Cutting My Study Time In Half

Part 2

Back when I was studying like the traditional med student, I used to dread my daily study “grind”. 

I was used to 8-10 hours filled with study activities I thought I had to do.

Reading the syllabus? Of course – can’t afford to miss anything right?

Go to or listen to a lecture? No way I’m missing out on that.

Creating outlines of lecture notes. Best way to put all the information in one place right?

And even though I was likely on my third cup of coffee or another Monster for the day – I had to actually review all that darn information.

Oh and what about studying for Step 1?

Need to make some time for that in my schedule.

And just to make sure I cover my basis – better try this study resource all my classmates are using.

Can’t afford to miss out.

This was my daily med school schedule.

  • 2 Hours reading the syllabus
  • 3 hours going to class
  • 1-2 hours creating my outlines
  • 2 hours reviewing my notes
  • 1 hour studying for board exams or an upcoming test
  • Bed (5-6 hours)
  • Repeat

I was tired, losing weight, and unhappy.

But I guess this is what it takes to be a doctor right?


Thankfully I had a little bit of self-respect for myself and my sanity and asked myself …

… is there a better way?

How could I study better in half the time?

I starting asking questions that changed the game for me.

  • What if the test was tomorrow – what would I need to focus on?
  • If I had only 1 hour to learn the information – how would I do it?
  • How could I cut my studying by half?
  • What would my studying look like if I cut my study day off at 6 PM every day?

And all of a sudden, everything started to make sense.

Right in front of me, I could see my new study system coming to life!

My studying was now going to work WITH me instead of against me.

Let me share a quick video to show you what I mean:

After watching that video, you can start to see how powerful (and how simple) your study method could be…

You see the equation to studying correctly in med school is simple!

It’s all about getting from:

A -> B -> C

As frictionless as possible!

Anything that gets in the way – time to say goodbye to. 

And that helps move us closer to our finish line – keep doing more of that!

Now what exactly A -> B -> C looks like will be different between you and I. 

You need to create your perfect version.

Your perfect study system. 

By building your perfect study system first (around techniques that are motivating and impactful for you), the hardest part of studying is already done!

You see I learned (although it took some time) that Reddit and YouTube searches for “How To Study In Medical School” weren’t going to be enough to save my struggling butt.

Take a look at these results:

There’s tons of videos on YouTube to learn how to study, right?

True. I mean, literally thousands!

But here’s the problem. 

Everyone was sharing what worked for them!

Not me. 

I needed something perfect for how I learned!

I needed a personalized study system!

And sure enough – with some time – I was able to develop that system.

The results?

I used this system to …

Graduate med school with a 3.9 GPA

Crushed my Step 1 and 2 exams

And got into my number one choice for residency!

Now before I go on… I KNOW what you’re thinking:

“What’s this magical study system?”

“Will it work for me?”

Let me stop your right there…

You see it’s not about what worked for me that you care about.

You really want to know how to find your perfect study system!

I get it. You’re tired of spending hours without seeing anything but stress.

You want results!

And I have just the way to help you get those results now and for the long haul!

The best part? I’m going to show you how you to do it perfectly for your own situation!

What would it be worth to you if you could…

Stop running around … hopping from one study resource and method to another and finally have everything you need to create a study system that works perfectly for you?

Finally, start to see those grades you always wanted without having to spend hours of burnout to get them?

Actually have some free time for yourself since your studying doesn’t take all of your life. 

Develop life-long skills on how to best learn that no one can ever take from you so you can dominate every future exam that comes your way!

And gain some confidence that you are good enough and you’ll be an amazing doctor. 

This is the opportunity in front of you today.

To finally achieve game-changing results with a study system that is perfect for you. 

Make the decision to invest in yourself today… I promise you that you’re worth it.