How Tanya Went From C’s To Being A Top Student [Case Study]

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Not seeing the grades you want in medical school or on the medical journey? Wish you could get better grades?

We all struggle with getting the grades we want without overdoing it. And despite our hard work – sometimes we still don’t get the grade we think we deserve. 

But today I’m going to be sharing the exciting turnaround for Tanya – one of our students – on how she was able to go from failing to A’s in all of her classes. 

Tanya has been one of my favorite students to coach because she has the energy and drive to improve. As you’ll see below – she certainly made some quick gains!

Hope you enjoy the interview and below are just some of the results Tanya has gotten within weeks of working together!

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What’s Your First Name?


Where Are You On Your Medical Journey & What Year?

Tanya: Senior Year

Where In The World Are You On Your Medical Journey?

Tanya: Pathway to pursue my MS Physician Assistant

LT: It’s important to mention that while we work commonly with medical students – the process to study better is very similar across various different career paths. So our techniques for studying in medical school worked well for students like Tanya who’s pursuing to be a PA.

What Are Some Of Your Goals On Your Medical Journey?

Tanya: To serve in rural and global areas. Provide compassion and medicine to those impoverished.

LT: During our time working together, Tanya had some amazing trips abroad where her and her husband provided health care to countries and communities in need. So awesome!

This program is amazing. I went from a mid /C – student to be at the top 17 % !

What Was Your Biggest Struggle(s) On Your Medical Journey (Prior To Working With The Med Ignite Coaching Program)?

Tanya: Spending hours and hours listening to lectures. Not knowing how to develop a study schedule nor allocating time. In addition, not knowing how to study effectively.

LT: Sound familiar? I know I’ve said something like this before :D. But similar to many of us – Tanya was struggling. She had failed many of her recent exams or barely passed. 

The stress level was building but she has a fun background in boxing – and knew from that experience that with some right coaching – she could start making the right “swings” in her studying. 

And that’s exactly what we did together. We focused on what she was doing that was a waste of time – and had her double down on the best strategies she was enjoying!

That’s why she was able to get results like this within just a week of working together!

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What Had You Tried Before?

Tanya: EVERYTHING! Re listening to lecture, taking tedious notes to only burn myself out and wanting to throw my laptop.

LT: This is why I often tell my students that it’s not so much about the technique but instead the approach on how you think about learning. 

We all believe that a certain study strategy is going to make a difference. Really – you just have to look at each piece of information as a possible detail you need to remember for the test. And then throw that into a system that can help you do that. 

That’s exactly what we do using our 6-step study system here and our 1-on-1 coaching program here. 

How Did You Feel Dealing With These Struggles?

Tanya: Ineffective. Broke my esteem. In all honesty – feeling unworthy of pursuing medicine.

LT: Ever feel like you’re on a path that you’re not good enough for? I know I’m raising my hand right now. 

It happens. Medicine is difficult. 

And not getting the grades you want – despite working your butt off – can take a toll on you. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of doing it!

Tanya needed (like most of us) some direction and confidence building. 

And that’s exactly why she can walk out of a final and do this. 

Why Was It So Important For You To Solve These Obstacles On Your Journey?

Tanya: Could not continue this road of ineffective studying. I realized the methods I’ve used previously would not sustain me in PA school . I needed direction and guidance for the studying methods I implemented to be critiqued and fine-tuned.

LT: Now while getting the grades is not everything – it surely is super important. 

For one – you need to do well enough to be competitive in your future applications.  Your grades need to be up there!

But as Tanya mentioned, you also need to learn how to study NOW so you can be effective when things get busier later on. 

So if you’re early in your medical journey – now is the time to get your studying right. 

When we work with students 1-on-1 we show them how to study in any situation – even after they’re done working with us. 

Can You Share What Grades Or Scores You Were Seeing Before The Med Ignite Program?

Tanya: Yes – check them out below!

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What Was Your Experience Through The Med Ignite Coaching Program?

Tanya: Better grades, less stress. Having a coach allowed me to capitalize of my strong suits with less study hours. I have more time with my husband, going to the gym, relaxing and serving within my community.

LT: As I mentioned above – Tanya had a background in boxing. She was used to being coached. 

This is what made our time together so fun! She was always willing to take feedback and get right to work in implementing it. 

And as you can see above – her results were awesome!

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What Surprised You The Most (If Anything)?

Tanya: Minor adjustments made a HUGE difference.

LT: There’s a nice analogy I really enjoy of how big of a difference small 1-degree changes can make. 

Imagine steering a boat in the ocean – a small 1-degree change left or right can make the difference between finding a beautiful island vs. being stranded forever. 

Often our studying is the same. 

We often don’t need to do a full correction – just small adjustments to make sure we hit our target. 

That’s exactly what we created a 6-step formula for improving your grade. Each step is designed to help you determine what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and what you can be doing even better to get results ASAP!

Learn more about the 6-step study program here. 

What Change Did You See In Your Confidence Through Your Coaching Experience?

Tanya: I felt at ease and there was zero anxieties going into test day.

LT: When’s the last time you’ve been able to go into test day without zero anxiety? I’ll just leave it at that 😀

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What Was The Biggest Lesson(s) You Learned After Your Time With The Med Ignite Program?

Tanya: He’s the G.O.A.T! It was wonderful to have an extra set of eyes to really assess my studying habits. Minor adjustments made huge improvements. Dr. Trivedi is humble in every way. He is there to guide you with the necessary tools to make you at your most optimal to perform academically.

LT: In all reality – all the success our program has is a testament to the hard work of our students and not me. But if you’re interested in working with us – click here. 

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What Advice Would You Give To Other Students In Similar Situations As Yours?

Tanya: This program is amazing. I went from a mid /C – student to be at the top 17 % . My grades have improved drastically. Honesty, what is there to lose ? Invest in your future

LT: I like Tanya’s words here – invest. 

We invest in stocks, real estate, and splurges – but often we don’t invest in just learning how to learn. 

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Want more proof and results from our past students?

Check out some more results below!

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