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I’m Lakshya (Luck-sh) and I”m 4th year med student. 

I too struggled finding my groove as a clinical student

But after several learning the right systems and strategies – everything began to click!

Now I take my successes and failures to help students just like you thrive in medical school!

Let me show you quickly what I was able to accomplish during my clinical years…

I used to be in your shoes!

Now let me help you crush your rotations!

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3.9 GPA!

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Want to learn how I was able to get 5 publications during my rotations?

Want TO Learn How You Can Also Crush It On Your Rotations?

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Introducing The Clinical Guide!

The Clinical Guide

What is The Clinical Guide?

A Step-by-Step Guide TO Help you become a
superstar student on the wards from DAY 1!

What Will You Learn?

Blogging in Medical School

Advanced Study
Study Strategies
For Rotations!

How do you study with a busy clinical schedule?

We’ll go over some advanced techniques that will have you studying quickly and still crush your exams!

How To Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

Burnout is real during clerkships. 

But you can still have time for… you!

We’ll discover how to make time for your most important priorities even with a busy schedule!

How To Survive Medical School(3)

Impress The Right People For Your Future Career

Whether you’re preparing for residency or your future career – you’ll have to impress the right people. 

Learn easy to follow tips which can make your attendings, residents, and patients brag about you!

Time To Thrive!

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The Clinical Guide

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Want To Learn How To Just Dominate On Your Rotations?

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Crushing Clinicals

Crushing Clinicals Video Course

What Is Crushing Clinical?

Full Training Course To Help You Excel On Any Rotation

  • Learn tips and strategies for all of your core rotations. 
  • Get sample study schedules to ace your board exams
  • Learn how to master necessary skills such as EKG, reading X-rays, interpreting labs, and tying surgical knots!
  • How to 10X your results on each service!
Batching in Med School

Lessons On How To Get Amazing Evaluations From Your Attendings!

  • Learn the 7-step process to being the ultimate student doctor
  • Discover how to deal with the difficult attending on a tough rotation
  • Know exactly what you have to do to get evaluators to call the “the best student I’ve ever had”

Learn The Skills That No One Ever Teaches You For Your Rotations

  • Learn the 9-step approach to crushing each day in the hospital or clinic
  • Discover how to write quick progress notes which are amazing
  • Find out how to give amazing presentations your attendings actually want to listen to!

Discover How To Get Your Patients To Brag About You!

  • Learn my simple 3-step strategy to amazing patient care
  • Start having your patients rave about you in front of your attendings and residents!

Dominate Your Clinicals With Balance and a Future Mindset!

  • See how you can find time for yourself and hobbies! (I found the time to write 3 books!)
  • Learn how exactly to boost your residency application through publications and extracurriculars!
  • Learn my 1:2:2:2:1 method to prep for residency interviews without any stress!

What You Get With Crushing Clinicals!

The Clinical Guide

The Clinical Guide eBook
($29.99 Value)

Get advanced strategies broken down for you in a step-by-step format for every rotation and service. All so you can shine, get amazing grades, and set yourself up for your future careers!

Crushing Clinicals Video Course

Crushing Clinicals
Video Course
($199.99 Value)

Over 50 step-by-step video lessons on tips, resources, and live training on how to succeed on any rotation you’re on and look like a superstar!

Plus Bonuses!

Step 2 CK
($99.99 Value)

Learn the strategies which helped me (and many of my students) get a 255+ Step 2CK score!

Next Level Residency CV
($49.99 Value)

Learn how to take your residency application to the next level to make your application irresistible!

That's Over $370 of Content!

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Get The Crushing Clinicals course and The Clinical Guide + the amazing bonuses for just…

Crushing Clinicals

+ Bonuses!
$ 149
(2 Monthly Payments of $89.99)
  • Crushing Clinical Video Course
  • The Clinical Guide eBook
  • Crushing Step 2 CK Module (Free)
  • Next Level Residency CV Module (Free)

The Clinical Guide eBook

$ 29
  • Get just the eBook for 30% OFF and receive advanced step-by-step strategies for each of your rotations!

We're proud to have some amazing results from our clinical coaching studnets!

I reached out to Lakshya to help me on my surgery and pediatric rotations. I struggled big time on my IM month. But after using his advice I felt more confident and did better on my most recent surgery shelf.
Juan R.
Third Year Med Student
Was stressed about Step 2 and Lakshya helped me a ton coming up with a study plan! (: Thank you so much!
Jasmine W.
Third Year Med Student

Common Questions!

Below are some frequently asked questions that many students had before they took the leap and joined!

Struggling doing well on your rotations?

Wanting to learn a better way to get honors?

Do you feel stressed, sleep deprived, and not enjoying your rotations?

Are you having trouble studying for your exams with clinical duties?

Finally, are you stressed about how to prep for residency applications and board exams?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are exactly the type of student I made this course for!

I hope you know by now that I do this to help as many students as I can. Thus I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this course is for everyone.

It’s not.

Here are a few examples of who the course is not a good fit for.

  • Students are far away from taking their first clinical rotation. I’d recommend checking out one of our other books or course.
  • Students soon about to graduate medical school (next 6 months). Unless you have something specific left to study for, the tips on this course won’t pertain to you as a resident

These have been two examples where I’ve told readers not to purchase the course. If you want my honest opinion, feel free to send me an email and I’d be happy to let you know if you’d be a good fit!

The video course is a collection of 50+ video modules to help you on every aspect of succeeding as a clinical student.

The course will include

  • How To Dominate Your Rotations
    • Tips and strategies for each service.
    • Skills you’ll have to master to succeed
    • How to deal with difficult attendings or colleagues
  • Crushing Your Exams
    • Sample study schedules for each rotation and board exam
    • Learn the top resources to help your crush your tests!
    • Discover how to find time to efficiently study including my favorite study method for your rotations!
  • Patient Care Domination
    • Learn my 3-step process to getting your patients to love you
    • Discover how to handle tough patients and tough disease
  • Clinical Mastery
    • Learn how to be adept in skills such as EKG, X-rays, Reading Labs, and more
    • Learn simple formula to give amazing presentations
    • Discover my 9-step process to be an efficient clinical student
  • And so much more (step 2 ck and CS, Residency Apps, Balance, Stress Management, Productivity, etc.)

I always get the price dilemma. 

To help you I provide a 2-month payment plan!

Remember you’re also getting over $220 OFF!

Is it worth it to you to crush your rotations for low monthly payments?

If so this course is for you!

You can process the payment plan at the checkout!

The course is yours for life first of all!

You will receive about 50+ digital modules to help you dominate on your rotations. This will be provided to you in video format via one of my trusted online hosting platforms. You will receive an email once you’ve been added to the course.

In addition you will also have spreadsheets, documents, surveys, and links you need to participate in the helpful activities of the course.

The course and book will be released on March 15th!

Again my goal has always been to help as many students as possible. If I’m unable to do that, you get a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Your satisfaction is my biggest priority.

No Risk, All The Rewards

Get The Crushing Clinicals course and The Clinical Guide + the amazing bonuses for just…

Crushing Clinicals

+ Bonuses!
$ 149
(2 Monthly Payments of $89.99)
  • Crushing Clinical Video Course
  • The Clinical Guide eBook
  • Crushing Step 2 CK Module (Free)
  • Next Level Residency CV Module (Free)

The Clinical Guide eBook

$ 29
  • Get just the eBook for 30% OFF and receive advanced step-by-step strategies for each of your rotations!