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What Our Students Say

You have no idea how much this helped me! I was studying near 8-10 hours per day and am now going strong at just under 4 hours! No one teaches how to study like this. Thank you so much Lakshya! (:
Kristyn T
2nd Year Med Student
Wow, wow, wow! I love the step-by-step approach!Thank you for sharing a variety of techniques! I already feel much more relaxed!
Charles B
2nd Year Med Student
Thank you so much for putting this program together!!! You have already helped me see several weak spots in my study system so far. This is the strategy I could never quite find anywhere else!
Tina T.
1st Year Med Student
Can't thank you enough for making these courses, one week in and my areas of weakness have been made clear and I have identified what techniques and tools I must use instead of wasting my entire getting very little accomplished!
Samuel S.
1st Year Med Student
After seeing my problem areas in my study system, I started to make some dramatic changes! Before this was me... after class I was studying until 10-11 in the evening (about 6 hours). After the course, the number is closer to 3.5! I highly recommend the course.
Timothy B.
1st Year Med Student
Fantastic guidance for how I can maximize learning from each lecture. It’s been really useful for giving me a better work-life balance.
Andrew W
2nd Year Med Student
I am a father of 2 and really hoping to streamline my studies to be more efficient and also perform very well. I feel the Level Up Your Studying program has already began to point me in the right direction to make it happen.
Brandon L
2nd Year Med Student
I'm just started PA school this semester and am already studying faster than my friends with better grades!
Jenny W.
1st Year PA Student
With the help of your course (this is a dream course for any student), I am really determined to improve my study system!
Rachel K
2nd Year Med Student