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I teach proven concepts and strategies to help you succeed on your medical journey!

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How To Study Step-By-Step Video Course Free Video Course

How To Study in Medical School

Watch me show you for FREE my favorite way to study in medical school in this 9-part video course!!

How To Get 250+ On Step 1
Free Masterclass

Step 1 Masterclass

Learn how to crush step 1 without the stress, doubt, and burnout in this free masterclass.

Level Up Your Studying: 3-Week Program

Level Up Your Studying

Learn how to design your perfect study system in just 3-weeks so you can cut your study time in half while improving your grades!

Step 1 Academy Premium Course

Step 1 Academy


Get full step-by-step system on how to get 250+ on step 1 with study strategies, sample study schedules, breakdowns on how to use resources, and so much more!


Crushing Clinicals

Crushing Clinicals Video Course

Dominate on every rotation you’re on and get honors. Learn how to study and stay productive with a busy clinical schedule and also how to impress the right people with ease!

The Pre-Med Blueprint

Pre-Med BluePrint

Everything you need to know to succeed in college as a pre-med and get into medical school with an irresistible application!

The Successful Pre-Med

Perfect your pre-med years and learn how to study, be productive, pick meaningful extracurriculars, and set up your med school application for success. 

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TheMDJourney Triple Bundle
(Most Popular)

Our best selling bundle teaches you how to study efficiently and succeed during all fours years of medical school!

How To Study In Medical School: Advanced Strategies To Learn Faster and Better

Learn how to study Less While Improving Your grades and Boards Scores in Med School

The Preclinical Guide: How To Succeed During Your First Two Years In Medical School

Learn how to study, Be productive, Manage Your Stress, And Improve Your Application During Your First Two Years in Medical School

The Clinical Guide: How To Honor Every Rotation and Look Like A Superstar

Crush every rotation with ease by learning the best study strategies, resources, and tips to get you ahead. Also learn how to prepare for your board exams with ease!

The Pre-Med Journey: Advanced Strategies To Get Into Med School

Learn How To Stand Out From The Crowd As A Pre-Med And Create The Perfect Med School Application

What Our Students Say

I spent the last few days researching how to actually study in medical school and I came across your stuff... I read The Preclinical Guide and Study Tools.. what I felt while reading the text is nothing short of disbelief. How did I not know about these methods sooner? Not during my undergrad, graduate school and at least not yet in medical school has anyone ever attempted to teach students how to learn the material efficiently. So for your enlightenment, I say thank you.
Marty Y
1st Year Med Student
This book not only helps students who are starting med school —it can also be really useful for M3s and M4s like me. I’ve enhanced my study strategy! I’m now on my way to becoming a more efficient student, so a million times thank you. I 100% recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the most out of med school... and life outside of it
Alma R
4th Year Med Student
From beginning to end, the book provides meaningful insight for medical students of all stages with wit, grace and the stimuli of example pictures. Additionally, the brief description of each chapter aides the reader on how they can navigate the book as efficiently as possible. A great read and tool, indeed.
Precious I
2nd Year Med Student
The tools and tips in this book are invaluable. If you are a first year med student like myself or in your clinical rotations, this book is a precursor toward a successful medical career. I was trying to find my study niche and this book helped me do just that. I look forward to seeing the results after apply these methods.
Nina L
1st Year Med Student
Overall, this book has been great! I have only gotten to Part 2, but out of what I have read, I have jotted down SO many tips/notes that I will be trying out once I start med school next month. I would highly recommend this book to every incoming medical student!
Joseph L
Upcoming 1st Year Med Student
The study techniques he described make a lot of sense! I have actually used a variation of some of the study techniques he mentioned in his book while I was in college. Although I did very well in college, I had some flaws in my studying that would have led to really long days in med school. This book helped me see some of the mistakes I unknowingly made while studying in college, and I really think his methods will help me do well in med school while still having a lot of free time to live a fun and adventurous life too!
Catherine C
Upcoming 1st Year Med Student
I am both grateful and surprised by The Preclinical Guide. It's truly a phenomenal book. I just wished I knew about it sooner. I could have used some of the study tips [earlier] because they are applicable to any subject. It would have saved me time and the stress I went through with before exam time. I especially liked that the book tackled burning questions I had on how to do well in particular preclinical classes. The book gave the confidence I needed as a first-year medical become an academically strong medical student.
Cidney L
1st Year Med Student
I Bought Your Preclinical Guide and It Is Amazing! I Can't Wait To Try [The Techniques] Out
Boyd G
1st Year Med Student
I got an A overall my first semester of medical school by following the study techniques in the Preclinical Guide! But more importantly, this way of approaching medicine redefined success to me, where I don’t have to sacrifice my peace of mind to succeed. Thank you so much!
Diana G
1st Year Med Student