Welcome to TheMDJourney!

Welcome To TheMDJourney!

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Hello! I’m extremely excited to announce the beginning of what I hope to be a long-term project and welcome you to TheMDJourney blog!

Having finished a year in medical school it became obvious that the life of a med student is one that is very hard to explain. Despite many attempts, family members and loved ones would still ask me questions such as:

  • Are you a doctor yet? – No.
  • Didn’t you just have a test? – Yes.
  • Why do you need to study all the time; how much could you possibly have to know?


  • What medical specialty are you current training to be? – I have three more years to choose.
  • Are you in the hospital all the time? – No.
  • Are you getting paid? I wish!

And many many more..

Thus, this blog will be my attempt to explain a day-to-day life of someone on the MD journey. I will include personal reflections and experiences, tips and advice for those also on this medical path, as well as non-medical aspects (fitness, sports, reading, food, personal development, etc.) of my life which make this journey unique to me.

I humbly hope that you’ll join me to see where this journey is headed.

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Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time my friend…

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