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From The Desk Of: Dr. Lakshya Trivedi

Dear student, If you’re ready to apply for the next phase in your journey.

And have worked your butt off to get into the best school and/or position possible… 

… then pay close attention. 

Because in this letter I’m going to obliterate all the silly myths you’ve heard about writing the personal statement. 

Reveal the secrets, real reason why some students have great personal essays and others – well suck. 

And share with you exactly how to write a fantastic personal statement that you can use to start getting the admission committee to say “WOW!” in the next just a few hours… Guaranteed!

I know this may sound too good to be true… 

But it’s the same strategy I used to …

  • Get into my #1 college choice
  • Earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money
  • Get into my dream medical school
  • And my #1 choice of medical residency
  • Without English being my first language…

All from 1-simple step-by-step system that anyone can use to write their perfect personal essay in no time!

And believe me it matters!

You don’t want to look like every other applicant. 

No way!

You want to stand out!

And make them say “Wow!… I want that student!”


That’s why your personal statement needs to blow them away. 

But it doesn’t have to be stressful!

Ready to create your Perfect Statement? 

You can start using our Perfect Statement method today to:

Instantly know what to write to create HOT and CAPTIVATING essays (no matter how good of a writer you are)…

Create an endless pools of ideas and experiences to write about to make your application seem – ONE OF A KIND

Slash your time writing and dealing with writer block by 50%…

And never worry about if your essay is good enough again!

The Perfect Statement is perfect for you if you’re short on time, not great at writing, and still want to create amazing essays without spending countless hours…

And that actually make the admission committee want to interview you and meet you!

The best part is that the Perfect Statement work for any phase of your journey!

College apps, graduate school, medical school, nursing, future careers – it doesn’t matter!

Just follow our step 1 – 2 -3 method and click “publish” and…

You Can Create That “WOW” of an essay in no time! 

And increase your chances of that acceptance you’ve wanted so bad!

So I recommend that you jump on this opportunity now before the deadlines get closer, your stress gets higher, and your compromising writing a below-average just so you can hit “submit”. 

Ready to create your Perfect Statement?

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Included in Your Purchase:

And before today, if you wanted to get help creating your perfect personal statement. 


You’d have to invest hundreds of dollars into done-for-you services…

Or pay hundreds and even thousands to have your essays reviewed!


But that all changes now.


Right now, you can have instant access to everything for ONLY $37.


I’m hedging my bet that you’ll love this Perfect Statement training, and want to continue your journey of working with me on other parts of your journey!


So, if you want your own Perfect Statement bringing you acceptances and mental ease … now may be the best time (with the biggest savings) for you to grab the training.


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Why Is It Only $37? What’s The Catch?

There’s no “catch” with this, no hidden costs or anything else that you should worry about.

In case you’re wondering why it’s so cheap…

Here’s the reason:

I want you to get into your dream school. 

And if you really enjoy this workshop (which I’m confident you will) then I hope you join the other programs I offer to work with you on other parts of your journey. When you see how awesome this workshop is, you’ll be excited to work with me in the future.

And I’m so confident that you’re going to get value from the workshop that…


I’m Going To Let You Try The
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If you invest in the workshop today, you’ll have 30 full days to go through the entire training. 

And If you aren’t completely satisfied with the workshop anytime before the 30 days are up…

Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll refund you immediately!

Now…Let me take a few seconds and be completely blunt with you.

If you don’t consider yourself an action-taker and aren’t willing to put in the work, this isn’t for you…

And I would recommend you pass on the opportunity to writing amazing personal statements using Perfect Statements.

All the information in the world won’t help you, because you won’t help yourself.

But, if you are an action-taker… and you want a new way to nail your next personal essay now and for the rest of your career

 … you may find this to be one of the most exciting, stress relieving, and best ROI opportunities you ever invest in.


Lakshya Trivedi, M.D

P.S. This will retail for $99

For a limited time I’m running access to our workshop where you’ll get instant access to everything for ONLY $99 


Frequently Asked Questions

"Is this for me?"

Are you applying to college, professional, graduate school, or just need to write a personal statement? Then yes!

I’ll be sharing my experience of applying to medical school and writing over 50+ personal statements in my life but the strategies will still apply to you!


"I Haven't Started My Essays. Is This For Me?"

Perfect! This workshop will tell you exactly how to approach essay writing when the time comes. 

Even if you’re still months to years removed – learning the strategies in the Perfect Statement now will make writing your essays so much easier when the time comes!


"What Exactly Will You Go Over In The Workshop?"

Great question! The workshop will include: 

1. Our 3-step method to prepping and writing your perfect essays
2. Going over common mistakes and challenges in personal statement writing
3. Reviewing great examples of perfect personal statements
4. Time for Q&A


"What Do I Get For Joining?"

Great question! The workshop gives you access to:

1. Live workshop on April 3rd, 12 PM Central Time which you will have lifetime access to the recording
2. Access to Q&A section during live session and after the workshop
3. Perfect Statement Mini-Course – which will launch after the workshop 
4. All Future Content Included
5. Lifetime Access


"How Do I get My Access?"

Immediately after your purchase, you should expect to see an email within 20-30 minutes with confirmation and details on the workshop!

"What If I'm Not Satisfied?"

If you’re not happy with the workshop. Let me know within 30-days of the workshop purchase and I’ll refund your money happily! Just email me at [email protected] with your reason for requesting a refund and we’ll get you taken care of!

Okay, let’s say I believe you. How do I enroll in the Perfect Statement Workshop?

Just fill out your details below!

Once your order is confirmed, I’ll email you info and how to access the Perfect Statement Workshop! 

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That’s okay, Send me an email with your question and I’ll answer it – [email protected]

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