What is a good UWorld score for Step 1 (title)

What Is A Good UWORLD Score For Step 1?

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I’ve been there, too, stressing out and asking questions like what is a good UWorld score for Step 1? Until I realized that my score was just a part of my overall preparation for the test.

With that, let me share my studying journey with UWorld — including the mistakes to avoid and tips to consider!

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What Is A Good UWorld Score For Step 1?

Aim to get at least 70% to 75%. You’ll get a better chance of passing the real test with enough of a buffer if you get within the range.

In case you haven’t heard, the USMLE Step 1 only reports pass or fail for students who took the exam since January 26, 2022.

Here’s how to study for Step 1 now that it’s pass/fail:

Yes, there’s no more three-digit scoring scale anymore.

However, if you’re curious about the old scoring system, the passing standard on a three-digit scoring scale is 196.

The UWorld self-assessment scores were very close to the actual score for USMLE Step 1. So, if you want to pass the true test, ensure a higher grade in your UWorld examinations.

Is Step 1 Easier Than UWorld?

UWorld can be more challenging to pass than the actual USMLE Step 1 — all thanks to UWorld’s frequent updates of the study material aligning the scholar’s strengths and weaknesses.

UWorld is a well-known online review platform that offers aspiring medical professionals thought-provoking questions, comprehensive explanations, and customizable study blocks that can help you ace your USMLE examination.

But don’t be too complacent.

While passing UWorld is already an advantage, check out other medical resources like First Aid and NBME self-assessments for better chances of performing exceptionally on your test.

My tip here is to concentrate on mastering the ideas in your QBank instead of aiming to get all the answers correctly.

Check out this article for the best question banks for Step 1 and how to use them.

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Tips To Pass UWorld And USMLE Step 1 Exam

Before anything else, as much as possible, start reviewing for a few months. At this point, you know how studying medicine is not a sprint — it’s a marathon.

It’s ideal for most USMLE Step 1 exam takers to start studying early, as it would help them boost their scores.

Let me share with you some tips on how to study with UWorld for Step 1:

Tip #1 Pace Yourself

It’s true, ladies and gents! Adequate study time can give you a better chance of mastering a specific concept.

This time, you wouldn’t have to worry about time yet. You can go slow.

More than that, you have more time to review some questions you missed and, of course, confirm you understand the topic before moving on to another one.

P.S. Not sure how many questions a day you should do on UWorld? Click here.

Tip #2 Familiarize and Practice More

UWorld delivers the best review materials and question banks. Take advantage of this.

Familiarize yourself with USMLE Step 1 practice assessments so you know what to anticipate on the actual test date.

It should include how to answer the questions correctly and how long you can stay to answer one problem.

Tip #3: Develop A Better Game Plan

Early review can help you make a more organized review strategy.

Try making a daily, weekly, and monthly study schedule. And lastly, stick to your designated study hours!

Here are actual examples of study schedules for Step 1.

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Five Mistakes To Avoid To Boost Your UWorld Score

After reading the tips I gave you, here are the top mistakes you must avoid with UWorld Step 1 preparation:

Mistake #1 Not Starting Early Enough In Your Review Period

Keep in mind that the USMLE Step 1 is a question-based test. The best approach to reviewing is to incorporate UWorld practice questions early in your dedicated study period and often.

Take advantage of the time and start building your basic medicine and sciences foundation by practicing through UWorld’s assessments.

Mistake #2 Not Spending Time Reading UWorld Explanations

Stop skimming and start reading thoroughly. Utilize UWorld’s question banks.

They are very prompt. In addition, it can help you practice pattern recognition and clinical reasoning.

Various med school tutors suggest that exam takers should spend twice or thrice as long reviewing explanations as finishing sets.

Aside from that, medical students who score 240 and higher on their Step 1 exam know how valuable UWorld practice assessments are. They provide high-quality explanations!

Mistake #3 Not Linking UWorld Question Bank Explanation Assessment To First Aid

Integrating First Aid with your UWorld materials is the key to achieving passing remarks on your next Step 1 exam.

My tip here is to always link the best materials with UWorld. Yes, First Aid is included.

Mistake #4 Prioritizing Correct Answers Over Learning The Content

While it’s ego-boosting to have a high percentage of correct answers, don’t fall into it that much. We love numbers, trends, and rates, but don’t get too overwhelmed.

It’s still more reasonable to prioritize how well you understand a topic. Keep in mind that UWorld is not an assessment — it’s a learning tool, after all.

Mistake #5 Working Through The Question Bank Once Only

It takes two or more passes to understand the key points and get the full benefit of UWorld’s practice tests.

If you’re without a photographic memory, repetition is vital. Work on the question bank repeatedly.

How to use Step 1 question banks? Check out this video:



Here are frequently asked questions on UWorld for Step 1:

How Do UWorld Scores Correlate With Step 1 Scores?

UWorld exam scores are among the most predictive ones. Medical students who reviewed and practiced with UWorld practice tests scored higher than those who did not use them.

UWorld offers comprehensive question banks and is often regarded as among the highest-yield review materials for all shelf and Step tests.

Is Step 1 Like UWorld Or NBME?

The USMLE Step 1 exam is more similar to UWorld than NBME in terms of style and difficulty.

In my experience NBME questions can vary in length of the question. Some are very brief and to the point – others can be very long vignettes.

UWORLD on the other end tends to be on the longer side of things in regards to questions/stem size.

The real test was similar to NBME in the regard. While UWorld is a great resource for learning and practicing for the Step 1 exam, it is important to note that the real exam will not be exactly like UWorld. The real exam will likely have a mix of UWorld-style and NBME-style questions.

UWorld has the best explanations compared to all question banks. On the other hand, since NBME questions are retired Step 1 questions, the NBME scores are closer to Step 1 scores.

We don’t know for sure what will be included in the actual USMLE Step 1. But thanks to both UWorld and NBME, you could study comprehensively for the exam.

The NBME provides learners with seven self-assessment exams to boost their chances of achieving passing scores.

Additionally, UWorld can add supplemental resources to help you a few weeks leading up to your Step 1 test.

Can You Pass Step 1 With Just UWorld?

Yes, there’s a possibility. In fact, the sample questions are relatively similar to the USMLE Step 1 test — both in difficulty and content.

However, it would be better if you prepare for your Step 1 exam with other self-assessments. In addition, practice healthy review habits.

Let me give you some tips on how you can make the most out of your UWorld review:

  • Don’t stop at one pass: Complete at least two passes of UWorld before taking your actual USMLE Step 1. You may begin your second pass at the start of your study period to ensure enough time.
  • Don’t just skim topic explanations: Take advantage of your UWorld materials — it’s a valuable resource. As much as possible, read every explanation to get the most out of every test question and clarify any misunderstandings.
  • Don’t postpone question blocks: Medical school is already a big challenge. My advice is to embrace every block or challenge — yes, even on review!

Dive into every block, knowing you’ll benefit significantly. For instance, you’ll gain new knowledge, adding at least 1 percent more than before.

What is a good UWorld score for Step 1 - Student studying on mat with notebook and laptop

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How Long Does It Take To Complete UWorld Step 1?

The number of questions on each topic can take a few days before finishing.

On a timed method, UWorld uses a 90-second timer per question. Some students still take no longer than an hour to complete their 40-second question block.

On the other hand, some medical students complete up to three blocks of 40 questions daily. They work around one to three hours daily to answer UWorld question banks.

The exact days and times to get through a UWorld pass can vary for each medical student. Further, it should rely on your dedicated block of review schedule.

It’s okay to work slowly if you have plenty of time. Most students like myself took longer on the first pass. This is because I tend to focus on particular questions more than the others.

Don’t fret, though. Trust me — your second pass will give you more time to practice this review structure.

What Grade Should I Be Getting On UWorld?

Aim to get at least 70% to 75%.

UWorld recommends each medical student finish two complete passes through their QBank.

Even though it doesn’t necessarily predict your score in the actual USMLE Step 1 exam, take note that your UWorld grade reflects your knowledge and test-taking ability.

Should I Take UWorld Step 1 Twice?

It’s up to you, but I recommend you do it twice if you still have time — complete two passes of the UWorld Step 1 question bank.

In case you only have a strict schedule, say less than a month, try UWorld’s 30-day subscription instead. It would be best to utilize any UWorld resources to boost your overall score.

How Significant Is Your UWorld Test Score?

UWorld is currently among USMLE’s gold standard resources. They offer aspiring medical professionals comprehensive review materials and question banks.

With that, your UWorld exam score is significant, especially since most medical students claim that UWorld’s practice questions are a bit similar to the actual assessment.

To know more about how you can maximize the use of UWorld for Step 1, check out this article: UWorld For Step 1: Ultimate Guide


UWorld is undeniably the most known and best resource for USMLE 1. That’s why having a passing remark on your question bank can significantly affect your Step 1 performance.

As much as possible, aim to get 70% to 75% percent or even higher on your UWorld practice tests. With that, you can master the topics and possibly get a passing grade on your actual exam!

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Until the next one my friend…

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