Creating The Perfect Study Recipe

Part 3

The other day my wife and I went to the IKEA for some furniture shopping…

Now, I not a big shopper. I’m more of a stay home with a nice book or movie kind of person. 

But here we were walking through the enormous IKEA warehouse trying to look for small things for our home. 

And during the process – my stomach started to rumble. (I get hungry when I’m shopping) 

Luckily – IKEA cleverly places their cafeteria mid-way through their warehouses. Talk about perfect product placement.. 

My wife and I make our way into the line. We both quickly find 1-2 items that sound amazing! Mashed potatoes for her and veggie rolls for me.

We make our way up to the chef on the other side and make our order. 

“Two veggie rolls and mashed potatoes please!”

She grabs our items and places them on a plate. 

Awesome I thought! Can’t wait! 

But then she kept going. 

She added broccoli (yuck), cranberries (which my wife is not a fan of), and some gravy. 

None of which we had asked for. 

Turns out it’s just the way IKEA serves their food – as a meal and entire combo. 

We looked at our loaded plate and were slightly put off. 

Our focus was no longer on the veggie rolls and the mashed potatoes but the extra fluff we did not want!

If I had my way – I wished we could have just gotten what we wanted and needed.

I wanted my plate to be:

  1. Exactly what I needed
  2. Nothing of what I hated
  3. Not to be overwhelming 

And the funny thing is – that’s exactly what we want out of our studying. 

You want that perfect study “plate” so to speak. That perfect study routine.

All of the good stuff. None of the fluff. 


Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get that perfect study routine. 

Too much pressure from peers forces us to use resources and strategies – many which don’t work. 

Too many techniques that we do because we think we need to but are not enjoyable. 

Too much trial and error. Often moving one step forward and two steps back. 

Eventually you just accept that your current method is good enough.

But what if there was a way to create your perfect study system? 

Imagine how much time you could be saving. 

Imagine being just being a little more efficient and effective with how you were learning! 

It may be hard to get an exact idea so check out the image below to see the potential savings you could have. 

I’ll use my self an example to show you how crazy the numbers get!

With the perfect study system I was able to save 5 hours per day.

That’s about 25 hours a week – an entire day. 

90 hours a month.  Nearly 4 days of saved from studying time.


And for the entire year?

I saved nearly 50 days of my life each year!

That was just crazy. 

What could you do with an extra 50 days? 
Now what if you find a study system that just saves you just 1 hour a day?
That’s an extra 10 days per year – not spent studying!
Imagine giving yourself a vacation simply by studying in a way that’s perfect for you.

Now you may be asking – “well saving time is nice and all but wont’ my grades drop?”

No! Actually your grades will go up. 

You see the perfect study system isn’t about just studying faster. It’s about spend time efficiently on only what works – and nothing extra. 

It’s the best of both world – quicker and better results. 

Wouldn’t you do everything possible to learn how to save that extra time while getting better grades? 
Well, that’s basically what I’m offering you today.
See, at this point you have two options…

The first option is to try and go it on your own. 

Maybe you try to reverse engineer to find your perfect study routine that you’ve seen me show you, maybe you do a deep dive on the internet looking for scraps of info until you can put it all together yourself… 

And to be honest… that’ll probably get you half-way there, and you’ll probably see improvement in your grades. 
But the truth is that, because I’ve spent thousands of hours (both of my own and those with my coaching students), refining, tweaking, and testing every single detail and variation of the perfect study system… I’m an expert at it.

And because I could create my perfect study system, I’ve been able to achieve success in med school – without the stress.  

I mean, I literally didn’t have to study past 6 PM and had free time to relax, explore hobbies, or progress in my career.  What a luxury is that! 


And I can that because using the perfect study system, I’ve built a study routine where I only focused on long-term retention, without any extra and unnecessary study resources, no pressure to do what my classmates were doing…

… I was studying in a way that’s perfect for me, efficient, and frankly, actually enjoy med school.


But the truth is… I do have one big regret… because I know that if I could apply what I know now about creating, developing, and refining a perfect study system to what I was doing at the start of med school… 

…I would have saved myself hundreds of hours and stress. 
No question about it.
So instead of trying to go it on your own, hoping you can reverse engineer the secret sauce… spending a year (or all of med school) perfecting a system from scratch…
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…a better way to develop long-term retention… 

…and more importantly, a better way for your to know the information without feeling like you have to spend all of your waking hours “studying”. 

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