OnlineMedEd vs Osmosis

OnlineMedEd Vs Osmosis [What’s The Difference?]

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Medical education platforms are plenty on the internet, and in this article, we are going to show you the differences between these two: OnlineMedEd Vs Osmosis. These platforms are able to improve the steep and frazzled learning curve that comes with medical knowledge.

It’s no joke to say that educators and students alike can work better on their learning and teaching materials by availing of plans and bundles on this site. There are remarkable features that these online platforms can provide — read to find out more!

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What Is OnlineMedEd?


This education platform is one of the many resources catered to medical students and healthcare professionals. Dr. Dustyn Williams, a board-certified seasoned Internal Medicine physician, founded this platform to aid medical students in their medical endeavors and to prepare them for standardized examinations.

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 2 CK and Step 3 are significant examples of standardized examinations that medical students around the world take. 

Currently, a dedicated OME team runs the website, which works on uploading efficient learning curricula, improving user experience, and serving learners worldwide with a reliable medical approach. They grow the site’s users and followers with their signature teaching approach, letting them take the business to a global scale. 

In this OnlineMedEd video review, I discuss the different features this site can offer. 

Quality Resource Features

Educational platforms like OnlineMedEd offer users the convenience of easy-to-digest content wrapped in simple curricula that takes a short amount of time to accomplish!

The PACE paradigm elevates students’ educational experience who are undertaking preclinical, clinical, and residency curricula. It includes premium companion nates, audio/video quality content, level-oriented questions, flashcards, and other tons of valuable features to achieve a great learning process. 

Specifically, these features come in the following:


The medical education platform boasts a user-friendly navigation interface, both on mobile and website support. It also produces high-yield content that arranges topics into several fields (i.e., internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry)

Video Lectures

Seasoned professionals deliver OnlineMedEd’s quality-affirming lectures and provide relevant clinical knowledge, patient management strategies, and exam-oriented content for learning. 

Notes And References

Downloadable diagrams and additional visual aids accompany the provided lectures. These enhance comprehension and help with memorization!

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Study Guides

These are summarized rundowns of the video discussions, providing medical students with key takeaways and points from the lectures and assisting them in retaining the study material.

Mobile Access

OnlineMedEd is open on different platforms such as desktop and mobile phones, offering convenience and education from the get-go!

Study Planner

A study schedule is highly essential in delivering results, and OnlineMedEd offers a personalized planner based on the student’s needs and availability. This keeps learners on track with their medical journey. 

Question Bank (QBank)

This significant feature consists of level-based medical questions relevant to the practical inquiry. Moreover, this lets students assess areas of improvement and facilitate their knowledge in real-time medical situations. 

Clinical Rotations

Real-time medical rotations differ significantly from curated vignettes and medical textbooks. This is why OnlineMedEd’s content inclines towards tailored clinical rotations as the foundation for practical knowledge. 


The educational platform takes recognition in Anki flashcards and integrated note sets, offering simple yet-valuable medical resources that are available on hand to medical students. 

Community and Support

The OnlineMedEd site introduces the growing community of users to a community platform where they can ask for and share peer support. This collaborative-friendly feature fosters the kind of learning you can see at Yale School of Medicine!

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Affordable Pricing

In general, OnlineMedEd’s educational platform offers free and premium access to some of its medical resources. Consider visiting the site for an updated listing of their pricing, or see the offers that are present as of the moment: 

  • Annual Plan ($36 per month) – The program bills $429 annually, which previously cost around $780.
  • Six-Month Plan ($42 per month) – The program costs $249 every six months.
  • Three-Month Plan ($50 per month) – The plan charges $149 every three months.
  • Monthly Subscription – The plan charges $65 monthly. 
  • Free-Trial Period – If you’re interested in checking the platform’s features first, you can avail of this five-day free trial, which converts to a monthly subscription after the trial period ends!

Suppose you are interested in a real-time clinical expertise package. In that case, you can avail OnlineMedEd’s Case X program, which offers 12-month access to clinical reasoning with real-time patients — it is an immersive experience while being a safe space for medical experience development. 

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What Is Osmosis?

osmosis logo

On the other hand, Osmosis is another great education platform that centers on health education for both faculty and learners alike. This particular site amasses more than five million learners worldwide and partners with more than 200 institutions worldwide as well. 

This particular platform is already a recipient of various education awards and is vastly recognized for its renowned medical approaches that help medical students in their studies and careers. 

Medical professionals, nurses, and medical students alike use this platform to integrate active learning extensively into their medical journey. Shiv Gaglani and Ryan Haynes from John Hopkins founded the education platform, which has already been successful on many levels!

Learning Made Simple And Effective

Information overload is already a nuisance upon entering medical school, and here’s how Osmosis comes into play: consolidated and structured done-for-you summaries can condense hours of medical lecture into just merely 10 minutes!

The platform arranges resources into different fields and includes expert-reviewed blog postings on various medical topics — enhancing your medical journey with this helpful feature. 

Similar to OnlineMedEd, there are remarkable features that set Osmosis apart from regular, condensed educational platforms and software: 

Video Lectures

Visually engaging lectures keep Osmosis students interested in the platform. While these videos are stimulating, they are also able to convey discussions and points remarkably.

Interactive Case Scenarios

These cases can simulate real-world patient cases that let medical students and those alike examine the patient, formulate sound clinical reasoning, and apply their medical knowledge to the patient’s treatment. 


Osmosis conveniently provides an extensive array of flashcards for the purpose of quick reviews and self-assessments, wherein students are able to reinforce their learnings and work on their weaknesses. 

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Practice Questions

These exist to help students with any material for an exam. It covers any medical topics, and learners can customize the flashcard contents according to their needs. 

Spaced Repetitions

This crucial feature made Osmosis renowned in the academic and learning platform field. The platform creates an algorithm — reviewing topics through regulated intervals to help reinforce the student’s retention of the learning material!

Collaborative Learning

This is also a great feature of Osmosis wherein communities engage in discussions, share peer-to-peer learnings, and establish a constructive learning environment.  

Mobile Access

This versatility allows desktop users to access study resources at any time conveniently. Flexibility and convenience are both present in a learning platform like Osmosis! 

Relevant Coursework

Osmosis ensures that its course contents are updated with the ever-changing discoveries of the medical community, all while ensuring that this complements their learning competencies! Students have access to updated yet efficient learning materials. 

All these features work to create an interactive, dynamic learning experience for Osmosis users to enjoy. 

Suitable Pricing Structure

With all these great features on the way, Osmosis also has extravagantly affordable deals in line for availing users. For more specifications, read the following: 

  • Free Plan – The educational platform grants access to a limited set of resources, such as video lectures, flashcards, and some practice questions, which introduce users to the striking features of the site!
  • Osmosis Prime – This premium subscription entails users choosing between three types of subscriptions, namely: The two-year plan (around $130) that bills every two years, the One-year plan (around $71), and the Six-month plan (around $64). 
  • Free Trial – This option lets users try the premium subscription to Osmosis for a week without the need for a credit card subscription!

Overall, Osmosis subscription exists in a competitive price range that gives it an edge over other online educational platforms. 

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OnlineMedEd Vs Osmosis: What Is The Difference?

Now that we’re finally here, let us discuss the differences and lovely quirks that these educational websites offer to users — as well as distinctive features that potentially availing users will consider in choosing from the two!

An Insightful Breakdown

While the two educational platforms are extremely popular on the internet, there are key differences between the two educational programs. These boil down to the following:

  • Content Focus – OnlineMedEd centers its materials on clinical medicine, rotations, and standardized examinations such as the USMLE Step 2 CK. At the same time, Osmosis offers coverage on a wide range of topics like Basic Sciences and other health-related subjects.
  • Teaching Style – The OnlineMedEd platform adopts Traditional and direct-to-the-point approaches. On the other hand, Osmosis entices users with its interactive, visual teaching style. 
  • Target Audience – OnlineMedEd platform primarily focuses on medical students who are focusing on their examinations. The tailored contents prepare them for their training.
  • Pricing – While the two educational platforms offer free and premium subscriptions, Osmosis provides institutional subscriptions for medical organizations and universities. 


Now that we have highlighted their differences, we can focus on what makes them similar and availed by many on the market! Notably, the two are online platforms for learning that incorporate identical features.

Firstly, they offer medical education through video lectures with additional complements to reinforce the student’s learning about the course material. These prepare learners for any upcoming examinations in their respective locations!

Luckily, no learner is alone — students can collaborate and share their learnings with each other through the platform’s peer-to-peer communities. Another exceptional feature of these two sites is their versatile desktop and mobile accessibility!

Convenience At Your Disposal

Hopefully, the previous discussions help potential users distinguish between the two. It ultimately depends on the learner’s preferences and what area of improvement they should focus on.

Remember, the OnlineMedEd curriculum is suited for efficient clinical rotations and preparations for standardized examinations, while Osmosis offers a variety of coverage on several medical topics! 

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Bonus! OnlineMedEd Vs Amboss — What’s Different? 

Let’s take another look at a similar educational platform and identify how OnlineMedEd differs from it!

What is Amboss? 

Amboss is another educational platform that takes pride in its curated material recommendations on the site. The platform centers on medical students and provides exceptional resources to them.
Their teaching methodology defines this difference — OnlineMedEd mainly focuses on its online video instruction, while Amboss utilizes video and articles to provide medical education. The latter also lets students attend physical classes to teach them!

OnlineMedEd and Amboss are two great learning medical platforms offering users distinct learning options. Users can take their time choosing between the two websites through the free trials option.

Check out this article for more information: OnlineMedEd Vs. Amboss

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Now, that was interesting — OnlineMed and Osmosis are some of the widely known and used educational platforms on the internet, both offering remarkable features with great deals at the same time!

Knowing what sets these two apart, especially from the rest of the learning platforms on the market, can help users elevate their medical learning experience.

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