Pixorize Vs Sketchy Which is better

Pixorize Vs. Sketchy [Which is Better?]

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In my medical school journey, investing in reliable materials has been my most significant decision ever. In this connection, many students face a dilemma: Pixorize Vs Sketchy — two reliable study tools made for the ease of medical practitioners.

Life in medical school can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Knowing how to effectively retain all the learnings and stay on top of studies might be challenging, so settling on the most accurate tool is essential.

Of all the available resources online, how could you choose the right fit for your needs? Well, the good news is I can help you with that!

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What Is Pixorize?

Pixorize logo

Pixorize is an instructional tool students use, primarily by future clinical professionals. Developed by memory specialists and medical students, the Pixorize team develops visual mnemonics that aid in improving the memory of any science-related and clinical students.

Studies show that people are better at remembering images than recalling words. Additionally, directions through narration can increase learning absorption. To help you remember more incredible details on examination day, Pixorize does just that: they convert facts into memorable visual stories.

The catalog of Pixorize provides vividly-colored interactive graphics and instructional films to make learning more pleasurable and effective while also boosting memory efficiency up to three times when compared to other competing tools.

Pixorize’s research-based strategy of making images and video walk-throughs brief and easy to understand aids in the long-term retention of information. On top of that, you’ll save valuable time on studying too.

pixorize homepage

Testimonial About Pixorize

In a blog post by Alexa, she explained that memorizing the intricate details of biochemistry, from enzyme deficit to the different vitamins and their related symptoms, was tough to remember. Hence, Pixorize is a great tool that has aided her understanding of Biochemistry.

Despite being assessed as a biochemistry series, it covers many other beneficial subjects. I’ll list a few items to peek at the sample topics they cover, but you can view the complete list on their website.

In Alexa’s case, these are the biochemistry topics that helped her a lot:

  •     Metabolic disorders
  •     Glycogen storage diseases
  •     Lysosomal storage diseases
  •     Chromosomal abnormalities
  •     Vitamins 

Conversely, here are the non-biochem points that are also helpful:

  •     Toxicology videos
  •     Lung cancers
  •     Neurological disorders
  •     Mechanoreceptors 

From a testimonial point of view, Pixorize offers many features that medical students will benefit from.

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How Much Does Pixorize Subscription Cost?

Pixorize offers a plan that covers Biochemistry, Medicine and USMLE Complete, Pharmacology, and Immunology, and each of their prices varies.


With the fee of $150 for a year, learn medical biochemistry using Pixorize’s vivid interactive graphics and mnemonic clips, concentrating on the USMLE, COMLEX, and NBME tests.

Medicine & USMLE Complete

By paying $249, which is good for a year, you can use all of Pixorize’s vibrant interactive images and mnemonic clips to master the material for medical school, with a focus on the USMLE, COMLEX, and NBME exams. This option includes access to all Pixorize Medicine USMLE content as you advance for the subscription duration.


With the $150 that covers a 1-year plan, you can master medical pharmacology through Pixorize’s vivid visuals and mnemonic videos, with still a focus on the USMLE, COMLEX, and NBME exams.


By subscribing to a plan of $150 for a year, you can access Pixorize to learn medical immunology with an emphasis on the USMLE, COMLEX, and NBME exams.

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What Is Sketchy?

sketchy logo

Sketchy is a material for quick and efficient learning, which applies the psychological technique known as the “method of Loci“. Students can precisely remember relevant pre-clinical and clinical board information constructed into the storyline by building “universes” illustrated by intricate and strange cartoons.

Sketchy helps with a thorough medical education by providing content for pre-clinical years in various areas, from microbiology to pathophysiology, and elusive and ever-needed clinical videos for Shelf exams.  

Furthermore, Sketchy produces curricula for other areas of Medicine, such as Sketchy Pharmacy, Sketchy PA, Sketchy Nursing, and Sketchy MCAT for pre-meds.

Sketchy Medical Modules

Upon logging in to the Sketchy website, they will give seven critical topics in Medicine. Each case extends into subcategories after being selected, each identified with the number of courses (videos) and the overall time commitment.

One vital feature is the search bar, where students can quickly find videos related to their course materials. Medical content is only a click away with a comparable interface that makes exploring and discovering videos corresponding to Step 2 a lot simpler.

Although no Sketchy app exists, its online learning environment makes learning fun and more manageable.

Each video clearly states the topic and duration of the piece. Every single one begins with an overview before immersing into the depicted universe. Each cartoon can be seen up to five times faster, with or without captions.

The “Review Card,” a summary of all the cartoon’s elements, is an option for students to use after the video. For Sketchy to guarantee that students can recall the material they learn through the method of Loci, each clip contains an accompanying technique.

Sketchy keeps track of the user’s progress after lessons and quizzes, so they can see what they have learned and move on to the next topic.

Sketchy homepage

Testimonial About Sketchy

Zoe Abrahamson made a post about why she loves using Sketchy. To make viewing more accessible, I created an outline with all the essential details, including the experience of using Sketchy.

As per Abrahamson, Sketchy shows consistency. Sketchy uses themes and symbols in their cartoons, many of which images are repeated by Sketchy to convey the same idea in many videos. This cohesiveness appears as repetition, which helps students quickly recall vital concepts that might come up again in the Medicine field.

Examples include using a red background for gram-positive bacteria or a golden staff representing staphylococcus bacteria. Since Sketchy frequently utilizes these themes, it is lighter for pupils to retain information and draw connections between more prominent topics.  

This consistency is the reason why Sketchy distinguishes itself from other study tools.

The next advantage is Sketchy’s continual updates. Sketchy keeps introducing new videos to ensure users can access all the data needed. The most recent additions to the video library are for biostatistics and epidemiology — two crucial course subjects for success in Medical School and beyond. 

The developers of Sketchy are constantly seeking ways to enhance both the platform and how students learn and retain information.

Aside from its consistency and continual updates, users have praised Sketchy for its Time Commitment. Subscribers have identified videos from Sketchy with their content and duration. It also makes a more organized and straightforward study plan, which is a great help since each moment can be the difference between succeeding examinations and getting a high score on Step.

How Much Does Sketchy Subscription Cost?

Purchasing Sketchy can be done either in cash or in monthly installments. The minimum plan is for six months, costing $299 up in advance or $50 per month.

The 24-month for $25/month or $599 bundle is the one that Sketchy suggests due to its worth on both financial and Step 1 performance levels.

If students take advantage of the welcome offer through Sketchy’s platform, they can save up to 5% off their overall costs.

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Pixorize Vs. Sketchy: Which Is Better?

Investing in either Pixorize or Sketchy is an excellent choice. Of course, there always has to be a better one.

It’s no easy question because each of the mentioned study tools has unique features, plus its effectuality would still depend on its users. Yet, I would still love to answer which one I’d prefer, and that is Pixorize.

In Pixorize, you get what you pay for — it focuses on more challenging topics and aims to assist medical students further. To make long tables of facts easier to recall, Pixorize tends to simplify them into little visual narratives.

Also, Pixorize has always been faithful to its objective: to transform knowledge to strengthen memory and empower all learners.

Thus, while you enjoy Pixorize’s services, they will be manageable for your budget as they are student-friendly with affordable plans.

SaaSHub, an independent software marketplace, researched early this year to see which, between Pixorize and Sketchy, is more preferred by medical students. Their data shows that Pixorize is more widely used than the latter. As a matter of fact, in March 2021, it was brought up over four times.

On several open social media networks and blogs, SaaSHub keeps track of product recommendations and mentions. They added that Pixorize can support students in studying without complexity.

However, you should note that the decision still lies upon your standards and needs.

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Getting through medical school is like getting through a battle, but you won’t have to worry as long as you have a great study tool.

I hope this blog helped you decide on settling between Pixorize or Sketchy. Both of these resources are incredible study tools, and it would be best to thoroughly examine which one will work best for you.

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