Medical Schools that don't require the mcat

Medical Schools That Don’t Require The MCAT [Full List]

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You may get surprised when I tell you that there are medical schools that don’t require the MCAT. Since the MCAT can be challenging, it’s understandable that some aspiring medical students may want to skip it.

The MCAT is a computer-based examination that determines your qualifications and readiness for med school. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) developed it to measure whether you have what it takes to build a successful career in medicine.

There are different ways to get into a medical school without going through the MCAT. Keep on reading to know more about this and which schools offer an MCAT-free application process.

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List Of Medical Schools That Don’t Require The MCAT

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St. George’s University

Founded in 1976, St. George’s University is an independent school of medicine located in Grenada, West Indies. It has three other campuses offering quality and accessible education in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

This school offers a BS/MD Dual Degree Program where you can take your undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science), then proceed directly to finishing your Doctor of Medicine. 

Aside from the typical graduate requirements, you will have to formally submit an application for admission into SGU’s School of Medicine. You must also present a graduate addendum to explain some weaknesses you may have in your records. 

Then, it will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee for your requested program. When accepted, you will be invited for an interview

University Of Alabama School Of Medicine

As stated from the 2022 US News rankings for the best graduate schools, UAB’s School of Medicine is ranked number 32 for the best medical school for research and number 17 for primary care.

The University of Alabama School of Medicine offers EMSAP or the Early Medical School Acceptance Program, where dedicated students can apply in their senior year in high school. This project is available for dental, medical, and optometry programs. 

Applicants must have a minimum score of 1360 in their SAT and at least a 3.50 GPA. To be qualified, they must also have taken four years of English and mathematics, a year for biology, and one year of physics or chemistry in their high school.  

The number of students they accept varies per year, but the medical program only takes in up to 20 students. So, make sure to check with this school first for slot availability before applying.

medical schools that don't require the mcat

California Northstate University College Of Medicine

For students committed to taking a career in medicine, the California Northstate University College of Medicine is a good pick in achieving this goal. This university is committed to giving excellent education to produce graduates with competent skills in healthcare. 

California Northstate University offers a BS/MD pathway to provide opportunities for high school students interested in CNU’s medical degree program. Unlike UAB, this school offers accelerated undergraduate coursework and MD for qualified applicants, lasting six to eight years. 

Once you get accepted, you will begin your undergraduate studies. You’ll do this while also finishing your prerequisites to meet the requirements for the BS/MD program. 

CNU also requires students accepted in this combined degree program to attend and participate in several activity programs set by the College of Medicine. 

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Howard University College of Medicine

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive school, how about considering Howard University College of Medicine? This school has a dual degree program where applicants can enjoy six years of combined BS and MD degrees instead of the traditional eight years. Only a limited number of students get accepted each year.

Howard University College of Medicine will require applicants for the BS/MD program to have at least a 3.25 GPA for science-related subjects and a minimum of 3.50 overall GPA. Of course, the higher your score will result in better chances of getting in. 

To get in, you will need to pass the interview with flying colors and present strong letters of recommendation

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The State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University

SUNY Upstate Medical University is the first on our list that offers both Early Assurance and a BS/MD Program. This institution ranked 17th among Forbes’ 2021 list of the Best Employers in America

The State University of New York offers an Early Assurance Program where selected students may enjoy a guaranteed admission or early acceptance into the medical program they’re interested in. However, it doesn’t exempt you from taking the MCAT

Another opportunity offered by SUNY is their UAS or Upstate Accelerated Scholars program which is intended for students who wish to direct their education into a more medically inclined path. 

If accepted, you will enjoy a guaranteed acceptance into SUNY’s College of Medicine after completing your undergraduate studies. As long as you submit all requirements in this program, you will no longer need to take the MCAT

Albany Medical College

Like SUNY, Albany Medical College also has two programs available for students who have a passion for healthcare. The first one is the Early Assurance Program (EAP), where MCAT is waived to qualified applicants.

To get into this program, you will need a grade requirement of at least a 3.50 GPA for biology, physics, chemistry, and math subjects. You must also attain a minimum of 3.50 for a cumulative GPA

You are also required to have at least two science sequences completed by the end of your second year. Lastly, you have to participate in relevant extracurricular activities in the institution, such as doing research, volunteering, community outreach, and so on. 

Albany Medical College also provides its prospective students with combined undergrad and graduate programs. However, they only accept students with strong academic records, so be prepared for that. 

Depending on your chosen graduate program, the credit requirement can vary from 138 to 193 credits.

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University Of Rochester

Don’t like bigger universities? Then, the University of Rochester may just be for you. 

With just a little over 4500 undergraduates, this institution is one of the smallest among America’s top research colleges. On top of that, they also have an Early Assurance Program for students in their sophomore year. 

The University of Rochester requires an overall 3.60 or higher GPA, recommendation letters, and a minimum of 60 credits remaining to finish the Spelman degree. Also, having relevant experiences such as research, volunteer work, and clinical-related activities are required. 

Pretty much anything to make your application look good is recommended. If accepted, you won’t have to take the MCAT anymore. 

University Of Toledo College Of Medicine And Life Sciences

As of this writing, only a few institutions offer the Flexible Admission Program. It will grant you an acceptance to medical school without needing to fulfill prerequisite courses. 

It means that you can now enjoy other fields of study in your undergraduate degree. You don’t have to worry about what subjects you must go through because you already know that you’re going straight into medical school after graduation. 

The University of Toledo requires interested students to partake in the College of Medicine’s activities during the summer of their last two years of undergraduate studies

In return, these programs are beneficial to the students as they give necessary information about the campus, community, and the MD program.  

medical schools that don't require the mcat

Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

Another institution with the Flexible Admission Program is the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, formerly known as the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. A leader in medical and scientific education, this school has been around since 1963. 

Icahn School of Medicine offers what they call the FlexMed Admission Program. As stated in the name, it will allow you to “flex” your humanistic, creative, intellectual, and scientific skills during college

You can apply for this at the end of your sophomore year. If accepted, you’ll go through your third year knowing that you just secured a spot for yourself at the Icahn’s School of Medicine. If that isn’t enough, it also exempts you from the MCAT and traditional pre-med requirements.

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University Of Florida College of Medicine

At the time of this writing, only the University of Florida College of Medicine offers the Medical Honors Program. It is like a BS/MD combined degree program and you can apply for it at the end of your second year in college. 

Then, you will go through the following year (which the UF also calls the “Honors Year”) with research, academic, and service constituents. You will be matriculated into the University of Florida College of Medicine in that same year upon completing your honor requirements. 

This one is different from the dual degree program because the university only takes highly talented students and prepares them for their future in medical school. 

UF exposes these students to different fields in clinical medicine. It gives the students the chance to think about which branch of medicine they would like to focus on. 

The Medical Honors Program also includes leadership training that will teach them the importance of responsibility, especially inside the operating room. 

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How To Get Into Medical School Without The MCAT

For more than 90 years, many schools have used the MCAT as a requirement to get into a medical degree program. If you didn’t pass the MCAT, most universities wouldn’t even invite you for an interview. 

The following are available programs to help you get into med school without taking up the MCAT:

BS/MD or BA/MD Program 

It is a combined program where you take your undergraduate and medical degrees in just one school. 

However, you won’t be considered a medical student right away. The first three to four years into this program are filled with liberal arts requirements and core classes to help you get ready for the MD part of the program. 

Once you pass your undergraduate prerequisites, you’ll gradually shift into the traditional curriculum for medicine. Depending on the school you’re eyeing, some will require a high GPA, extracurriculars, and job experience matters as well. 

Early Assurance Program 

EAP grants you an early acceptance into your chosen medical school. You can apply to this program by the end of your second year or the beginning of your third-year undergraduate degree. 

Just like the earlier option, EAP is very competitive. It often accepts academically talented students with a high GPA, excellent extracurriculars, and those who took core biology classes

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Flexible Admission Program

Like the EAP, an institution will grant the Flexible Admission Program to students who do not meet the standard requirements for admission, but the experiences made outside the classroom are deemed relevant. 

This program accepts students from any field of academic studies such as biomedical science, humanities and social sciences, and even engineering-related courses. As of this writing, only two schools offer this program

Medical Honors Program

Lastly, the Medical Honors Program is only offered by the University of Florida College of Medicine at the moment. It is a combined BS/MD Program that lasts up to 7 years. 

The selection process for this program requires college coursework, extracurricular activities, job experiences (if there are any), and medical or non-medical volunteering work. The university will also need a GPA of at least 3.7 and higher on math and science-related subjects.

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Medical school takes so long to complete because it ensures that you will be capable enough to handle a person’s life, and that’s no joke. Knowing which medical schools do not require the MCAT doesn’t mean you’re taking a shortcut in your education. 

Skipping the MCAT may be difficult, but it can also be convenient for some students that really want to be medical professionals. Check out the schools we mentioned above and see what works well with your situation.

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