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How To Study Step-By-Step Video Course (Free)

Watch me show you for FREE my favorite way to study in medical school in this 9-part video course!!

How To Study in Medical School

Level Up Your Studying

Level Up Your Studying

Learn how to design your perfect study system in just 3-weeks so you can cut your study time in half while improving your grades!

Crushing Clinicals

Crushing Clinicals Video Course

Dominate on every rotation you’re on and get honors. Learn how to study and stay productive with a busy clinical schedule and also how to impress the right people with ease!

The Pre-Med Blueprint

Pre-Med BluePrint

Everything you need to know to succeed in college as a pre-med and get into medical school with an irresistible application!

The Successful Pre-Med

Perfect your pre-med years and learn how to study, be productive, pick meaningful extracurriculars, and set up your med school application for success. 

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I absolutely love the course! All the information is so invaluable. I've implemented the following techniques: - Google Calendar for planning my week (thank you for including your own schedule, it really helped! ) - Thank you for introducing a way to use the Feynman technique post-lecture! It was a good way to really clarify what I didn't know. Thank you so much!
Freddy ( College Freshman)
I sincerely enjoyed your Pre-Med blueprint as well, especially the portion on job shadowing, studying and productivity. This has cut my studying time by 75% and saved me HOURS in terms of applying for shadowing."
Morgan (International Applicant)

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I’m currently an internal medicine resident who loves to write and  mentor. I created at the end of my first year and I’m blown away by how much it has grown. My goal is to help as many students as possible. You can get in contact with me at [email protected]

Lakshya Trivedi