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4 Tips to Succeed in Medical School

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Want to go to medical school, graduate, and become a doctor? In this post, I’ll break down 4 tips you should know to succeed in medical school and enjoy it too!

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How To Study in Medical School

I am now officially a doctor!

succeed in medical school

After four years of studying in medical school, I made it! And I am telling you this not to brag, although I want to let you know that you have been a huge part of this journey. But I tell you this for two things:

  1. Motivation to show that you can do it, too!
  2. Give advice to you about finishing medical school

I’d like to think that I enjoyed the process and so, I want to share with you these tips that I learned myself, on how to succeed in medical school while enjoying the process.

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4 Tips to Succeed in Medical School

Tip #1: Make Sure You Want To Remember Med School

remember med school

So, my first tip on how to succeed in medical school is to make sure that you treat medical school as the four years that you want to remember.

I think one of the biggest pitfalls that med students fall into is that they see med school as just another stepping stone into their medical journey.

They want to become a doctor. They want to get to where I am, but what they will realize, what I am about to realize is that it just gets tougher.

That can be demoralizing. But what you want to do is to just enjoy every process at a time.

Med school is amazing. It’s fun.

You can enjoy your time while studying and working hard. However, you must get in that mindset of that “these are four years that I want to remember in a positive sense”.

I don’t want it to be something where I remembered how hard I work.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s important. But that shouldn’t be the highlight whenever I think about med school.

When I look back at my four years of medical school, it’s not the long hours of studying that comes to mind first.

It’s the friends that I made. It’s the amazing patients that I still think about to this day that really transformed me into the doctor I’m about to become.

So, make sure you have those memories at the forefront of your medical school.

Tip #2: Find the Unseen Doors of Opportunity

succeed in medical school

This second tip on how to succeed in medical is something that I didn’t realize until about a month before school was over.

When I came to this country, my parents didn’t have a high school education, college education, and definitely not a med school education. Yet, they worked hard because they wanted me to be educated.

And so, our first goal was to graduate high school and get into college. We did that.

Then, our next goal was to graduate from college and get that degree, we did that too!

And then, they wanted me to get a higher education if I wanted to, and I did. I chose to be a physician, and here I am.

Now, these first goals – to graduate from high school and get a degree from college – are things that were kind of obvious to everybody. These are things that we would usually aim for.

But a medical degree is something that seems impossible when you start at a position that I did. And many of you guys are probably in that situation, too.

What you must understand is that for you to realize your true potential, you have to get past the obvious doors of opportunity that everybody sees. This applies both in your academic and personal life.

You first have to get past the obvious doors of opportunity that everybody sees.

You may be smart so people can tell that you are going to get that college degree. But to get to your true potential, you must crush through those doors of opportunities. Only then can you see the doors of opportunity that you never knew there for you.

I never knew I’d be going to a top medical school, much less graduate near the top of the class, and do extremely well while just enjoying the process. And now I’m into the position of being a doctor and I can take care of patients in a few short weeks.

That’s crazy!

All you need to do is to get through those obvious doors of opportunities and take yourself further towards more opportunities. There you will see that you can do better than what you’ve expected.

Tip #3: Take a Deep Breath (IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY)

succeed in medical school

Sometimes, medical school can be too much for us. So, one of my tips to succeed in medical school is to step back and take a deep breath.

But you have to remember that regardless of what you go through in your medical and personal life, I promise you, it’s going to be okay.

Even though it might seem like the end of the world or your academic, it’s all going to be fine.

Your scores may not be as high as you want, or the rotation may not go well. There are times that the classes might go wrong, or the test could not go well.

But you must understand that all these things are just minor details in your life-long plan.

So, take it one step at a time – take a deep breath.

Mourn for a second and be disappointed if it happens to you. It happened to me, too. But then, take it as a motivation to work hard and get better the next time.

Take a deep breath, take a second to be disappointed, then move on. You’ll see that the quicker you do this, the better you will do for yourself.

Tip #4: Make Lifelong Friends in Medical School

succeed in medical school

They say that friends who go through the darkest tunnels come out with the strongest bond. So, I think this is the most important advice on how to succeed in medical school.

Honestly, I wish I made this more.

Medical school is an environment that is unlike any other. You will be studying like you never studied before. You will be working hard in a way that you’ve never worked hard before.

And you will be doing this with individuals who will go through it the same time as you.

This makes it so easy for you to create lifelong relationships with these individuals. Not only do you have common hobbies, but you also go through the same struggles and the same things together.

So, make sure you take the time to know these individuals.

You’ll easily see that these people are super smart. But they are also the kindest and most compassionate people that you can find. They can also be funny and athletic.

Honestly, you can find a lot of lifelong friends and individuals in medical school if you take the time to take your face out of the book.

Make sure that you’re not just making a connection with your textbook or your own world.

Spend some time out. Make sure you have evenings dedicated to hanging out with your medical school friends. Or find people with the same hobbies and interests as you do.

I played a lot of basketball during med school and I realized that a lot of my closest friends are the individuals that I played ball with.

So, definitely make the effort to make friends. I promise you; it’s going to be worth it.

You don’t want to be the person during graduation that is looking at everyone else taking a picture together and you’re not part of the group.

You can succeed in medical school, too!

So those are the tips that got me through med school and brought me success. I hope they can help you in your medical journey, too.

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