Welcome to the first post of 2017!

I have to be honest. My title is only partially true.  I’m not a third-year student…. yet.

What I am, however, is a clinical student.

My school joined the trend of accelerating the pre-clinical curriculum to an 18-month version (instead of the typical 24). This means that I begin my clinical experience, my “third year”, 18 months into medical school!

This post will discuss a little about how my clinical years are structured and how this blog with grow alongside them.

What’s My Clinical Schedule Look Like?

Third Year of Medical School

I hope you can sense my excitement by a number of colors I decided to throw into that chart!

Clinical years are supposed to be what you came to medical school for. The clinical years are about participating directly in patient care, but also about an opportunity to explore a future specialty.

I’m excited to make this transition in my medical journey and will surely use this blog to document my experiences.

Goals for the Blog:

I want my clinical blog posts to be reflective and helpful for anyone of you that are or will be in my shoes.

I’m also aware that many of my readers are not in medical school. I will try my best to paint a clear picture of what being a clinical medical student means.

My intention is to work on a few projects for the blogs. These will include:

Tips on resources and advice to succeed on each rotation

– Reflective posts as I go through different services and rotations

– Continue to post on my challenges and personal endeavors

– Start gathering all the pre-clinical advice I’ve shared for a future project :D (Update 2018 – now known as The Preclinical Guide. I achieved this goal!)

Given that clinical years will require much more of my time than previous semester, my blogging frequency will decrease.

The blog is starting to become self-sustaining in terms of views. Thus I can now focus on putting out quality content even they may not be as frequent. Plus, I think my clinical experience will have a lot more advice which anyone on the clinical journey can utilize.

Hope you’re as excited to hear about this new phase of patient care! 

If there is something specific you’d like me to address in a future blog post, comment below or email me at [email protected].

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Until next time…

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