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February 2018 Mini Resolutions

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Somehow we’re already two months into this year. One-sixth of 2018 is gone! While slightly anxiety-inducing, this is just extra motivation to not waste a single month or day.

In January I announced my mini resolution approach to 2018. In that post, I discussed creating big and small goals met to result in a remarkable 2018.

Just one month in and I already know this year is going to be my most impactful.

Read to the end of the post to learn how, together, we can create a bigger charitable impact.

To recap, here are my goals/habits I started in January and how I’m doing with them.

Goals from January 2018:

Read a book a week: 

I’m going to keep a running tally of all the books I read.

1. Head Strong
2. Still Alice 
3. On Writing Well
4. Seven Brief Lesson on Physics
5. I Am Malala 
6. Hooked

In January I read 6 books!

In February (as of this writing – 20 days into the month) I’ve read:

7. So Good They Can’t Ignore You
8. 10% Happier
9. Mindset
10. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
11. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
12. Good to Great 

Not a bad start. I’ll write an updated post on my morning routine to show how I’ve read 11 books in  51 days! If I keep my pace, I’ll read over 70 books this year! I may have read 7 all of last year.

Eat a salad every other day:

While I was happy with making this goal, this was still a struggle.

On days I packed my salad, I ate it. But there were days I just forgot (or avoided packing one).

But bad habits aren’t broken easily. So the new plan is to prepack my salads for the week. This will at least save me from the “I forgot” excuse.

Don’t drink soda all year:

50+ days in and still holding steady.

Create social media pages for the website:

Done (although I realized a won’t be using my Facebook much) Follow me on Twitter @TheMDJourney

I plan on creating a Pinterest and instagram profile in March. I’m interested in using infographics to provide for blog posts. So stay tuned!

Begin a Pre-Med Section to TheMDJourney:


Two posts have already been posted. Read about how hard medical school really is. Also, read my post on what you need to know before you even apply to medical school.

More to come each month.

Release a new newsletter to subscribers every month: 

Already sent out my first newsletter with good reception. Join the newsletter for monthly updates on new blog posts here!

I will keep up all the above goals as well as add the following goals for February 2018.

Goals for February 2018:

Start a Youtube Channel: 

What? Oh yeah, that’s right we’re going viral. Well maybe not, but we’re at least going video!

I know not every visitor wants to read my long (1000+ word) posts. So the next step is to bring my tips and advice to youtube.

Subscribe to the channel and check out the first few videos here!

Update: The channel is doing great and has over 25 videos on medical school/pre-med tips!

Post a Video A Week On Youtube:

Obviously, I can’t do this goal without first accomplishing the first goal. So you can expect the Youtube channel to get made. Maybe it already has by the time you’re reading this.

So look out for a helpful video every week. You can subscribe to the channel here.

Start Training for a Sub-7 Minute Mile: 

This is my fun goal for the month – I guess making a Youtube channel is also fun. This goal will extend into March.

Every March/April I run a 10k hosted by my former university (Hook Em!)

Each year I’ve gathered more friends to join me. But this year I want to run the race for time. Thus I’m going to train like I did for my first ever race. For reference I ran that 10k in about 53 minutes (nothing spectacular).

So my first goal is to work on my speed. Thus we’re going to try to break the 7-minute mile barrier.

Begin Brainstorming/Writing My Next Book: 

Didn’t I just write one? Yes, The Preclinical Guide was a project I worked throughout 2017 on.

But I’m already ready and excited to begin book number two!

What will it be about? I have my ideas but would love input from you all. Fill out this survey on which idea speaks the most to you!

Leave your email in the survey and if I write a book of your choice, I will email you a free copy! I just ask you provide me feedback once you get it. 

Update: The book was a goal I achieved! Check out the finished product here!

Create a Charity Program with the Books:

I’m so excited for this one!

When I created the blog my goal was to help as many people as possible. But I limited myself to thinking about helping medical students.

What if together we could help individuals outside of medical school?

This inspired me to create a charity program using my book, The Preclinical Guide. 

I’ve decided that I will donate the proceeds to St. Jude’s if you buy the book and email me your honest feedback.

Childhood cancer is a cause which resonant with me and it would mean a lot to me to use the book as a means to facilitate awareness and support.

If you’re interested in the tips on to succeed during your first two years in medical school, check out The Preclinical Guide here. If the book seems interesting, consider buying.

Top Tips for Medical School

After reading through the book, email me at [email protected] with your name and constructive/honest feedback about the book.

I will use your feedback to improve the book, as well as testimonials on the site.

I will then donate the proceeds from your purchase to St. Jude’s.

Together we can help a cause bigger than ourselves.

I’m super excited to make this a part of the website! Hope you’ll join me on this journey!

So please fill out the survey to help me and I’ll send you the free book!

Well, that’s it for February 2018 Mini Resolutions! That was actually quite a lot but I told you this year would be remarkable. So if we’re going to do this then we’re going to do it big!

It’s not too late to make your mini resolutions for 2018. In my March mini-resolution post, I will go over how to remain dedicated to your goals!

If there is something specific you’d like me to address in a future blog post, comment below or email me at [email protected].

Whenever you’re ready, there are 4 ways I can help you:

1. The Med School Handbook:  Join thousands of other students who have taken advantage of the hundreds of FREE tips & strategies I wish I were given on the first day of medical school to crush it with less stress. 

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Until the next time, my friend…

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