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Hi I’m Lakshya (Luck-sh) Trivedi and I’m a 4th year medical student. I’ve been coaching pre-meds and med students for the last 2.5 years on how to take back control of their medical journey and succeed. Sign up for a coaching call below!

What I Teach!

Study The Right Way

Not seeing the results you want? I used to be a ‘C” student myself, but I’m about to graduate with a 3.9 GPA from med school. I’ve helped countless students do the same and transform their studying systems!

10X Your Results!

Feel like your schedule controls you? Don’t have enough time for everything on your to-do list, much less yourself? Learn the strategies I used to do well in school while growing this blog to over 200,000 visitors!

Regain Your Motivation!

Lost your passion for medicine? Not sure if you want to do this anymore? I’ve been there. Let me help you avoid or get out of burnout by teaching you strategies to stay excited during your training!

Get Into Medical School

Are you a pre-med wanting advice on how to get into medical school? Need help with your application, MCAT, personal statement, or just need some guidance? I’ve helped several students achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. 

Crush Your Boards

Nervous about the MCAT or taking step 1 or Step 2? Good news for you is that I and many of my students crushed these exams! Let me give you the tips you need to keep all your doors open by doing well on the test which matter the most!

Overcome Your Stress

Feel overwhelmed? Not sure how to get out of this slump? Many of the students I help struggle with several issues along their medical journey. Let me help you identify where you can make the quickest changes to see the best results!

"Lakshya is highly organized and strategic and he has added tremendous value to my application by x and y". (eg. establishing a timeline, planning my extracurriculars, etc) I would highly recommend him as a coach for anyone needing more assistance."
Cynthia P.
International Applicant
"What I learned most from our coaching session is strategies that I can implement with my current schedule in order to reduce stress and do well in school. Lakshya took his time and gave me genuine advice. Thank you!"
Coaching Student
Ryan A.
First Year Med Student
"I honestly look at you as a mentor and can't thank you enough for being so available to all my questions. I couldn't image getting through college and applying [to med school] without your help. Thank you for your support!"

Tina N.
3rd Year Pre-Med
"On our call, Lakshya listened to the issues I was having in Anatomy and Physiology and pointed me toward helpful resources that made my studying more efficient. He also gave me some pointers on how to tweak my study habits, which made my use of ANKI more useful. Overall, Lakshya is easy to talk to and gives effective advice.”
Shyam K.
First Year Med Student