3.95 GPA In Med School

How Nichole Got A 3.95 GPA In Medical School While Studying Less [Case Study]

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Want better grades in medical school?

Well you don’t have to look much further for guidance or inspiration than students like Nichole who is currently sitting at a 3.95 GPA in medical school as she (as of this writing) finishes her 2nd year of medical school. 

After coaching countless of medical students through the process of getting better grades without being miserable – Nichole has been one of my favorite students to coach. She’s hardworking but also humble enough to trust the process that we laid out for her. 

The results – a 4.0 in our first semester working together!

So I thought it would be amazing to have her share her experiences and tips to help you crush it on your medical journey as well!

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What’s Your First Name?


Where Are You On Your Medical Journey & What Year?

Nichole – I just completed my second year. I am preparing for Step 1/Level 1 (COMLEX) this summer. 

Where In The World Are You On Your Medical Journey?

Nichole – I live in Upstate, SC and will rotate in this area.

What Are Some Of Your Goals On Your Medical Journey? 

Nichole – My ultimate goal is to match in a surgical specialty. At this point, I am working on scoring highly on medical school exams and passing boards this summer.

What Was Your Biggest Struggle(s) On Your Medical Journey (Prior To Working With The Med Ignite Coaching Program)?

Nichole – Before starting the Med Ignite Coaching Program, I was scoring pretty high but I had no extra free time and was burned out.

Halfway through my first year, I went through the coaching program. Since that time, I have scored a 4.0 in every block, had time to enjoy life and participate in research.

LT – It’s important to mention that Nichole was getting great grades before working together. But she had no life or free time. 

Not only is this a recipe for burnout but med students (myself included when I was in your shoes) forget that your available time shrinks as you go through the process. Less during rotations. Less during residency and so on. 

So it was important for us to help Nichole get the same grades with less time so she wouldn’t work herself to burnout in the next upcoming years. 

Now she’s crushing it!

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Want Better Grades In Less Time?

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What Had You Tried Before? 

Nichole – I would switch up my studying methods but was not consistent before the coaching program. 

LT – It’s common that students who decided to work with us have often tried many things and just aren’t getting results. And full disclaimer – we didn’t show Nichole something she didn’t know. But we worked together to easily find the methods that were actually getting her results and double-downed on them. 

Everything else – we removed it from her schedule. 

For students in our 6-step study program – we have everyone do an eye-opening audit so you can see clearly where your flaws in your entire study system are. And then we show you how to fix it. 

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How Did You Feel Dealing With These Struggles?

Nichole – Beyond stressed out with absolutely no free time. 

LT –  When working with Nichole she was already at the brinks in terms of her free time. But still needed to find time to spend with her husband and somehow balance exploring a future career in surgery.

Safe to say we had some work to do on her free time and finding the right system). 

Why Was It So Important For You To Solve These Obstacles On Your Journey? 

Nichole – Medical school is a marathon. If I didn’t find a way to balance and improve my grades, it was going to be a long miserable process. 

LT – Thankfully Nichole discovered this lesson early. Medical school only gets harder and more difficult to continue to just “grind it out”. 

So it’s important to have some guidance on where to spend your time!

Can You Share What Grades Or Scores You Were Seeing Before The Med Ignite Program?

Nichole – Before the Med Ignite program, I scored A’s with a few B’s. After the program, I have only scored A’s. 

LT – Love it when a student like Nichole follows the process and sees results plus more free time!

What Was Your Experience Through The Med Ignite Coaching Program? 

Nichole – Absolutely amazing. Dr. Trivedi answered all of my questions, provided moral support, and checked in regularly. 

LT – Through our 6-Step Study program and our 1-on-1 coaching programs – we emphasize to our students that not everything we recommend will work on the first go and we’ll have to tinker. So we do our best to make ourselves available to help iron out every bit of your studying to get you results. 

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What Suprised You The Most (If Anything)?

Nichole – I didn’t know how much extra time I would have after starting this program. It was 100% worth it. I have time to take off every Friday night and workout multiple times a week.  

LT – When’s the last time you’ve been able to have a predictable day off, see consistent A’s, and be able to schedule your weekly workouts? 

Isn’t it crazy that in the aspiration to help people become healthy – medical school forces you to make some unhealthy choices like minimizing sleep, increasing stress, and limiting personal care? 

So on every first call with our students, we make sure that we not only have a game plan for studying but also a game plan to fit their favorite things into their schedule just like we did for Nichole. 

Again if you want similar results – check out results from our students that used our 6-step study program here or consider working with us in our 1-on-1 program here. 

What Results Were You Able To See Through And After The Coaching In Your Grades/Scores? 

Nichole – Before coaching I was at a 3.84 and am now at a 3.95. 

What Change Did You See In Your Confidence Through Your Coaching Experience? 

Nichole – My confidence increased after coaching and I realized I could spend less time studying and perform better.

LT – This is the dream for every medical student and Nichole is proof that you can achieve it!

What Was The Biggest Lesson(s) You Learned After Your Time With The Med Ignite Program? 

Nichole – The biggest lesson was to trust the process. I am retaining more than I think and there is no need to study for countless hours a day. 

LT – One important lesson I stress with students is that the extra hours you think you need have likely not helped you in the past “retain” the info. Thus it’s important to evaluate the hours you’re currently using and assess where the strategy can be made more effective. 

And if you need help with that – go here. 

Want Better Grades In Less Time?

Want To Get The Best Grades You’ve Ever Gotten In Less Time? Learn Our Easy To Follow 6-Steps That Helped Me Get A 3.9 GPA In Med School!

What Advice Would You Give To Other Students In Similar Situations As Yours? 

Nichole – Prioritize things that are important to you first and then fill in the rest. Having a to do list every day with the most important things first helps a lot. 

I hope this conversation with Nichole has helped shed some light on a few things. 

  1. You don’t have to necessarily study more hours to see better grades. Sure it may work in the short term but your time will be limited later on. Might as well learn now how to do more with less
  2. Having balance and time for your favorite things is possible. In fact, we make it a core part of our programs to set aside time for your favorite people, activities, and hobbies. This way medical school remains fun while you’re getting results. 

Now the question is – do you want to be on the way to seeing results like Nichole? 

If so – here’s two ways we can help you on your medical journey!. 

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Want more proof and results from our past students?

Check out some more results below!

Until next time my friend…

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