How Jessica Passed Step 1 With Confidence

How Jessica Passed Step 1 With Confidence In A Few Short Weeks

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Even though Step 1 is now pass/fail the stress and anxiety on how to best prepare for it still has not gone away. 

And that’s understandable. 

But with test being pass/fail the approach on how to study for the test has gotten more confusing. 

Questions like:

  • What’s the most effective way to study for Step 1?
  • Which Step 1 resources should I use? 
  • How do I best review my questions?
  • What about pre-made flashcards? How do I use them for Step 1?
  • How do I structure my practice exams?
  • Can I even do this? 

So today I want to share with you one of our Med Ignite students – Jessica – who had the same questions as you regarding Step 1 and was able to walk away with a comfortable pass! 

Let’s get into our quick Q&A with Jessica on preparing for Step 1!

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What’s Your First Name?

Jessica A.

Where Are You On Your Medical Journey & What Year?

Jessica: I just finished Step 1 and I am now entering third-year rotations!

Where In The World Are You On Your Medical Journey?

Jessica: I live in Canada but will be rotating in the US

What Are Some Of Your Goals On Your Medical Journey? 

Jessica: To excel on my exams in med school so I leave my options open for specialties. (Haven’t decided yet)

What Was Your Biggest Struggle(s) On Your Medical Journey (Prior To Working With The Med Ignite Coaching Program)?

Jessica: I didn’t feel confident with my approach/schedule for Step studying. I had used Lakshya’s course in my first semester which helped me to be on the dean’s list every semester.

What Had You Tried Before? 

Jessica: Watching youtube videos but I didn’t trust that they would fit my needs so I wanted a tailored approach/schedule

How Did You Feel Dealing With These Struggles?

Jessica: Stressed out all the time!

Why Was It So Important For You To Solve These Obstacles On Your Journey? 

Jessica: Step 1 is a  big exam so I wanted to make sure I was successful and felt confident writing it

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How Were You Doing In School Before Joining The Med Ignite Coaching Program? 

Jessica: I was doing well thanks to the course of Lakshya’s I took in my first semester of med school so I fully trusted his guidance for the Step 1 exam.

What Kind Of Resources Were You Using For Step 1?


  • Boards and Beyond (love videos and quizzes)
  • RX was great when learning concepts now I am using it as an outline of content to cover
  • Amboss is also another resource I used for the question banks
  • UWorld have been using throughout the last two semesters
  • Sketchy was used throughout med school but then transitioned to just using it if I need to review a drug or bug

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What Was Your Step 1 Study Schedule Like?

Jessica: I woke up at 5 a.m. and did three hour blocks of studying.

I like to start the day with Anki or questions and end the day around 7 p.m. by reviewing videos or content at the end of my day.

(Note – below is a sneak peak of the schedule that Jessica and I made together after we identified her best resources and study strategies. 

Then we put her through a week of it so we could see what we had hit the mark and what parts of her schedule were hard to stick to.

Only then did we have a schedule that she could easily say yes to everyday!)

Why Did You Choose To Join The Med Ignite Coaching Program For Step 1 Prep? 

Jessica: I joined so that I could be confident about my Step 1 study strategy.

I wanted help to figure out a sound strategy for Step 1 studying that I feel confident with. Most people I know have no clue where to start and end up wasting time doing things that are not beneficial. I want to write this exam as soon as I can and be successful at meeting my goal.

What Was Your Experience Through The Med Ignite Coaching Program? 

Jessica: Excellent – he checked in regularly and was very encouraging. Without him, I may have delayed writing the exam.

I was so stressed out about the Step 1 exam, but with Lakshya’s guidance in the Med Ignite program –  I was much more confident about my progress, less worried throughout the process and I was in a better mental space knowing I had someone helping me who had already done this exam and been successful.

I cannot stress how much better he made the process.

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What Surprised You The Most (If Anything)?

Jessica: How much better I felt having someone coaching me who had already successfully took this exam.

What Results Were You Able To See Through And After The Coaching In Your Grades/Scores?

Jessica: My marks continued to go up at a steady pace and I didn’t feel like I stagnated

What Change Did You See In Your Confidence Through Your Coaching Experience? 

Jessica: It increased a lot!

What Was The Biggest Lesson(s) You Learned After Your Time With The Med Ignite Program? 

Jessica: Having someone guide you through this process was invaluable

What Advice Would You Give To Other Students In Similar Situations As Yours? 

Jessica: Make sure you have a solid plan of how to approach Step One studying, it makes all the difference.

How Did You Do On Step 1? 

Here’s the progress Jessica was able to see while working together. I’ve included a few of our conversations together! 

Practice Exam #1

Practice Exam #2

Week Of The Exam!

Post-Test Result Reaction!



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