Want Better Grades Without Studying Long Hours Or Excess Stress?

Dear stressed out student,

I know you’re looking for answers. 

Answers on how to get better grades. 

Since you’re here I’m going to assume a few things about you…

1. You are not happy with your grades

2. You have likely tried other “magic” strategies that were supposed to work – but didn’t

3. You have tried all the best resources and tips. But nada. Grades are still not improving. 

And you likely have put in the hours. 

So much so that you literally have nothing more to give. 

You’re tired. 



And really freaking tired of the constant doubt and guilt of not getting the grades you want. 

But here’s the things …

… no there’s no magic way to get better grades. 


Yep! But that’s a good thing. 

Means that you may study different than genius Sam or Snobby Jim across the lecture hall. 

But you can still get the results they have and that you’ve always wanted. 

In fact what if I told you that you could get the grades you always wanted…

While spending less time than you are right now!

Less stress?

Less anxiety?

And still better grades.

Sound interesting?

You’re in the right place friend…

Does This Sound Familiar?

Imagine A World Where You...

Imagine If You Could Learn How To...

Want Results Like This?

Ready To Create Your Perfect Study System?

Introducing Level Up Your Studying 3.0

Get Better Grades Using Just 3 Simple Steps!

Level Up Your Studying

What is level Up YOur Studying?

A Full Study Rehab Program Personalized To You So You create your perfect study system!

What You'll Learn!

Step 1: Everything Wrong With Your Studying

Let’s Face It – Your Studying Isn’t Get It Done. Let’s Identify The Most Common Holes And Pitfalls In Your Studying So We Know Exactly What To Fix First! Be Ready For Some Shockers On Where You Can Make Some Serious Improvements

Know Exactly WHat You Have TO Fix With Our Study Audit Tool

Step 2: Basic Principles To 10X Your Studying

Now that you know everything that is wrong with your studying. Let’s lay the ground work of how to build it back up from the ashes and make it successful using 10X study principles!

Step 3: 10X Study Methods You Need To KNow ABout

Ready to take your studying to another level? Learn about some of the most effective study methods that we’ve developed over the past 6+ years of working with med students 1-on-1! Watch over our shoulders as we show you step-by-step (using easy to download templates) how to study like the top students and still study less!

Step 4: how TO Master Your TIme Like A Pro

If you’re tired of not having any free time – we’re going to guarantee you’ll have at least an hour more each day (at least) to spend on your favorite activities, hobbies, and people! (Like napping! :D)

Step 5: Achieve Unstoppable Momentum & Motivation

No longer interested in school or what you’re learning? Learn exactly how the top students remain motivated and keep the “snowball effect” working for their momentum with easy to apply strategies. 

Step 6: Create your perfect study system step-by-step

Pick & choose from your favorite study strategies and principles & learn how to create your perfect study system, evaluate, plan, and improve each week and month! No more jumping from technique to technique – you’re going to see progress and make even more each day and week!

Results That Speak For Themselves

Kristyn T

2nd year Med Student

You have no idea how much this helped me! I was studying near 8-10 hours per day and am now going strong at just under 4 hours! No one teaches how to study like this. Thank you so much Lakshya! (:

Margo B

1st year Med Student

The Level Up course pushed me to focus on HOW I learn. It further exposed me to a myriad of study techniques with an emphasis on efficiency and space repetition. This course was extremely helpful for me since I did not have a study method before entering medical school.

What Our Students Say

You have no idea how much this helped me! I was studying near 8-10 hours per day and am now going strong at just under 4 hours! No one teaches how to study like this. Thank you so much Lakshya! (:
Kristyn T
2nd Year Med Student
Wow, wow, wow! I love the step-by-step approach of the course! Thank you for sharing a variety of techniques! I already feel much more relaxed!
Charles B
2nd Year Med Student
Thank you so much for putting this program together!!! You have already helped me see several weak spots in my study system so far. This is the strategy I could never quite find anywhere else!
Tina T.
1st Year Med Student
Can't thank you enough for making this course, one week in and my areas of weakness have been made clear and I have identified what techniques and tools I must use instead of wasting my entire getting very little accomplished!
Samuel S.
1st Year Med Student
After seeing my problem areas in my study system, I started to make some dramatic changes! Before this was me... after class I was studying until 10-11 in the evening (about 6 hours). After the course, the number is closer to 3.5! I highly recommend the course.
Timothy B.
1st Year Med Student
Fantastic guidance for how I can maximize learning from each lecture. It’s been really useful for giving me a better work-life balance.
Andrew W
2nd Year Med Student
I am a father of 2 and really hoping to streamline my studies to be more efficient and also perform very well. I feel the Level Up Your Studying program has already began to point me in the right direction to make it happen.
Brandon L
2nd Year Med Student
I'm just started PA school this semester and am already studying faster than my friends with better grades!
Jenny W.
1st Year PA Student
With the help of your course (this is a dream course for any student), I am really determined to improve my study system!
Rachel K
2nd Year Med Student
Awesome course, systematic breakdown. I loved how the theme of each week was insightful and guiding in a non-threatening way. Have shared with many friends! Helpful for any undergrad student!
Carol D
1st Year Med Student
The level up course pushed me to focus on HOW I learn. It further exposed me to a myriad of study techniques with an emphasis on efficiency and space repetition. This course was extremely helpful for me since I did not have a study method before entering medical school.
Margo B
1st Year Med Student
I really appreciate the Level up course! I implemented some of the strategies and got my highest exam score yet. I like how varied the course is and is presented. It gives options and the flexibility to change or tweak things.
Andy T.
2nd Year Med Student
It helped me save time and be more productive when viewing lectures online.
Kris M.
1st Year Med Student
This is a phenomenal resource that I wish I started using sooner! It's like a supportive friend has compiled and organized the most comprehensive and easy to understand advice , and is giving it all to you. I really appreciate the time that went into creating these resources. It's very clear that they've been built by someone who understands the process intimately and who only wants to make the MD journey easier for others 🙂
Abby G
1st Year Med Student
It gave me some helpful hints for studying.
Evan B
1st Year Med Student
The Studying Course further helped me to address this issue, although I must admit my motivation wanes in the darkest hours, making it difficult to maintain the schedule I set myself. The course is a priceless resource and I have recommended both it and the books to other individuals who were struggling in my year.
Tran T
1st Year Med Student
I have tried 10+ study methods gathered over the internet, from my classmates, and even from other books regarding using Anki to study for medical school. So far your system, from the Level Up Your Studying course, has worked best for me and it has led to a significant increase in my grades and confidence.
Rachael B.
1st Year Med Student
I can finally see how wrong I was studying before. Thank you for the over the shoulder examples. They were really helpful. Looking forward to a much better semester! ( :
Amanda M.
1st Year Med Student
I halved my studying time and finally jumped from a high B student to an A student! Thank you!!
Ashley O.
1st Year Med Student
I really loved how you walked through what each technique would actually look like in action as well as a weekly schedule to follow! It made it way easier to imagine how I could incorporate these techniques into my routine.
Elisa A
1st Year Med Student
I enjoyed the variety of study techniques offered in this course! Also, I was great to have the ability to make a custom plan for what works for you - SO VERSATILE.
Priya P.
3rd Year Med Student
I loved learning about all the new techniques. Really liked how you showed example study schedules with each!
Hussain L
1st Year Med Student
I really loved how you walked through what each technique would actually look like in action as well as a weekly schedule to follow! It made it way easier to imagine how I could incorporate these techniques into my routine.
Robert M
1st Year Med Student
This course made it so much easier to only spend time on the methods that work! Thanks for all your help!
Pierce J
1st Year Med Student
I think what makes your modules different from other study technique modules/videos/articles I have come across is that you literally guides through even the smallest steps and mistakes so it's a lot easier to understand and apply them as soon as possible in studying.
Ashley T
1st Year Med Student
I really enjoyed how you specifically walked us through how to use these techniques, and mostly the scheduling. Time-management is an issue for me so it is nice to see a suggested break down.
Anna K
1st Year Med Student
Game changer for someone like me who is very critical and has a perfectionist mindset (although this is probably 99% of all med students). Excited to try the Abundance checklist. I really think it'll help maintain a positive mindset and keep me motivated/confident that I can continue to do well in school.
Emma W
1st Year Med Student
Great modules, I'm very impressed! Thanks for your help, L!
Briana B
1st Year Med Student
I am now seeing that I should avoid high impact tasks outside of my optimal timing. I've also realized that the work tasks I planned for myself throughout the week were unrealistic and missing structure. I'm also realizing the value of rest days throughout the week, and that my productivity is greatly affected by poor sleep. Thanks !
Chirs K
3rd Year Med Student
I have B's & A's on my exams thanks to this course. Thank you for helping simplify each step. I'm studying less and excited to start 2nd year with these strategies.
Kristen W
1st Year Med Student

I've Been There...

My Story:

Hi, I’m Dr. Lakshya Trivedi

I’ve been there too.

You know – that dark place in medical school which include the…

…Long hours.

Grades…not where I wanted them to be. 

Stress higher than some of my patient’s blood pressure. 

A severe lack of motivation. And an excess of doubt. 

There had to be a better way to be a successful student..

…without spending 8+ hours a day. Kissing up to my attendings. 

Or trying to convince my self that I just needed to “push through”

When I started, I was easily spending 8-10 hours a day studying!

I thought that was normal! (Little did I know)

But my grades didn’t reflect my effort. 

I was barely passing my exams. I felt helpless and like an imposter!

I couldn’t seem to remember anything. Maybe I just wasn’t smart enough!

Sound familiar? 

But after I finished feeling sorry for myself, I started to make some changes and here’s what I learned!



At least mine was. 

Here’s the problem…

I was spending too much time on YouTube, Forums, Reddit, etc. looking to see how others studied. 

But they were never perfect for me!

Back when I was studying like the traditional student, I used to dread my daily study “grind”. 

I was used to 8-10 hours filled with study activities I thought I had to do.

Reading the syllabus? Of course – can’t afford to miss anything right?

Go to or listen to a lecture? No way I’m missing out on that.

Creating outlines of lecture notes. Best way to put all the information in one place right?

And even though I was likely on my third cup of coffee or another Monster for the day – I had to actually review all that darn information.

Oh and what about studying for medical board exams?

Need to make some time for that in my schedule.

And just to make sure I cover my basis – better try this study resource all my classmates are using.

Can’t afford to miss out.

This was my daily med school schedule.

  • 2 Hours reading the syllabus
  • 3 hours going to class
  • 1-2 hours creating my outlines
  • 2 hours reviewing my notes
  • 1 hour studying for board exams or an upcoming test
  • Bed (5-6 hours)
  • Repeat

I was tired, losing weight, and unhappy.

But I guess this is what it takes to be a medical professional right?


Thankfully I had a little bit of self-respect for myself and my sanity and asked myself …

… is there a better way?

How could I study better in half the time?

I starting asking questions that changed the game for me.

  • What if the test was tomorrow – what would I need to focus on?
  • If I had only 1 hour to learn the information – how would I do it?
  • How could I cut my studying by half?
  • What would my studying look like if I cut my study day off at 6 PM every day?

And all of a sudden, everything started to make sense.

Right in front of me, I could see my new study system coming to life!

My studying was now going to work WITH me instead of against me.

You see the equation to studying correctly is simple!

It’s all about getting from:

A -> B -> C

As frictionless as possible!

Anything that gets in the way – time to say goodbye to. 

And that helps move us closer to our finish line – keep doing more of that!

Now, what exactly A -> B -> C looks like will be different between you and me. 

You need to create your perfect version.

Your perfect study system. 

By building your perfect study system first (around techniques that are motivating and impactful for you), the hardest part of studying is already done!

You see I learned (although it took some time) that Reddit and YouTube search for “How To Study In Medical School” wasn’t going to be enough to save my struggling butt.

Take a look at these results:

There are tons of videos on YouTube to learn how to study, right?

True. I mean, literally thousands!

But here’s the problem. 

Everyone was sharing what worked for them!

Not me. 

I needed something perfect for how I learned!

I needed a personalized study system!

And sure enough – with some time – I was able to develop that system.

The results?

I used this system to …

Graduate med school with a 3.9 GPA

Crushed my medical board exams.

And got into my number one choice for residency!

Now before I go on… I KNOW what you’re thinking:

“What’s this magical study system?”

“Will it work for me?”

Let me stop your right there…

You see it’s not about what worked for me that you care about.

You really want to know how to find your perfect study system!

I get it. You’re tired of spending hours without seeing anything but stress.

You want results!

And I have just the way to help you get those results now and for the long haul!

The best part? I’m going to show you how you to do it perfectly for your own situation!

What would it be worth to you if you could…

Stop running around … hopping from one study resource and method to another and finally have everything you need to create a study system that works perfectly for you?

Finally, start to see those grades you always wanted without having to spend hours of burnout to get them?

Actually have some free time for yourself since your studying doesn’t take all of your life. 

Develop life-long skills on how to best learn that no one can ever take from you so you can dominate every future exam that comes your way!

And gain some confidence that you are good enough and you’ll be an amazing doctor. 

This is the opportunity in front of you today.

To finally achieve game-changing results with a study system that is perfect for you. 

Make the decision to invest in yourself today… I promise you that you’re worth it.

Results Using LUYS 3.0 Methods

"This Is Life Changing For Me"

"Best Score By Far!... I'm In Shock"

"Can't Believe How Much I Retained And How Well I Did On My Last 3 Quizzes! I'm Shocked!"

"I Finally Did Good!"

"I'm Doing So Much better!"

"You Have No Idea How Relaxed I Feel Right Now"

"I Saved 2-3 Hours Of Studying A Day. I'm really Surprised!"

"I Have Never Felt So Prepared For An Exam"

"Most Productive Day I have Ever Had"

"Best Investment I Have Made In Med School"

TheMDJourney was the best investment I have made in medical school. Throughout my first year of school, I struggled to find a consistent way to study. Every other week I was changing my study method. Even though I was getting good grades, I had absolutely no free time, felt like I wasn’t retaining material and was constantly stressed. Lakshya helped hone my study methods, shared his success with Anki and as a result, I had my best block in medical school. On top of excelling in the classroom, I took time off from studying without feeling guilty about it. If you are on the fence about this program, you should absolutely go for it.
2nd Year Med Student

Better Grades After Just 1 Coaching Call!

The first coaching call went very well. I feel equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed in my next block of courses. Thank you for answering all my questions and concerns so thoroughly. I like the customized google calendar that you sent me.
Masters Student

"I Feel Like I'm Actually Finally Studying"

"I can already tell the difference"

First coaching session was awesome, was only expecting it to be a little bit of an introduction and some general recommendations, however I got so much more than that! Only a few days in to applying Lakshya's ideas, and I can already tell the difference. Stress levels reduced and productivity increasing already
International Medical Student

"i had a shift!"

"When I started MD1 I was all over the place. I would compare it to learning how to swim for the first time and you re trying to tread water. Lakshya helped me put the pieces together. Outside of medical school I would say I’m a disciplined and structured person by nature. However, for some reason I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Maybe it was shock and the unbelief of the unrealistic expectations medical institutions have of students.

I wasn’t really sure if his program would work but I gave it a chance because I really had nothing to lose. Lakshya helped me track how I was spending my time and study efforts. I took that along with his method of how many times you should be seeing material and was able to create a practical blueprint for what I should be doing every day. Imagine someone writing you tailored instructions on how to get through medical school from day one or whatever semester you are in. What mattered to me the most was that I didn’t feel judged nor was there ever a moment where he made me feel like I couldn’t improve my grades.

There were some coaching sessions where I had literally pulled myself together just enough to be able to say I had a bad week. “I remember him saying to me you’re right there, you’re just above what you need to see improvement”, that’s when I had a shift! It’s really reassuring to know that if I have a question I have the ear of a doctor and I really needed that since being an online student in medical school has been somewhat isolating. "
1st Year Med Student

"Dr. Trivedi Is Amazing So Far"

Dr. Trivedi is amazing so far. Just in our first session alone, Dr. Trivedi carefully listened to my experiences as a medical student - and he took a genuine interest in identifying my struggles as a student. Based on my experience, he was able to move forward with meaningful and manageable plan for improving my studying and time efficiency. I am excited to continue working together.
1st Year Med Student

"If You're On The Fence, You'll be glad you did"

"Dr. Trivedi was extremely friendly and helpful during our conversation. The same thoughtful and compassionate demeanor that shines through his videos is what you get during a 1-on-1 with him. Take the jump and commit to using TheMDJourney’s services if you’re on the fence, you’ll be glad you did!"
Kevin M
3rd Year Med Student

After Just One Coaching Call!

Coaching is going great thus far. With this being my first coaching call, i felt that it went tremendously smooth. I really felt like you was being very attentive and actively trying to come up with a suggestion that you felt would best suit me, which I really appreciated. Overall, I have the utmost confidence that this coaching process is going to go very smoothly.
2nd Year Med Student
My study system has improved tremendously since being involved with TheMDJourney. It gave me a more solidified direction and confidence in the way I approach my studying. The biggest thing for me was understanding what I was doing wrong and why my approach didn’t get the results I wanted. Once that was identified through this program, the rest was history.
Allison D.
Pre-Med Student

Got Into His #1 Residency Choice!

I matched to my #1 in an EXTREMELY competitive residency. Sifting through board scores is one part of the equation, but your programs gave me inside info I needed that set me apart as a prospective resident.
Max M.
4th Year Med Student

"Your system has worked The best for me"

After mind mapping, taking notes on the computer, taking notes on a tablet, pre-reading lecture notes, making diagrams, I was lost on how to study because each method was simply too time consuming. Your methods from these books and course are working for me and giving me hope that having a life in medical school is possible! I have tried 10+ study methods gathered over the internet, from my classmates, and even from other books to study for medical school. So far your system has worked best for me and it has led to a significant increase in my grades and confidence.
Frank Y.
2nd Year Med Student

He's Studying Less than 5 hours a day

Working with Lakshya, is one of the best investments I've ever made in my education. Over the course of the coaching we were able to constantly improve my study strategies and time-management skills. While working with Lakshya, my grades were able to go from slightly above average, to scoring in the 90s on my exams and doing so while studying less than 5 hours per day
Jordan Y.
1st Year Med Student

Why The LUYS 3.0 Program Works!

Not only does the LUYS 3.0 progarm include the methods that led me to go from …

  • 10 hours a day of studying to 5 hours each day
  • C’s to consistent high B’s and A’s

But it didn’t just work for me!

After coaching nearly 50 medical students 1-on-1 I quickly realized something. 

Every student benefited from maximizing three important phases of their studying. 

What are those?

  1. Acquire Information Faster
  2. Jump Into Review Quickly, Predictably, And Often
  3. Minimize Your Weak Points To Increase Confidence Before Exam

Any time a student could master not just one – but all three of these…

… game over. 

Their grades skyrocketed. 

Their confidence was at an all time high. 

And they knew how to study without my help. 

Now coaching students 1-on-1 is not cheap. My 1-on-1 students each pay a few thousand to work with myself and my team on a daily and weekly basis. 

And it takes a lot of time. 

But what if you could get the same results – without spending thousands for 1-on-1 time

and still get all of the results!


That’s exactly what LUYS 3.0 will do. 

Step-by-step high-yield strategies that have led to the best results in our 1-on-1 coaching students. 

Real question is – are you ready?

Ready to get better grades?

More free time?

Less stress?

And finally, enjoy being a medical student again? (or for the first time?)

Sign up for LUYS program below (you’ll be given immediate access to the LUYS 3.0).

What's Included IN The Level Up Your Studying PrograM?

Entire LEvel Up Your Studying Program

(Value $499)

  • Get Access to Over 6 Modules, 50 Video Lessons, And Step-By-Step Study Methods To Take Your Studying To Next Level

10X Study Methods

(Value $199)

  • Access To Library Of Step-by-step study techniques that top students are using to study less and get better grades & retention

Study Audit WOrksheet

(Value $49)

  • Create a personalized study plan using our customizable study tracker & Optimizer Worksheet

Study Ticket Coaching

(Value $999)

  • Want direct feedback on your studying, time management, test prep, and strategy? Use our ticket system to ask your questions and get personalized feedback to your biggest study problems!

Study Office Hours

(Value $1999)

  • Want live study coaching? Join us for our twice a month office hours to ask your questions and learn with immediate feedback/Strategies. 

Studying Q&A Library

(Value $99)

  • Learn From Everyone’s Questions Regarding Studying Through Our Growing Library Of Study Q&A Topics From Other Top Performing Med Students

Time Mastery Course

(Value $199)

  • Learn How To 10X Your Productivity In Just 2 Days Using our 10 Step Formula
  • No Longer Have To Say “I Have No Free Time” In Medical School 

STress To Success Program

(Value $199)

  • Stressed Out? Running Low On Your Motivation? You’re In Luck – Get Our 9 Step Course To Become A Relaxed, Laid Back, And Motivated Student
  • Learn How The Top Students Manage Their Stressful Lives With Unique Tips And Step-By-Step Strategies

Entire Med School Course Library

(Value $2999)

  • Access All Of Our Step-By-Step Courses And Workshops For Every Phases Of Your Medical Journey
    • Getting Into Med School
    • Crushing USMLE Step 1 
    • Being An Honor Student On Rotations
    • Write Your Perfect Personal Statment
    • Crush Step 2 CK and Step 3 
    • Become A Rockstar Doctor In Residency
    • And So Much More…

Total Value: $7241

Sign Up and Level Up Your Studying For A Steal!

Take Your Studying To The Next Level. No More Waiting Around Hoping You’ll Figure It Out!

Take The Leap Now!

Level Up Your Studying Core Program

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  • Access To The Entire LUYS 3.0 Program
  • Downloadable Study Audit Worksheet
  • Time Mastery Pro Training
  • Stress To Success Training
  • 365 Superstar Guarantee

Level Up Your Studying Core Premium Program

$ $497 Or 4 Payments Of $149
  • Everything In LUYS 3.0 Core Program
  • Study Ticket Coaching System
  • Access To Study Office Hours
  • Entire Med School Course Library
  • 365 Superstar Guarantee
Best Value