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Best All In One Step 1 Resource- Physeo Review

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Are you a new med student? If so, you’re probably thinking about how to study for Step 1.But with that, comes the stress of what Step 1 resources to use. Trust me, I’ve been there.

And in this post, I can give you a physeo review – a resource you probably will consider using. If you want a one-stop-shop, that’s going to solve all of your problems, this is what you need.

Let’s get into it.

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What Step 1 Resource Should You Use?

Step 1 resources

Today is a really interesting Physeo review article because I always get the question “What resources should I use?”, in my emails.

A lot of students are having trouble balancing their classes and studying for Step 1 let alone deciding which resources to use with just a limited study time.

I’m just starting medical school and I’m having trouble balancing my classes and worrying about Step 1. Then when I worry about Step 1, there are so many resources that I could use.

I just don’t have the time for it. What do you recommend?

Well, if you are one of these students, today is your lucky day. I’m going to introduce to you a one-stop-shop, all-inclusive resource for your Step 1 review.

It’s introduced to me by one of the students that I coached. And after I checked it out, man, did I wish there was something like this when I was studying for Step 1.

Physeo Review – Is It Worth It?

Step 1 Resources - Physeo Intro

So, what is this resource that I’m talking about?

We’re talking about Physeo.

Physeo is an amazing all-inclusive resource. But it’s not enough that I just tell you about it.

So, in today’s article on my Physeo review, we’re going to do a few things.

  • I’m going to take you inside the platform and walk you through all the things that you can do inside Physeo.
  • I will also give you advice on how to use it if I were to go back in time and be a first-year medical student trying to study for Step 1.
  • I will give you the recommendations of who this resource is for and how to maximize its functions.
  • And finally, I will give you some parting thoughts on what I think about Physeo, all in all.
  • If you’re interested in checking out Physeo, there will be a nice discount for you at the end!

Bonus: I’m also going to give you an awesome free gift + a 15% discount on Physeo if you want to check it out. Simply enter the discount code TheMDJourney at the checkout.

What is Physeo?

Step 1 Resources - Physeo curriculum

It is an all-inclusive resource when studying for Step 1.

And when I say all-inclusive, what that means for me is that it has the components not only to learn the materials but to also review and master it.

It’s not advantageous for your time, especially as a first-year med student, to use one resource to learn the material and then to go to another resource to practice review.

You need something that has everything in a natural flow state. Physeo does that for you.

You start originally from these amazing videos covering every single topic you would need as a first- and second-year med student.

This includes bio stats, biochem, microbio, anatomy and so much more.

And it doesn’t stop just at the videos.

At the very end of these videos, you will be prompted with board-level questions which are going to help you study for Step 1.

The best part is that the videos allow you to quiz yourself immediately after with board level questions!

There are also amazing tools there such as flashcards, mnemonics and so much more.

Inside Look Into The Physeo Dashboard

As an essential part of this Physeo review, let me give you a tour inside the Physeo dashboard and what we can see inside this Step 1 resource.

Step 1 Resources - Physeo dashboard

As you can see, there is probably a class that you’re taking right now or will be taking during your first and second year in medical school that is in Physeo.

You might then want to focus on the last two which is the Physeo BioChemistry and MicroBio.

These are probably two of the toughest classes you’ll take as a first- and second-year med student.

And there’s so much content to help you out on your way.

If you look at the MicroBio section, there’s a ridiculous number of videos available for free to help you out.

There are 142 videos in that section, with 20 hours of very useful contents. They really worked insanely hard to put these all together.

Step 1 Resources - Physeo number of videos

And there are topics in this MicroBio section that can’t be found in any other popular or unpopular resources to study for Step 1.

These are topics that are commonly still tested in the board exams, so you still want to make sure you know them.

To have this amount of content at your disposal absolutely free is amazing. I’m quite jealous of anyone who has access to this.

So, let me give you a peek into some of the topics that are available in Physeo.

Step 1 Resources - Biochem section
BioChem Section
Step 1 Resources - Microbio section
Microbio section

When you go into each section, you’ll see a variety of topics that are necessary for you, not just to do well in your class but also to master Step 1.

Physeo Videos

Now, one thing I look into when we talk about video lectures is the length of the videos that are in the resources. There are some resources that take 30 – 40 minutes.

I just don’t have time for it.

But inside Physeo, if you look into the video sections, you’ll see that the videos are mostly less than 10 minutes.

There are some videos that are more than 10 minutes, but they often don’t reach 15 minutes.

So, it’s pretty doable and doesn’t take a lot of time. You can easily incorporate it into your study system.

Let’s take a look at some of the videos inside Physeo so you can see if this is the best Step 1 resource for you.

So, you’re going to watch videos that have great narration, numbers, and mnemonics to help you.

They’re also using drawings and illustrations, to make sure that it clicks, and it stays, long term, in your memory.

But one of the coolest parts that I haven’t seen in any other resources in the past is you now have board level questions at the very end of each video.

Most of the Step 1 resources that I’ve used in the past require you to use another Step 1 resource to master that topic.

But in Physeo, they incorporate it naturally into their platform.

After you watch a video, you have a board-level question and you can quiz yourself to see if you can answer it.

Step 1 Resources - Question sample

If you can’t, they’re going to walk you through the most important parts in the question stem. It’s teaching you how to study for the board and answer board-level questions.

So, it’s an amazing component of Physeo. They’ve done it really well.

Physeo Flashcards

Now, one of the biggest things that I love to talk about in this Physeo review is their flashcards. This is especially important for you guys who loves flashcards as the majority of the lectures in Physeo has an associated Anki deck. 

That means you can take your flashcards, use them on the go and watch your videos at a later time.

Here are some examples of the Physeo Anki decks:

Step 1 Resources - flashcards

Step 1 Resources - sample question

Step 1 Resources - Flashcard answer

The files are in APKG format, so you have to download the ANKI app here to be able to open and view the flashcards

You can also use any Pyseo Anki deck after you watch the video to quiz yourself. And these are available in most of the lectures inside this Step 1 resource.

Physeo Audio Lectures

Aside from the ones above, there are other cool features as well that I love in Physeo as a Step 1 resource. And that is the next thing we’re going to tackle in this Physeo review.

One of them is the audio lectures.

Step 1 Resources - audio lectures

If you have a long commute or if you like to study while working out, you can definitely use this.

All the videos are converted into an audio format so you can listen to it while you’re doing other stuff or traveling around.

You can even download it to your phone, so you can still listen to it offline.

Physeo Mnemonic Sketches

The last feature that I really want to show you are the mnemonics sketches. They’ve definitely spent a lot of time and effort in creating these.

Step 1 Resources - mnemonic sketches

The way they did this is they incorporated mnemonic sketches into video lectures. So, they walk you through what each of the elements in the pictures mean.

Then you can actually go back and quiz yourself.

So, you can click on the image icon beside the lecture and you will get the full picture of the sketches.

Then, in the picture, they have numbers that you can click around for it to show the different diseases, bacterias, high-yield terms that they introduced in that mnemonic sketch.

Pretty awesome right?

Why Physeo is Different From Any Other Step 1 Resource

Step 1 Resources - Physeo Review

A lot of other Step 1 resources have features like the one that I introduced to you above.

So, it’s not about having these resources that make Physeo unique.

The beauty of Physeo is that it has all these features in one place.

It has videos, practice questions, audio lectures, illustrations, flashcards and mnemonics sketches all in one platform.

Physeo took the time to put it all together for you and is a complete resource to help you, not only in your med school but most importantly, in studying for Step 1.

That’s why, in this Physeo review, I call Physeo a one-stop-shop Step 1 resource.

Physeo VS Sketchy

If you’ve read my post on The Best Step 1 Resources, you know that I love SketchyMedical especially when studying for Micro and Pharm. 

These topics are very memorization heavy, but they’re also low hanging fruits. Meaning, knowing them well can increase your chance at getting a good score in Step 1. 

I definitely recommend SketchyMedical for Micro and Pharm reviews especially for those who aren’t yet in their dedicated because the resource is a bit time-intensive. (But you can still go ahead and use Sketchy for your weak areas if time is limited.)

Hear out what this student has to say about SketchyMedical: 

For me Sketchy is the absolute can’t-do-without resource. It makes Micro and Pharm questions a piece of cake, even the little details. I saw someone say once in regards to Sketchy, “Give them your money and thank them for the opportunity” and I feel it couldn’t be anymore true.

(Check out more recommendations here!)

Now, I haven’t personally used Physeo (though I hoped I did looking back), but I hear so many med students who use it and recommend it. That includes the students that I coach who did well on their Step 1. 

And I will make this point clearer in the next section but Physeo, for me, is best for new med students who plan on using the material consistently (vs jumping from Physeo to another resource). 

This is just how Physeo is structured. It has videos, flashcards, audio lectures, Mnemonic Sketches and practice questions in one place! 

And if you consistently learn and review the materials, you will surely master them and get a good score in Step 1 or any other tests you may be preparing for for that matter.

You can bank on these student reviews too:

I am yet to find any step1 resource that matches Physeo. Concepts are laid out so easily and logically that it becomes crystal clear and the board-style questions and explanations just nail the clinical correlation…You never get bored; it is fun to study all the way through – Physiology, Biochem and Biostat are all awesome. – James

I watched a video on Vascular Function Curve and I was blown away by the explanation. Suddenly everything made sense and I had the “aha!” moment. I got 240+ and on Step 1 and it was Physeo which helped me jump 15 to 20 points higher on the real exam, while my scores were stuck around 220 during the practice tests. – Anisa

(Note: Check out more Physeo reviews here!)

To wrap up this Physeo vs Sketchy section, both resources work great especially for those who have enough time to master them. 

I’d recommend SketchyMedical for Micro and Pharm given that you have other resources for the various subject matters. But if you want an all-in-one resource that you plan on sticking with for the long haul, Physeo may be better for you.

Physeo VS Boards And Beyond

Boards and Beyond is a resource I don’t usually talk about in my posts but I feel is important to tackle in this Physeo review. After all, it’s one of many students trusted resources in studying for their pre-clinical course or preparing for Step 1. 

There are 400+ videos you can watch on topics such as Cardiology, Genetics, Hematology and Neurology. You can also test yourself with their 2300+ USMLE-grade questions. You can check out B&B here!

Content wise, many students seem to agree that they serve as an excellent prep material for Step 1. The owner and teacher in the videos is Dr. Jason Ryan who is a Harvard Cardiologist afterall. 

Here’s an opinion from one student using B&B:

The Boards and Beyond video series is clutch for many Step 1 topics. I’m an M3 now but found it really useful during my dedicated period and often refer back to it in M3. He’s a good teacher-a Harvard Cardiologist. I’m usually wary of new resources but he’s overall done an excellent job.

But if you’re a visual type of learner, you may struggle a bit when using it as the videos resemble the classroom interaction where the teacher lectures, writes down or underlines random information (being a visual learner myself, it just doesn’t work for me). 

Physeo videos, on the other hand, are more visual and interactive. One student says

I find the Physeo videos to be quite fantastic mostly because the visual supplementation is superior to BnB. BnB is still great but I feel like it’s mostly reciting off of FA.

In this Physeo vs Boards and Beyond comparison, one of these resources may be better than the other from student to another. Each is a bit different and is great in its own light.

If you don’t mind how the videos are being presented and think that the content in B&B best addresses your test prep needs, go ahead and use Boards and Beyond.

And again, if you are more visual and want an all-in-one material that you can use long-term, Physeo may be a better choice for you.

The best thing is; you can always check out the free video of both resources here and here to see for yourself.

Note: Should you choose Physeo, don’t forget to use the discount code: TheMDJourney at the checkout! Register here!

How to Use Physeo With Your Classes

Now that you had an inside look of how Physeo looks like, the features inside and how it works, let me give you some advice on how you can use this resource in your first year and second-year med classes.

If you are a first-year or second-year med student who’s doing your Step 1 review alongside your classes, here are some good tips for you.

Step 1 Resources - how to use physeo

1. Watch Physeo Videos The Night Before Class

Whenever there are new resources, especially if they include videos, I love to use them to study the night before, for whatever my next day’s lectures are about.

Usually, when it comes to reviewing for lecture, I always get this one question…

How do I know what to study for or what to focus on?

Now, you can watch Physeo videos and pay attention because the majority of the things that they say, if not all, are high yield.

2. Pay Attention To What’s Discussed In Lecture

The next step is to go to class the next day.

Then, pay attention to what your professor says, noting the topics that were also discussed in the Physeo videos.

Because then you know that these topics are high-yield and you need to focus your future reviews on these topics.

3. Review The Videos After Class

Now, after class, I would recommend, although it’s optional, that you re-watch the Physeo videos at home and really solidify your learning.

4. Use The Many Features Of Physeo To Review

Now, if you don’t have time to rewatch the videos, you can also use the other features of Physeo for your review.

You can use the flashcards, the mnemonics, and the practice questions to help master the material.

Put that together and that’s seems like the perfect formula to using Physeo with your classes as a first-year or second-year med student especially when doing Physeo Step 1 review.

Is Physeo For You?

Now that you know what Physeo is and how to use it, the next question is, Is Physeo for you? Do I recommend that you use this as a Step 1 resource?

Here are some points and factors to consider when checking if you should use Physeo or not:

Step 1 resources - physeo features

1. Benefits Of Physeo Come From The Long Haul

Obviously, I talk highly of Physeo.

But if you are a student who likes to dip their toes into a variety of different resources, and use one here and there, but not use one consistently, then Physeo might not work for you as it’s intended to.

Physeo is made for the long haul and consistent students.

Thus if you’re going to use Physeo, I would encourage that you stick to it for a while before you use other resources to avoid any distractions.

Doing that will maximize the benefits of Physeo and you will do extremely well.

2. Made For The Preclinical Student

Now, Physeo is amazing, but it’s particularly amazing for new med students and students in the early stage of medical studies that have some time before Step 1.

Because then you can watch the videos and use all of the other resources to help build your foundation and make sure you do well on the boards.

But if you’re trying to use it for studying for your dedicated study period, they still are adding content that you may need for test day. 

So, I would recommend this for students who will be using this for the long haul rather than for students who will only be using this for six weeks.

Those are the two things that you should think about when considering Physeo.

And just for final note -the students that I’ve coached who have used Physeo for Step 1 did amazingly well. So, I definitely want you to keep that in mind when you think about using the platform.

How Much Does Physeo Cost?

The last part about Physeo that I love, and this is probably my favorite part, is the price.

A lot of Step 1 resources takes a really huge hit to your wallet. They’re very expensive.

But Physeo actually does a very good job at being very affordable on monthly as well as annual plans.

You can sign up for a subscription with $29.99 for the monthly plan or you can get the annual plan which is $149.99.

And use this Physeo discount code: TheMDJourney for an extra 15% OFF! Get started here!

Quick Q&A On Physeo Review

I know that this post is quite long. So, before I give you your present, here’s a quick reference to some of the highlights above as well as some answers to questions that you could be asking by now. 

    1. Is Physeo A Question Bank Like UWORLD?Partly true, but no. Physeo prides itself as an all-inclusive resource, so you get not only board-style questions but also videos, flashcards, pdf workbooks, anki decks, mnemonics and some ad hoc features (video speed controller etc.) 
    2. Do Physeo Biochemistry And MicroBio Topics Exist?
      • Yes they do. These tough subjects are an essential part of Physeo.
    3. Can I Use Physeo To Prepare For Step 1?
      • Definitely! I’d recommend this resource to any first or second year student preparing for USMLE Step 1. You can crush the exam with the Physeo USMLE-grade resources and materials.
    4. Aren’t The Videos Too Long?
      • I personally don’t think so. Each video is mostly 10 minutes long and some are 15 minute-long, but they’re pretty doable.
    5. Can I Download The Free Videos?
      • Unfortunately, you can’t. But, you can download audio versions of all videos if you sign up for their premium plan (look up the pricing here).
    6. Is There A Physeo Anki Deck?
      • Yes. Majority of the Physeo lectures have an associated Anki deck. First, download the Anki app here to be able to use the flashcards.
    7. Can I Do A Physeo Physiology Pdf Download?
      • Yes you can if you sign up for their premium subscription here.
    8. Is Physeo The Best Physiology Resource For Step 1?
      • This is for you to decide, but some students (such as the ones described above) tend to agree. Others say otherwise, so I suggest you go watch their free videos on Physiology first here!
    9. Physeo VS Boards And Beyond: Which One Is Better?
      • For the visually-inclined learners, Physeo may be a better choice. But you may also look beyond the interactive-presentation and benefit better from the content in Boards And Beyond. See for yourself here and here!
    10. Physeo VS Sketchy: Which One Is Better?
      • SketchyMedical has excellent content for both Micro and Pharm and I definitely recommend it. Then again, if it’s a complete resource you’re looking for, you can try Physeo out.

My Gift For You!

Step 1 Resources - Gift

Thank you so much for reading the entire article on Physeo Review. Now, as I’ve promised you, I have a gift for you.

If you are interested to check out Physeo and sign up to use these amazing features and resources, you can click on this link.

Then, use the discount code TheMDJourney to get a nice 15% discount just for you. All you have to do is enter this code during checkout.

Not just that! I have a personal and special gift for you, too.

If you choose to go ahead and subscribe to Physeo with the code, I will give out a FREE copy of Master the Boards: How to Get 250+ on Step 1.

Physeo Review

It’s a guide that I created with a lot of my classmates. It will give you a nice study schedule as well as top resources that you should be using to get a high score on your Step 1.

This is made by some of the best and brightest students I’ve known who got 250’s, 260’s and 270’s during their Step 1 exams.

Thus the guide will be loaded with everything that you need.

If you chose to subscribe to Physeo, all you have to do is send me an email with the receipt from Physeo and I will give you the free copy of the eBook.

Bottomline On Physeo Review:

So once again, Physeo is a great resource especially if you’re a new med student who’s studying for Step 1 and you have some time in between. (Trust me you’re going to wish you have more time)

Physeo is really going to help make sure you do the very best on your exams as well as Step 1.

You can click here to go and sign up to Physeo with the discount and the free eBook.

Remember to use coupon code: TheMDJourney for 15% OFF at checkout!

Whenever you’re ready, there are 4 ways I can help you:

1. The Med School Handbook:  Join thousands of other students who have taken advantage of the hundreds of FREE tips & strategies I wish I were given on the first day of medical school to crush it with less stress. 

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4. Learn the one study strategy that saved my grades in medical school here (viewed by more than a million students like you). 

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Until the next time, my friends…

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