Top 10 best gadgets for medical students

Top 10 Best Gadgets For Medical Students

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If you’re curious about the best gadgets for medical students, keep reading to find out my ultimate list of must-have items for future doctors. From laptops to coffee makers, I got you covered with all the things you’ll need during this time!

Life as a medical student can be difficult and often stressful. With the countless books you need to read and terms you need to memorize, you may wonder whether there’s something you can do to make things a bit easier.

Training to become a doctor can be more bearable with the help of the latest technology. Things like having an excellent laptop, smart speakers, and other items can save you lots of time that you can instead spend on studying.

Make your med school life easier as I present you with the following 10 gadgets you need to get your hands on and items you didn’t know you needed!

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MacBook Air 2020

macbook air - best gadgets for med school

Although it’s not a requirement for medical school, it would be challenging to get through medical school without a laptop. What’s great about having one is that you’ll be flexible enough to access your texts and even do your assignments

The Macbook Air 2020 by Apple is powered by an 8-core processor, and the same goes for their graphics support. With these specs, expect that its multitasking performance is now more smooth and more accessible than ever. 

Enjoy a 13-inch screen sported with a Retina display, an Apple-exclusive brand to describe their IPS and LCDs. Apple also claims that this Macbook’s battery can last up to 18 hours which is just what you need for those long study sessions. 

Technical Details:

CPUSoC Apple M1 chip, an octa-core processor with four cores for performance and 4 for efficiency; Neural engine with 16 cores 
GPU 8-core Apple GPU
Display13.3 inches with Retina display (IPS and LED), 2560×1600 resolution at 227 pixels by inch
Storage256 / 512 GB
Operating SystemmacOS 

Acer Aspire 5 2021

acer aspire 5 - best gadgets for med students

If you’re hunting for a more affordable option for a good laptop, then you could never go wrong with the Acer Aspire 5! It costs just under $500, half as much as a MacBook Pro, and works just as well as the latter. 

I understand how expensive the tuition and other fees can be in medical school. It’s only practical that you’ll want something cheaper but can still handle all of your activities easily. 

Acer’s Aspire 5 is one of the most affordable laptops in the market, with just enough CPU capacity to handle multitasking just fine. This one has a screen size of 15.6 inches, which is slightly bigger than the Macbook Pro. 

This one also features a backlit keyboard to make late-night cramming affairs easier. Many students prefer this one since Windows isn’t as strict as Apple when it comes to installing applications and software. 

Technical Details:

CPUAMD Ryzen 3 3.5GHz
GPU Integrated
Display15.6-inch with LED and IPS display, 1920-by-1080 widescreen
RAM8 GB / 12 GB / 16 GB/ 20 GB
Storage128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
Operating SystemWindows

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2nd Generation iPad Pro By Apple

ipad pro - best gadgets for med students

One of the perks of having a tablet is that it’s way more portable than your average laptop. It’s also way cheaper and has longer battery life due to its smaller screen size. 

Like most tablets in the market, Apple also offers an option where you can use the iPad Pro like a phone. However, internet connection plans are required if you want to use that feature of Apple. 

Do you like to write down notes? iPad Pro supports other Apple accessories such as the Apple Pencil, a wireless stylus pen. 

Aside from writing onto your iPad, you can also use this stylus pen for navigating through the device without using your finger. The pen features palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, which can be useful for doing some sketches. 

The iPad Pro is also supported by a magic keyboard and smart keyboard, which are also Apple trademarks. Read here to know more about these accessories.

Technical Details:

Display11 inches with Retina display (Liquid) powered by TrueTone and  ProMotion 
Capacity128 GB to 1 TB
Camera Quality12 MP and 10 MP Rear Camera; 7MP Front Camera
Battery LifeIt can last up to 10 hours when surfing with Wi-Fi; 9 hours when cellular data is used

Littman Core Smart Stethoscope

Littmann Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a device utilized to listen to sounds within the body, used primarily in the heart and chest area. It was created by a French physician, René Laennec, because he got uncomfortable leaning his ear on a woman’s chest to listen to her heartbeat. 

Since you’re technically a doctor-in-making, you may want to get this digital stethoscope by Littman. Listening to body sounds can be confusing, and this little gadget can help you recognize and even share audio graphs with your colleagues.

A unique feature of this item is that it can connect to an application that you can download on your phone. This software helps you record and visualize waveforms of heart sounds, making it easier to identify them. 

Another interesting detail about Littman Smart Stethoscope is that you can amplify the sound for up to 40x. This device will be a great aid, especially for young students who have just started med school. 

Technical Details:

VariationBlack, copper, and rainbow-colored chest piece
Included PiecesStem, digital stethoscope, tube, chest piece, headset
Weight87 grams or 3 ounces
Special specificationsSupported by Eko software; it has a noise-canceling feature and an option for 40x audio amplification

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Speidel Scrub Watch

speidel watch - best gadegets for med students

In medical school, everything can be pretty hectic. Make sure you pass your requirements on time by getting this scrub watch by Speidel.

Speidel comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from to suit your liking. Aside from that, the brand claims that it is designed specifically to help medical professionals. 

It promotes comfortability with its silicon straps that will not feel restraining after a whole day of making rounds. The numbers are large enough so you can count the minutes and seconds with ease when you’re recording respirations or pulses

Sometimes, performing some mock procedures can be messy. However, you don’t have to worry about staining your scrub watch because it’s easy to clean! Just a simple sanitary wipe and you’re all good.

However, other buyers seem to experience one downside: the watch’s head is 1 to 1 ½ inches wide. It can be pretty big for people with smaller wrists

Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

Sony headphones

Sometimes, you’ll have one of those days when you want your roommates to shut up so you can get your work done. An excellent pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you drown out outside noise and avoid distractions. 

Sony is a reputable brand known for its durability and performance. These headphones from Sony offer an excellent active noise cancellation, which you can adjust to your preference. 

If you like to listen to some music while studying, you’ll love the 360 Reality Audio feature by Sony. This technology will make streaming audios feel so real that you’re right beside the artist or you’re in a real concert. 

Did I also mention that this Sony WH-1000XM4 is wireless? It can stay up to 38 hours of playback when fully charged. 

Another interesting trait of Sony is its fast charging feature. Expect 5 hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging!

Microsoft Surface 6 Tablet

Microsoft surface pro 6 tablet

A cheaper alternative to Apple’s iPad Pro is the Microsoft Surface 6 Tablet. This one is also a favorite gadget among medical students due to its performance that can compete against the iPad Pro. 

Microsoft Surface 6 boasts an intel-5 8th generation processor, which makes every task smooth and faster. Using multiple applications shouldn’t be a problem to its performance.

Due to its slimness and lightweight, it’s the perfect PC on the go wherever you are. However, just like on Apple’s iPad Pro, the keyboard and pen are separate purchases

This Surface 6 version of Microsoft Tablet is also much more vibrant than their previous versions. This device is 12 inches big with a screen resolution of 2736-by-1824, making reading and viewing medical simulations more immersive. 

Although the battery life isn’t as long as the iPad Pro, it can make up for its great CPU and GPU performance. 

FYI. If you are into laptops that can also work like tablets, then check out the top 10 best 2-in-1 laptops for medical students!

Technical Details:

Display12.3 inches with Retina display (Liquid) powered by TrueTone and  ProMotion 
CPUIntel Core-5 8th generation
GPUIntegrated graphics
Capacity8 GB RAM; 256 GB SSD
Camera Quality8 MP rear camera
Battery LifeIt can last up to 6 hours

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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

echo - best gadgets for med students

Since medical school will keep you busy most of the time, you may appreciate some little help with Amazon’s Echo. This smart assistant lets you talk to Alexa (Amazon’s version of Siri) and helps you with tasks such as telling you the weather, setting up an alarm, getting you news updates, and so much more. 

This Amazon Echo is a speaker device you can link to your audio streaming applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, etc. You can even ask Alexa to play different songs for you while studying.

Do you know that listening to music can help boost your cognitive function? According to Stanford University, listening to classical music positively affects your brain health and accepts new information more quickly. 

Although you might not be used to listening to western traditional music, you can try it for yourself and see if it’s also applicable to you. 

The primary function of Amazon Echo is to support its users in getting a hands-free experience. You can also request Alexa to turn on and off the lights for you and make or receive calls from individuals who also own this kind of device.

Wake-Up Light By Philips

Philips Smartsleep - best gadget for med students

Being a medical student also means getting little to no rest. Sometimes you’d be so mentally exhausted that you tend to oversleep, which is something you can’t afford to do because you probably have a lot of school work that you need to work on. 

This product will help you to wake up on time by simulating the colors of the sunrise. It is clinically proven to make sure you wake up naturally and be less frustrated when you do. 

I know some people who get in a bad mood when they wake up, even though they need to. This results in poor performance in their daily activities, and they may even experience anxiety at times.

If you have trouble falling asleep, this wake-up light can also simulate sunset colors to prepare your body for sleeping. It can also play some soothing sounds to ensure that you rest easy.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Works coffee maker

Nothing beats starting the day with a good cup of coffee. However, with your jam-packed schedule, do you even have the time to make one?

Alexa supports this state-of-the-art coffee maker by Hamilton Beach. If you have the Amazon Echo, you can link this product to Alexa and ask her to brew coffee for you and get it ready when you wake up. How convenient, right? 

You can control your coffee maker at the convenience of your phone. You can adjust when the brewing starts, and you can also turn it off without ever touching it. 

Just in case you forgot to switch it off, this smart coffee maker has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent any accidents. 

Did I also mention that this product can make up to 12 cups of coffee? You can also adjust between a regular or cold brew.

When picking the gadgets to accompany your studying, it’s essential to consider the affordability and durability of the product. Remember to spend money only on things you need since medical school doesn’t come cheap.

The road to being a doctor is never easy, and it will take you several years before you officially become one. It’s only understandable that you’ll want something that’s going to last as much as it possibly can.

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Thank you for reading this post on the best gadgets for medical students. I hope you found useful gadgets to help you on your medical journey.

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