaining more profit, experiencing lesser stress, and becoming more fulfilled. He gives advice on how to balance life and work and at the same time increasing your revenue. You’ll surely be inspired as he talks proudly and happily on how he loves his profession. You can access more of his stuff through his website.

Outcomes Rocket 

If you want the most inspiring and best medical podcast, Outcomes Rocket unites the most prominent healthcare leaders to deliver their insights and personal solutions to contemporary medical issues.

Each episode is hosted by Saul Marquez who used to work in the medical device sales industry. He invites different guests per episode wherein they talk about their own take on healthcare leadership. 

The Practice Growth Podcast

Still new and rising, The Practice Growth Podcast is produced by PatientPop and hosted by Lisa Christy and Jessica Neyer.

Each episode runs only for 15 minutes which includes a conversation with a healthcare marketing expert about their advice and insights on online reputation, local search, website practices, and other information that would make marketing easily understandable for doctors.

Steps to Value

Steps to Value concentrates on using technology and innovation in the healthcare industry. Every episode features medical experts who have pioneered and successfully utilized technology to improve medical practice.

They tackle consumer behavior, digital innovation, and solutions to healthcare financial challenges.

AMA Moving Medicine Podcast

Doctors consider this as the best medical podcast because it is mainly about emerging issues in public health and their corresponding impact on medical practice. They release interviews and presentations that provide in-depth explanations on current hot healthcare topics.

Best Medical Podcast About Bioethics

best medical podcast

Source: Helix Blog

Bioethics on Air

Jozef Zalot invites medical professionals and prominent ethicists to interview them on their take regarding controversial issues in the healthcare industry nowadays. 

Pediatric Ethics Podcast

Applying ethics to pediatric cases has been one of the talks of the town. Pediatric Ethics is a free podcast series released monthly from the Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center in Kansas City.

It features various pediatricians and pediatric ethicists who discuss timely issues about the care involved in children.

Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

In 2002, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics collaborated with Uehiro Foundations on Ethics and Education in Japan to create a series that features seminars and special lectures about practical ethics. 

Medical Leadership Podcast

medical leadership podcast

The Healthcare Leadership Podcast

This is the best medical podcast about leadership. The name itself tells what it is all about – mindfulness, leadership, and innovation.

These topics aim to inspire and empower healthcare professionals to adopt leadership and management to mold a better organization. They release episodes every month. 

Code Red

If you are interested in cybersecurity and health management, you may find Code Red as the best medical podcast for these topics.

Code Red is managed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. It focuses on discussions that associate healthcare and technology.

They provide recommendations, tools, and strategies to their listeners on how to keep their data in their health information system secured from potential online threats.

The Healthcare Policy Podcast

Hosted by David Introcaso, the Healthcare Policy Podcast discusses healthcare policy issues subject to debates. Policies such as the Affordable Healthcare Act and Medicaid to both private and public sectors served on the table for discussion.

Best Surgical Podcasts

best surgical podcast

Surgery 101

Surgery 101 is a podcast series produced by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

It provides brief introductions or foundational knowledge, and reviews of surgical topics to assist medical students. Each episode runs for 10-20 minutes and is divided into chapters and concluded with must-know points.

Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast

Do you aspire to become a surgeon someday? Behind The Knife is the raw situation of the life of a surgeon.

Aside from learning about in-depth surgical topics and procedures, Kevin Kniery, Jason Bingham, John McClellan, and Scott Steele bring everyone up close and personal to some of the behind scenes of the humanistic sides of surgeries.

Legends of Surgery

People who are interested in history and surgery, they might consider Legends of Surgery the best medical podcast. Airing since 2016, this podcast shares relevant surgical information and stories of actual people and events involved in the modern surgery history.

Best Medicine Podcasts For Medical Students

Best Medicine Podcasts For Medical Students

Board Rounds

Produced by Meded Media and BoardVitals and hosted by Dr. Ryan Gray and Dr. Andrea Paul, Board Rounds provide tips and strategies to help medical students on getting high grades in the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1.

You may also check my tips and tricks and strategies on how to study for Step 1

The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast, created by the University of Iowa and hosted by Dave Elter, is the best medical podcast for students who aspire to enter medical school and all the untold stories in the life of a medical student. 

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

For medical students who are still unsure of what specialty to take and quite lost on their medical career path, The Undifferentiated Medical Student is a suitable podcast for you.

Ian Dummond, the podcast host provides a list of available career options for medical students. He invites physicians from various AAMC specialties and subspecialties.

TEDTalks: Science and Medicine

TED is a popular nonprofit podcast that talks about a wide array of topics.

Under the Science and Medicine category, they feature prominent medical professionals and scientists who have promising contributions in the healthcare industry. You could visit to get free access to their videos.

The MD Journey (TMJ) Show

If you need a podcast that would serve as your companion along with every phase of your journey to becoming a doctor, The TMJ Show is the best medical podcast you should start listening to now.

I’ll be honest I’m a little bias here since this is my own show – but if you want quick tips and tricks for medical school. This is the podcast for you!

It provides helpful tips and strategies on how you could ace medical school and beyond. Each episode runs an average of 10 minutes and focuses on answering frequently asked questions. 

Best Medical Podcasts For Paramedics

Best Medical Podcasts For Paramedics

MCHD Paramedic Podcast

Suitable for prehospital providers, the MCHD Paramedic podcast talks about the best practices in the paramedical department and provides clinical recommendations on how to improve such practices. 


Hosted by John McCormack, a registered Ambulance Paramedic, MedicALS is the best medical podcast suitable for all medics and paramedics that render different services related to pre-hospital medicine, clinical science, medical first-aid, etc.

They interview known experts who have clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to give their respective views on the profession. 

Pragmatic Paramedics

Pragmatic Paramedic Podcast discusses important topics on Emergency Medicine and Paramedicine. 

The Medic Assessment

The medical podcast not just for health professionals but for everyone. Created by paramedics, The Medic Assessment releases weekly episodes of relatable real life and death scenarios.

They discuss all things about EMS with a balance of humor and significance.

Medic Minutes

Paramedics podcasts created for the benefit of paramedics, this is an educational podcast for paramedics who want to learn or improve advanced skills on paramedicine.

Best Medical Podcast For Nurses

best medical podcast for nurses

Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

If you want to know the top medical stories of the week, just tune in to Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcast. The university itself is already renowned globally to provide pertinent information on health.

As nurses who need to be updated on the latest clinical practices, the Johns Hopkins Medicine podcast should be on their list.

Medscape Nurses Podcasts

Medscape has been providing healthcare professionals with reliable information on the latest medical news. This podcast is best for every health professional, especially nurses to provide the latest news updates on nursing care.

Almost A Nurse

This is suitable for every nursing student who has been hustling to become a registered nurse in the future.

This is a podcast of a nursing student and the journey he underwent to finally become a registered nurse. Also, he provided insights on her actual experience as a nurse in the clinical setting


Podcasts are your on-the-go doses of medical information. You could absorb new knowledge anytime and anywhere as all you need to do is to lend your ears.

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