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Med Ignite is a study coaching service for future health professionals that makes it nearly impossible to fail at getting better grades. We combine proven step-by-step study strategies, with 1:1 coaching and peer support so you’re never overwhelmed, stuck, or left wondering what to do next.

How Med Ignite Improves Your Grades

Our 3-Step Process

1. We build you a custom study plan to improve your grades

We analyze your current study strategy, set your dream 4-8 week goal and map out every last step to hit it—so you no longer have to figure it out on your own.

2. We coach you through implementing your plan

Execute your study plan with your very own 1-on-1 study coach and have access to our entire team of study experts to help you with studying faster, remembering more, and preparing for exams with confidence.

3. We Microanalyze your Entire Study Calendar

Use the help of your study coach to improve your time management, guarantee free time for yourself, and set up a plan for upcoming exams

4. You get access to our entire library of proven strategies & programs

Get access to our entire library of courses, videos, and eBooks on studying, time management, clinical rotations, board exams, residency, and more!

5. Have Unlimited Access To Our Weekly Group Coaching Calls & Private Group

We are invested in your success even after your 1-on-1 coaching is finished. Get access to our weekly video coaching calls & Private Chat Group with our top study coaches To help you with study strategies, board prep, getting into med school/residency, rotations, and more.

We've helped hundreds of students like you!

And Even More Proof This works!

"This Is Life Changing For Me"

"You Have No Idea How Relaxed I Feel Right Now"

"Can't Believe How Much I Retained And How Well I Did On My Last 3 Quizzes! I'm Shocked!"

"I'm Doing So Much better!"

"I Saved 2-3 Hours Of Studying A Day. I'm really Surprised!"

Better Grades After Just 1 Coaching Call!

"I Feel Like I'm Actually Finally Studying"

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Want To Get The Grades You Always Wanted Without Extra Time Or Stress In Just A Weeks?

What's Included In The Med Ignite Program

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This Was Made For You:

Did you know that the number one reason medical students struggle is not due to their intelligence but because their studying techniques are completely wrong? 

It’s true. Some even spend 10+ hours a day studying and still fail their exams. 

If you’re reading this – I’m guessing that you’re also struggling. Or maybe you just want to do better in school without spending more hours!

Here’s the problem you face: most students spend way too much time on “studying” techniques that don’t work for them and will never get them results. 

If you’re one of these students – this means you’ll be spending years of medical school only to end up with…

  • Subpar Grades
  • Hundreds to thousands of hours wasted
  • An average application for your future residency and career choices
  • Less confidence 
  • Serious doubt if you picked the right field 
  • Risk of a lower salary (and a likely growing  student loans) 

Luckily for you, there’s a solution. 

Let me introduce you to the Med Ignite Coaching program – a fully personalized 1-on-1 coaching program that helps any med student discover and create their perfect study system, get better grades – all in less time. 

Here’s how the program works: 

These are the struggles we help students with!

⚠️ “My study strategy is not working!”

Use our 1-on-1 coaching calls so we can create a personalized study strategy and system that works for your learning style, your goals, your course load, and the testing format of your schools

⚠️ “I have no free time. I’m always playing catch up. I need a schedule I can stick to that works but I also need time for myself!”

We’ll create a personalized study schedule for your after our first coaching call so you know exactly when & how to study, but also when it’s time for you to do whatever you want!

⚠️ “I need help with the MCAT, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, applying to residency, and so many more things on the medical journey.”

With lifetime access to our Med Elite Academy – our entire platform of video courses, books, and trainings on everything from study, board prep, rotations, residency applications, Step 3, intern year, and finances – you will always have answers to all your big and small questions! 

⚠️ “I want a coach, guide, and mentor today, tomorrow, and the rest of my medical journey – not just now.”

Even after your 1-on-1 coaching sessions are done, you’ll get access to our twice-monthly online group coaching calls so you can ask whatever big and small questions you have on your medical journey! Get Video Responses To Your Big And Small Questions With Practical Strategies

⚠️ “I want direct access to my coach to be able to ask any question, share my notes, struggles, wins, and get super fast replies so I can do well. 

✅ You’ll be able to message me directly through our Slack group and have your questions be sent directly to my phone so I can answer you questions ASAP!

So just to review – by joining the Med Ignite Coaching program – you will get access to all the following!

  • ⚡ 1-on-1 coaching calls so you can discover your perfect study strategy which means you’ll know exactly what to do to get better grades & where you should stop wasting your time

  • ⚡Various coaching plans so you have the exact amount of guidance you require which means you can obtain 1-on-1 coaching for any budget or timeframe

  • ⚡Lifetime Access to all of our step-by-step video courses on every major aspect of medical school so you can always know the best advice and strategies to follow which means you’ll always be prepared at each phase of your journey!

  • ⚡Personalized study schedule so you know exactly when to study and when you’ll be spending to relax and enjoy yourself!

  • ⚡Direct access to me through email and Slack so you can ask all your pressing questions which means you will receive instant feedback on how to study for your individual courses

  • ⚡Lifetime group coaching through our twice-monthly office hours so you can always receive monthly coaching which means we will always be in your corner to help you even after our 1-on-1 sessions are over

Common Questions!

Below are some frequently asked questions that many students had before they took the leap and joined!

Do you consider yourself a struggling student?

Are you finding yourself always looking for a better way to study?

Do you often find that the time you spend doesn’t lead to the results you want?

Are you having trouble focusing, retaining info, and staying interested when you study?

Finally, do you feel stressed, overworked, and demotivated?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are exactly the type of student I made this course for!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in med school, college, or on another pre-medical path. If you’re wanting to learn how to study better – our Med Ignite program can help you create a personalized study plan to succeed. 

I hope you know by now that I do this to help as many students as I can. Thus I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this program is for everyone. 

It’s not.

Here are a few examples of who the course is not a good fit for.

  • Students looking for a magic technique that will save their grades. This will take effort and time but it’s worked in the past. 
  • Students who don’t have the time to commit to watching our lessons, showing up to coaching calls, or asking questions to get feedback. This program is about personalizing through communication. If you’re not willing to keep us in the loop of how things are going then it’s likely not going to be the investment for you. 

These have been two examples where I’ve told readers not to purchase the program. If you want my honest opinion, feel free to apply and I’d be happy to let you know if you’d be a good fit!

The Med Ignite program is a step-by-step coaching program to help you personalize your study system. 

We break our program into 3 steps: 

Step 1: We figure out exactly everything wrong with your studying.

This includes your method, usage of your time, efficiency, momentum, and motivation.

By the end of Step 1 you will know everything you need to fix. 

This all happens even before your first coaching call with us!

Step 2: Through our 1-on-1 calls over 4 or 8-weeks depending on the program – you will know learn strategies you can implement to fix your biggest study holes. 

Step 3: We begin to see results and make adjustments to help you study less and still keep the retention high.

If you’re tired of constantly looking for the best thing, you likely have  that the perfect study system is inside you! You have to create it and I’m going to show you how.

Of course!

Here’s a video I made for you to answer this better!

Studying is studying. If anything we take the lessons from a busy and hectic med school life and transfer to those your academic journey!

We want to do our very best of giving you options to help you on your journey – watch the video below to see how we can do that for you!
Of course and many of students may choose to. Here’s how!
Great question. Simple answer – you still get our guidance and coaching. Here’s how:

Want To Get The Grades You Always Wanted Without Extra Time Or Stress In Just A Weeks?

What's Included In The Med Ignite Program

Apply Below!

Letter From our Founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Lakshya Trivedi 

I too have been at that dark place in medical school before.

Long hours.

Grades…not where I wanted them to be. 

Stress higher than some of my patient’s blood pressure. 

A severe lack of motivation. And an excess of doubt. 

When I started med school I was spending 8-10 hours a day studying!

I thought that was normal! (Little did I know)

But my grades didn’t reflect my effort. 

I was barely passing my exams. 

I felt helpless and like an imposter!

I couldn’t seem to remember anything. 

“Maybe I just wasn’t smart enough!” I would say.

Can you relate?

But after I finished feeling sorry for myself, I started to make some changes. 

I transformed everything I was doing bit by bit!

The results?

I finally figured it out!

I finished med school with a 3.9 GPA, high Step 1 scores (250+), honors in my rotations, and got into my #1 residency choice!

Now I take my successes and failures to help students just like you thrive in medical school!

Over the past 3 years I’ve coached and taught students on how to perfect their studying, productivity, board prep, and succeed on their clinical rotations.

Now I want to help you do the same!

Bottom line – you’re reading this because you want to go from a struggling or average student to one who is confident and crushing it in medical school. 

Our step-by-step program has helped countless students do just that. 

Looking forward to working with you as well and helping make your medical journey just a bit easier!

Lakshya Trivedi, M.D.

Ready To Get The Grades You Always Wanted Without Extra Time Or Stress In Just A Weeks?

What's Included In The Med Ignite Program

Apply Below!

Even More Student Feedback & Results!

TheMDJourney was the best investment I have made in medical school. Throughout my first year of school, I struggled to find a consistent way to study. Every other week I was changing my study method. Even though I was getting good grades, I had absolutely no free time, felt like I wasn’t retaining material and was constantly stressed. Lakshya helped hone my study methods, shared his success with Anki and as a result, I had my best block in medical school. On top of excelling in the classroom, I took time off from studying without feeling guilty about it. If you are on the fence about this program, you should absolutely go for it.
2nd Year Med Student

"i was able to match uConn Ortho as a dO. Couldn't have done that without your help."

"Got an 80 on the exam! definitely a very significant improvement."

"going into quiz, i had no test anxiety, felt confident, and no scattered thoughts!"

"i got an a in chemistry, statistics and gen-ed."

"i scored the highest grades on my final exams with just the short time of implementing your system."

"i got my bio exam back. got a 100!"

"Made a 90, 100s on my quizzes aye!"

"i got a 91 on my quiz this morning"

"i passed my remediation exams. i'm going into my white coat ceremony!"

"my husband has noticed how i am working out, sleeping on time, and able to handle this workload."

"i PASSED! i was still getting the
hang of it but i passed!"

"i did so much better on my exam today because of the help from the coach call on sunday."

"i found the call helpful. it was a good insight overall."

"i really appreciate the fact that i felt free
to speak. i didn't feel judged or
any less of myself."

"the coaching is going very well. his advice and knowledge are immensely helpful."

"I was very impressed and enjoyed her explanations and suggestions thoroughly."

"I Got My Pass Mark For Step One! So Happy."

"I Do See An Increase In My Studies/Understanding."

"I got an 80% average in my mixed
uworld questions."

"I Was very impressed and enjoyed her explanations and suggestions thoroughly."

"Nichole guided me and gave tips to help with my studies and time management!"

"I Got 93% For Anatomy And 83% For Histology!"

"My Scores Are The Strongest Ones Yet.

I Even Got A 100%!"

"I'm definitely feeling super confident with the rotation this far."

"got 12/15 in anatomy and 6/6.5 in lab. finally!"

"It Feels Amazing To See My Grades Improve!"

"I Got Two 86 And 100 On Skills"

"I Got A 93 On My Immuno Test."

"It's a good indicator that this
system can work for me."

"I can handle two midterms on one day right before a huge holiday! i'm surprised!"

"I made it through with less anxiety
than my other exams."

"Got back my bio post labs which
were 99, 90, and 89."

"I Benefited a lot in my study methods and seen a tremendous growth in my career."

"now with my pass (step 1), i know i
couldn't done it without him."

"I Feel Less Overwhelmed Knowing I Have A support system with amazing people like yourselves who have figured it out."

"I got a 89% in histology and 87.5% on my anatomy!"

"I got a 91.56% on my oSCE Exam"

"I'm so glad i picked you as a coach."

"I got the 2nd highest grade in the class"

"I Feel Better Because I Feel That
I Accomplished A Lot"

"We pulled a's! i still had time in
my schedule to relax"

"I've Never Felt So Prepared For An Exam"

"Best Investment I Have Made In Med School"

TheMDJourney was the best investment I have made in medical school. Throughout my first year of school, I struggled to find a consistent way to study. Every other week I was changing my study method. Even though I was getting good grades, I had absolutely no free time, felt like I wasn’t retaining material and was constantly stressed. Lakshya helped hone my study methods, shared his success with Anki and as a result, I had my best block in medical school. On top of excelling in the classroom, I took time off from studying without feeling guilty about it. If you are on the fence about this program, you should absolutely go for it.
2nd Year Med Student

Better Grades After Just 1 Coaching Call!

"i got a 100 on my biochem verbal exam!"

The first coaching call went very well. I feel equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed in my next block of courses. Thank you for answering all my questions and concerns so thoroughly. I like the customized google calendar that you sent me.
Masters Student

"I can already tell the difference"

First coaching session was awesome, was only expecting it to be a little bit of an introduction and some general recommendations, however I got so much more than that! Only a few days in to applying Lakshya's ideas, and I can already tell the difference. Stress levels reduced and productivity increasing already
International Medical Student

"i had a shift!"

"When I started MD1 I was all over the place. I would compare it to learning how to swim for the first time and you re trying to tread water. Lakshya helped me put the pieces together. Outside of medical school I would say I’m a disciplined and structured person by nature. However, for some reason I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Maybe it was shock and the unbelief of the unrealistic expectations medical institutions have of students.

I wasn’t really sure if his program would work but I gave it a chance because I really had nothing to lose. Lakshya helped me track how I was spending my time and study efforts. I took that along with his method of how many times you should be seeing material and was able to create a practical blueprint for what I should be doing every day. Imagine someone writing you tailored instructions on how to get through medical school from day one or whatever semester you are in. What mattered to me the most was that I didn’t feel judged nor was there ever a moment where he made me feel like I couldn’t improve my grades.

There were some coaching sessions where I had literally pulled myself together just enough to be able to say I had a bad week. “I remember him saying to me you’re right there, you’re just above what you need to see improvement”, that’s when I had a shift! It’s really reassuring to know that if I have a question I have the ear of a doctor and I really needed that since being an online student in medical school has been somewhat isolating. "
1st Year Med Student

"Dr. Trivedi Is Amazing So Far"

Dr. Trivedi is amazing so far. Just in our first session alone, Dr. Trivedi carefully listened to my experiences as a medical student - and he took a genuine interest in identifying my struggles as a student. Based on my experience, he was able to move forward with meaningful and manageable plan for improving my studying and time efficiency. I am excited to continue working together.
1st Year Med Student

"If You're On The Fence, You'll be glad you did"

"Dr. Trivedi was extremely friendly and helpful during our conversation. The same thoughtful and compassionate demeanor that shines through his videos is what you get during a 1-on-1 with him. Take the jump and commit to using TheMDJourney’s services if you’re on the fence, you’ll be glad you did!"
Kevin M
3rd Year Med Student

After Just One Coaching Call!

Coaching is going great thus far. With this being my first coaching call, i felt that it went tremendously smooth. I really felt like you was being very attentive and actively trying to come up with a suggestion that you felt would best suit me, which I really appreciated. Overall, I have the utmost confidence that this coaching process is going to go very smoothly.
2nd Year Med Student

The Rest Was history...

My study system has improved tremendously since being involved with TheMDJourney. It gave me a more solidified direction and confidence in the way I approach my studying. The biggest thing for me was understanding what I was doing wrong and why my approach didn’t get the results I wanted. Once that was identified through this program, the rest was history.
Allison D.
Pre-Med Student

Got Into His #1 Residency Choice!

I matched to my #1 in an EXTREMELY competitive residency. Sifting through board scores is one part of the equation, but your programs gave me inside info I needed that set me apart as a prospective resident.
Max M.
4th Year Med Student

"Your system has worked The best for me"

After mind mapping, taking notes on the computer, taking notes on a tablet, pre-reading lecture notes, making diagrams, I was lost on how to study because each method was simply too time consuming. Your methods from these books and course are working for me and giving me hope that having a life in medical school is possible! I have tried 10+ study methods gathered over the internet, from my classmates, and even from other books to study for medical school. So far your system has worked best for me and it has led to a significant increase in my grades and confidence.
Frank Y.
2nd Year Med Student

He's Studying Less than 5 hours a day

Working with Lakshya, is one of the best investments I've ever made in my education. Over the course of the coaching we were able to constantly improve my study strategies and time-management skills. While working with Lakshya, my grades were able to go from slightly above average, to scoring in the 90s on my exams and doing so while studying less than 5 hours per day
Jordan Y.
1st Year Med Student

"It Gave Me Some Great First Steps."

I thought the coaching call went great. It gave me some great first steps and a basic structure of what to do next. I'm not sure what I'd do differently honestly. Thank you!
1st Year Med Student

"The Coaching Helped Me To Be More
Prepared For Residency."

I think the coaching helped me to be more prepared for residency, have a system to collect all data- second brain, be familiar with the best resources for internal medicine, and gave a system in place for reviewing stuff.
1st Year Med Student

"The call was everything I had hoped
it would be!"

The call was everything I had hoped it would be! I felt like I learned so many ways to not only make my studying more efficient, but also more enjoyable. I don't think there is anything I would've changed about it. Looking forward to the next one!
1st Year Med Student

"I'm very Grateful For The Overall Confidence You've Instilled In Me."

Coaching is going well. This week will officially mark the first week of my applying the coaching advice and tactics that I've learned in the program thus far. I'm very grateful for the prompt responses, quick turnarounds and overall confidence you've instilled in me. Thank you!
1st Year Med Student

"Working with you has been such a great
tool and necessity."

Lakshya, working with you has been such a great tool and necessity leading up to my board exams. You have been very patient and knowledgeable with me and couldn't thank you enough for the roadmap that you and I have laid out for future success. Looking forward to our continued relationship. Thanks!
1st Year Med Student

Ready To Get The Grades You Always Wanted Without Extra Time Or Stress In Just A Weeks?

What's Included In The Med Ignite Program

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