Study Schedule For Your Ob-Gyn Rotation

My Study Schedule For The Ob-Gyn Rotation To Get My Best Shelf Exam Score Yet

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The Ob-Gyn rotation can be deceptive. You begin to think there can’t be that much material to learn. Then you begin to study and realize how wrong you were. This post is to help you design a study schedule for your Ob-Gyn rotation to avoid the unnecessary stress.

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I’m going to assume your Ob-Gyn rotation is 6 weeks.

Week 1 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

Begin reading the Case Files for Ob-Gyn for whatever part of Ob-Gyn you are one.The book begins with Ob topics first.

Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology 6th ed

Aim for 3-4 cases a day. This will put you on pace to finish the text by Week 3.

You can read here how I study for clinical rotations. Use this technique while reading through Case Files for Ob-Gyn.

Also, begin your UWORLD questions.

If you have a busy schedule or can’t muster the energy to do 40 a night, just do 20.

You will still finish all 280 questions by the end of Week 2.

As you are going through UWORLD, make sure to mark the questions you get wrong, guessed on, or got right but don’t fully understand. We will come to them later.

In addition, to help establish a strong base of knowledge, begin the Brosencephalon deck.

I would simply do 20-50 on my iPad while walking from the parking garage into the hospital.

Week 2 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

Attempt to wrap up your UWORLD questions.

Pick up the pace to 30 questions a night if you had a night or two (or more) where you didn’t do any questions.

Keep trecking through your Case Files for Ob-Gyn. You should ideally be 2/3 of the way through the book by the end of week 2.

If you aren’t, then dedicate a weekend day to churn out 5-6 cases and catch up.

Week 3 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

You should be done with UWORLD.

Begin your marked questions now.

Assuming you have less than 200 marked questions, you should be able to finish them Week 3. Just do 20-30 questions a night.

Unmarked and remark questions which you master or continue to give you trouble, respectively.

At the end of this week, you should be on pace to finish Case Files.

Don’t delay how long it takes you to get through the text. You rather spend the remaining time on questions and not just passively reading the material.

Week 4 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

If you have any remaining Case File cases left of UWORLD questions, finish them early in Week 4.

Then I recommend beginning UWISE questions. There are about 600 of them! But thankfully they are quick for the most part.

Go through as many questions and explanations as possible. An ideal number would be 4 sections of 10 questions each. (Takes a little less than an hour)

If you don’t have access to UWISE. There is an Anki deck (which I was recently made aware of) which has 670 flashcards covering the question bank. Here’s a link to the download!

If you want to consolidate your knowledge from Case Files for Ob-Gyn, OnlineMedEd notes would be great to use now.

You will know which information is important after finishing UWOLRD and Case Files. Thus OnlineMedEd can now help you solidify your understanding and focus on the high-yield info.

Week 5 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

Keep trecking through as many UWISE questions as you can.

Pre Test for Ob Gyn Rotation

Again you don’t have to finish them all. Try your best to hit the concepts which give you the hardest time.

Keep reading through OnlineMedEd notes every night to firm your understanding.

If you want extra practice questions, you can begin Pre-Test for the Ob-Gyn rotation.

Week 6 of Your Ob-Gyn Rotation:

During week 6 I focused on practice questions, OnlineMedEd notesand my notebook method.

If you’re interested in OnlineMedEd, use this promo code: MDJourney25 to get a 25% discount! It is valid for annual memberships only (Core and PA).

I took an NBME practice exam on Saturday, Sunday,  Monday, and Wednesday of the final week.

I used Tuesday and Thursday to do a full skim of my OnlineMedNotes and my notebook method. Doing these twice helped affirm that I was ready for the test by now.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this study schedule for your Ob-Gyn rotation.

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