Why Did I Go To Medical School

Why Did I Go To Medical School? (Is Your Reason Good Enough?)

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Why should you go to medical school? Why did I go to medical school?

I’ve been giving tips for the past two years about med school on this website and the Youtube channel. But I haven’t shared my own reason.

If you’re struggling to solidify your reason or just want to hear a different perspective, then that’s what this post is.

I’ll allow myself to be a little vulnerable and tell you why I decided to go into medical school. Also, I’ll talk about how you can know if you should go to medical school. How do you know if your reason to go into medical school is good enough? That’s what we’ll go over in this post!

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Why Did I Go To Medical School?

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Alright, so why did I go to med school?

To keep it as short and sweet, my immediate family had a lot of chronic and acute illnesses. I was in and out of the hospital system and the clinics a lot when I was a kid.

I was thankfully very healthy.

But I came to the realization which made me want to pursue medicine.

I realized that as a physician you’re not only able to impact that patient, but also strangers you’ll never meet.

Here’s what I mean, once you get your patient back to full health or better health, you get them back to their world. There, waiting for them, are people that depend on them.

As a physician you can return your patients to their kids, significant others, their siblings, their parents, their husbands or wives.

They go back into their lives and can be a part of and present for their loved ones.

I found that super attractive for medicine to be able to help one individual and then help a web of people that I’ll never be able to meet – exactly like the doctors did for my family members.

That spoke so much volume to me. I really enjoy that aspect of medicine.

I kept looking for that example throughout premed, throughout my med school experience, and I kept finding these instances and I just absolutely loved it.

That’s a big reason why I’m going into internal medicine, which is a field that involves taking care of adults both in a hospital setting, in a clinic setting. This will give me the most opportunity to do that.

That’s my reason.

Is My Reason To Go To Med School Good Enough?

Medical School Motivation

I talked about this previously about what you need to go into medical school.

I talk a lot about finding your ‘why’.

But how do you if your ‘why’ is good enough?

Here’s the honest truth, when you figure out your ‘why’, you’re still gonna have doubts.

You’ll doubt your decision when you were thinking about taking the MCAT, your pre-med courses, and when you’re applying to med school.

It’s completely normal.

So this is how you know if your why is still good enough.

If you can go back to your way and still finds it motivating when you’re in a slump – you found a winner.

For example, I told you how I find it motivating to help individuals that I’ll never be able to meet by helping the patient first. That’s still motivates me today.

So whenever I find myself in a slump. Whenever I’m questioning whether this is for me. When it does happen, I go back to this reason and it still motivates me.

If your reasons still motivate you as much as it did the first time you created it or thought of it, then that means you’re on the right track.

What’s Your Why To Go To Medical School?

Think you can be brave? Share below on what your ‘why’ is to go to medical school. I’d love to hear from you all.

If you’re more shy or private, message me! I’d love to hear where you are on your journey and how you got there!

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