Using Mini Resolutions to Conquer 2018 (January 2018)

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I didn’t write this post on January 1st on purpose. Everyone sets resolutions, and most of us break it by January 2nd. Instead, I wanted to create a clever way of revamping 2018 without the disappointment of quickly screwing up my resolutions. This is why this year I’m using mini resolutions.

What are mini resolutions? Most of my original readers remember my 20-day challenges. My most popular one was waking up at 4:30 AM every day. You can read about those experience here.

I loved those challenges. They were short enough not to feel overwhelming yet long enough to develop some great habits. I still wake up at 4:30 most days!

But I did become bored of going from goal to goal. Some became challenging, and others were too easy. Also, I didn’t like doing goal one at a time.

So this year I’ve created the mini resolution plan. Every month I will update and add small habits I want to add or get rid of.

Each month I will update how successful I’ve been at each one. I want to commit to these goals for the whole year. Thus I’m picking goals carefully.

Here are my mini resolutions for 2018 thus far. I will add to these goals every month.

Read a book a week – (Currently have finished 6 – Head Strong, Still Alice, On Writing Well, and Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, I Am Malala, Hooked) 

Eat a salad every other day – I’m a picky vegetarian but doing well with this goal.

Don’t drink soda all year – 20+ days in and still holding steady.

Create social media pages for the website – Hopefully will accomplish by the end of January.

Begin a Pre-Med Section to TheMDJourney – Released my first post as of this writing. Read about how hard medical school really is here. More to come soon!

Release a new newsletter to subscribers every two weeks – Need to set up a new system given all the new subscribers to the blog. Will do by the end of January.

As you can see some of these goals are one time events while others are meant for all of 2018. I intend on making them public, so I’m more motivated to accomplish them. By putting myself out there, I’m hoping you keep me accountable!

It’s not too late to create your mini resolutions for 2018. Add to the list every month. Evaluate your progress on your old goals. Be public and vocal to enhance your motivation.

Every month I will post a progress post on my mini resolutions for 2018. I will include small personal goals and big reach for the stars kind of goals. Hope you join me on my journey!

If there is something specific you’d like me to address in a future blog post, comment below or email me at [email protected].

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Until next time, my friend…

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