Top Resources for Ob-Gyn Rotation

Top Resources I Used To Honor My Ob-Gyn Rotation

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So many babies and contraception! This sums up my Ob-Gyn experience. In this post, we will take a few minutes away from labor and IUDs and discuss the top resources for the Ob-Gyn rotation!

Check out my additional tips for the Ob-Gyn rotation such as my study schedule and tips to honor the rotation.

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I never thought I’d find a question bank I liked as much as UWORLD. But UWISE for the Ob/Gyn rotation is it.

UWISE is an online module which has over 600 questions.

The best part of UWISE is the questions are split into their respective sections. The sections are each 10 questions.

You can thus do 10 questions on contraception, another 10 on post-term labor, and finally 10 on post-menopausal bleeding.

This allows your studying to be very focused.

The questions are overall well written and high-yield information.

The only caveat I would give is the explanations are at times hard to decipher on which answer choice is correct.

But otherwise, the question bank is solid. I highly recommend you schedule in time to complete them all.

If you can’t get access to UWISE then try out this Anki cards which cover the topics. Full disclaimer I didn’t know of these during my rotation! Hope they help!

At the end of your rotation, it would be helpful to do the random 50 or 100 question tests. They do reuse the questions from each section, but I found them helpful as a final review before my shelf.

Case Files for Ob/Gyn (A):

Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fifth Edition

I never liked Case Files for any rotation. But I loved it for Ob/Gyn. It was one of my top resources for the Ob-Gyn rotation.

Ob/Gyn is a subject which can easily lead you down a rabbit hole.

There are several high-yield basic knowledge you need to know, but you manage to master those pretty quickly.

Thus I noticed fellow classmates try to memorize obscure facts, nerves, procedures, etc. which were low yield.

Case Files for the Ob-Gyn shelf, on the other hand, was the exact amount of high-yield information I needed.

The tables, figures, and end of chapter quizzes were all helpful.

See the current prices and reviews of Case Files for Ob/Gyn on Amazon here.

Some students used Blueprints for Ob/Gyn and enjoyed it. You can learn more about the book here.

I just found Case Files to cover what I needed to know.

When I completed the text I felt I had a good grasp on how to differentiate between common obstetric complications and gynecology pathology.

I go over my study schedule for the Ob-Gyn rotation here. You can also find my additional tips for the Ob/Gyn rotation here.

If you want to know how I studied during the rotation, read about the method I use to study for all my rotations here.

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You always have to include UWORLD for any rotation.

For Ob/Gyn, there are about 280 questions.

I’ll break down on the study schedule for Ob/Gyn post how I did the questions.

But make sure you do them!

Brosencephalon Deck (A+):

I’ve spoken highly of this Anki deck in the past. Namely, I used them for Surgery and Internal medicine.

They were very helpful for my Ob/Gyn rotation.

I would often do 50 flashcards on my walk into the hospital (about 15-minute walk).

They are very brief, high-yield, and appear to stem from UWORLD and Case Files anyways.

Try to add these to your schedule if possible. Again I’ll illustrate how in my study schedule post.

NBME Subject Exams (A):

Doing these practice exams is why I can say resources like Case Files and UWISE were great.

The NBME practice exams confirmed that the above material is enough to learn the material you need and still do well on the exam.

I recommend doing at least 2 if not all the exams. Ideally, you can do these during the last week of your rotation.

OnlineMedEd (A+):

I had totally forgotten about using OnlineMedEd for the Ob-Gyn rotation until a week away from my exam.

But I am so glad I remembered!

There are about 20+ notes (maybe 30?) on Ob/Gyn and they’re all wonderful.

The notes touch on a lot of the high-yield info from Case Files with the additional helpful material.

I managed to go through these notes twice during the last week and felt confident going into the exam.

Check out OnlineMedEd here!

If you’re interested in OnlineMedEd, use this promo code: MDJourney25 to get a 25% discount! It is valid for annual memberships only (Core and PA).

Pre-Test Ob-Gyn (B):

Obstetrics And Gynecology PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, 14th Edition

I’m a sucker for more questions.

Thus after finishing UWISE, UWORLD, and Case Files, I gave Pre-Test for Ob/Gyn a shot.

Pre-Test for Ob-Gyn has 500 questions which are great for anyone needing extra practice.

I would say 60-70% of questions test you on high-yield information. The rest is a toss up of useless or resident level info.

Still, I found it helpful to go through sections about labor, abnormal bleeding, etc and getting extra practice.

You can check out Pre-Test for Ob/Gyn here on Amazon.

So to review my recommendations:

Definitely get Case Files for Ob/Gyn (Blueprints if you want more information)
Do the UWORLD and UWISE questions
Add in Brosencephalon deck to your study plan
OnlineMedEd notes your final 2 weeks (here’s $80 off a year’s subscription)
Do at least 2 NBME practice exams
Add in Pre-Test for Ob-Gyn for more practice questions!

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Hope you enjoyed my top resources for the Ob-Gyn rotation!

Check out my additional tips for the Ob-Gyn rotation such as my study schedule and tips to honor the rotation.

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